Monthly Archives: April 2016

The Hidden Invasion

My wife and I have recently decided to home school our young son  .The ongoing search leads us down an obvious trail that many have trodden before us . Public schools have been a favorite target for loons masking themselves as educators for decades. Little has changed in public schools despite the hard work and efforts of many Christians, conservatives and parents. It has been a losing battle against the ideology of John Dewey and the heavy handed influence of the humanist U.S. Dept of Education.Today’s most recent and glaring change is more in the gender-less bath and locker room “movement” than the classroom.Big bucks low return is the constant state!

But our search through the many types of curriculum and enrichment offerings for the home school industry (a scary concept in itself)  has led to the discovery of some less obvious influences from the same pits that are causing parents to despair  of public education .I will mention a few. For one we noticed that four of the regional branches of the YMCA were exhibiting recently at a small home school conference in our area. Is it just me or has anyone else understood the ongoing and deepening compromise with YMCA? So if home school families have exited the public schools hoping to avoid these progressive advances, to some degree at least , then why would they be interested in a market pitch from one of the leading sell outs in the long struggle to raise our children off the progressive grid?

Another odd thing is that our sons K 5 curriculum is following on the heals of and tracking with the NEAs (another totally sold out organization) Read Across America emphasis and it’s early reading lessons bore a surprising likeness to the lunacy of Common Core lessons .Most surprising is that the curriculum is ultra evangelical conservative Bob Jones University home school curriculum. Why would BJU be tracking with the NEA? This is an honest and fair question not just paranoia speaking.

And what of our Children’s church curriculum ? Well ours like many others  comes from trusted sources like  Lifeway formerly the Baptist Bookstore.Churches have used this ministries products with out question for decades. Perhaps that is part of the problem here.No one is questioning or giving a second look at the influences and streams feeding into our children’s lives even and especially at church. Later this month I will begin a long expose’ of what influences Lifeway for one  is allowing into it’s camp and curriculum by way of it’s writers/ researchers and promoters.The public school you are paying for even if you are not using it is intent on treating your child as human capitol or as an industrial asset in the same way that China or Russia or socialist European nations have long done. Part of what is hidden and subtly invading your child’s heart and mind possibly right inside your church doors is no less Marxist and godless. Parent beware !