More on Evangelical Deep State

Once again, Southern Baptist pastor Tom Littleton raises some very important questions.

Why in the world is the libertarian Acton Institute, headed by a Catholic priest with a radical homosexual activist past, providing curriculum to 13 evangelical seminaries?

Why does Southern Baptist Theological Seminary’s initiative, The Commonweal Project, have such a strong emphasis on “social justice?”

Also, as he writes: “Valid concerns exist about Acton Institute and the Reformed camp of Evangelicals now guiding the ERLC and The Gospel Coalition, the most obvious of which is the Catholic theology behind Acton’s Social Policy. According to the 2017 Acton conference in Rome, the social justice and economic policies Father Sirico is introducing to Reformed seminaries is a Jesuit contribution, and Catholic historians openly assert that the mission of the Jesuits is to undermine the Reformation. Do TGC and ERLC leadership need to be reminded why the Reformation took place and that 2017 marks its 500th anniversary?”

Another … “How important is doctrine and theology to ERLC and TGC if they have no discernment about yoking with Acton (Sirico) and Kern (who funds radical LGBTQ groups through Teach for America)?”

And … “If we live out the Gospel, should not our social and political engagement involve sharing the Gospel at the core? Why do TGC and the ERLC consistently land on the progressive (left of center) on every single social issue of concern to biblically faithful Christians? This is a very fair question that many in the ranks of the SBC and PCA are asking.”

There is much more. Worth your time to read and consider …

By. Rev. Thomas Littleton Part One of this article was published on December 18, 2017. Over a month later, interest in the issues raised in the article remains high,…

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