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Rev Thomas Littleton                                                                                   2/20/2019

1- The Revoice Conference Story begins

2- As the website for Revoice announces more speakers and workshops -the ties to ERLC and denominational leaders emerge . More radical language and topics are included

3- Southern Baptist Convention concerns with presumed SBC President J D Greear history with Yarhouse and “The Nines Conference”

4- Revoice questions at SBC Convention in Dallas 2018 have Littleton falsely accused or threats and removed by Dallas Police

5- SBCs Albert Mohler and TGC/ CBM&W  hide his ties to Revoice

6- Revoice leaders working with LOVEboldly target your teens and Nate Collins , Mark Yarhouse history with Exodus International during 2013 collapse revealed .

7- Brain Camenker article on SBC faltering on LGBT

8- Revoice Recap prior to the event

9- The “Stain of Revoice ” at Albert Mohlers SBTS Seminary

10- Tim Keller’s work with Sam Allberry and Living Out ( who  promoted Revoice “for our US audience “) in UK  includes the announcement of a radical LGBT Inclusion “Church Audit ”

11-More on  LGBT Inclusion “Church Audit” and broadening effort to redefine family as highlighted in Revoice

12-Redefining Family efforts in the TGC/ ERLC

13-Where the Same Sex Attracted/ Celibate narrative entered the church

14-A personal story of LGBT+ agenda devouring ministry- Christian testimony -and a friends legacy as the National Park Service “queers History”

15- Tim Keller who is one layer behind the scenes with Revoice wants to “Christianize Psychology “. The blending of these two opposites is a the root of Revoice

16- Presbyterian Church in America efforts to correct course on Revoice meet with cover up effort

17-Respected Colson Center hires Revoice speaker and mentor Preston Sprinkle

18- More radical Transgender activism agenda follows Revoice in PCA

19- Revoice endorsing ERLC partner SSA/ Gay Priest Sam Allberry talks about churches supporting “Singles Adoption and Foster Care”

20-Revoice Rebellion Spreads in PCA

21- Recounting how Albert Mohler / Russell Moore/ ERLC 2014 conference “apologizing for being wrong ” and affirming sexual orientation -led to where the church is with the movement behind Revoice

Revoice 2019 is scheduled and the movement to “promote LGBT+ flourishing in historic Christian tradition ” continues . Like the pro life movement – the struggle to stand for Biblical sexuality /marriage/family is ongoing and all Christians must be faithful to God’s Word  and remain /maintain a faithful presence as salt and light in our cultures .

2 Peter 1:2-4  (NKJV)

Grace and peace be multiplied to you in the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord, as His divine power has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him who called us by glory and virtue, by which have been given to us exceedingly great and precious promises, that through these you may be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the [a]corruption that is in the world through lust.




Rev. Thomas Littleton                                                                                                    2/23/ 2019

You may be noticing that all is not well on campuses , in campuses ministries , and in the hearts and minds of your own grown children who have been entrusted to our institutions of Christian education. Expensive tuition is being invested to educate and disciple Christian young people from deeply committed families as they are prepared for life and ministry in a (hopefully) godly, biblical setting imparting a solid Christian Worldview .

More and more parents are expressing a sort of  disillusionment and “tuition payers  remorse” with institutions like Wheaton, Biola , and even smaller regional Colleges like Covenant College on Lookout Mountain Georgia. Because of these schools past  affiliations or associations many parents have seen little reason to question what is happening on their campuses until recently .


The LGBT agenda that has brought the American Psychological Association’s ideology and “sexual standards” ( dare we call it sexual ethic) into Christian Counseling is impacting everything from the chaplains office, campus clubs, campus media, programs and events and even the classroom . . Cultural engagement and the campus centers focused on it are another point of impact as Grants and Social Justice driven focus have changed curriculum and the vision the institutes are imparting .

A major player in “addressing ” and casting new light on the LGBTQ+ culture on Christian campuses is the Regent University professor /psychologist Mark Yarhouse. The influence of Yarhouse  has been around for a while and  in early Summer of 2018 he was promoting the radical Revoice Conference. Revoice has deep ties to Covenant Seminary (a sister school of Covenant College) in St Louis where the inaugural event was held at a PCA church. By the end of Summer full knowledge of Yarhouse history working with groups like LOVEboldly and with Revoice founder Nate Collins had surfaced. This provided insight into the broad standard of “sexual ethics” among Yarhouse affiliates. These  include fully affirming /practicing homosexuals and “same sex attracted  but celibate” Christians and “everything in between “. According to Yarhouse  all of these are free to self -identify in whatever way they choose in their “Sexual Identity “and at the same time identify  as devoutly Christian in their Faith Identity ”

Yarhouse will soon move from Regent University to Wheaton where he was educated and where his research partner Stanton Jones resides.

Both Yarhouse and Jones are deeply involved with the work of the American Psychological Association on LGBT issues and Faith. Their research is based upon the APA conclusions about sexual identity / orientation /and gender and in tandem is applied across interfaith communities . Their work with APA is not exclusively Christian and not Biblically based.Yarhouse works with the APA as current Chair of the task force on LGBT of “Division 36” which describes its work here.

“About Div. 36”

“The Society for the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality is a division of the American Psychological Association that promotes psychological theory, research, and clinical practice to understand the significance of religion and spirituality in people’s lives and in the discipline of psychology. The Society facilitates the interchange of ideas between science and clinical and applied practice, and seeks through its activities to increase public awareness of psychological dimensions of religion and spirituality. The Society is nonsectarian and does not espouse or endorse any particular religious positions or beliefs. It welcomes psychologists and others from around the world interested in the psychology of religion and spirituality.”
According to Yarhouse bio he and D. A. Carson began to focus on Campuses and Campus ministries in 2010 with the development/ editing / and implementation of a Yarhouse “Whitepaper ” for Carsons TGC and Chist Initiative ” as well as with the CCCU.
“Yarhouse’s primary scholarly contributions have been in the areas of integration and the study of sexual and gender identity and faith. Yarhouse was named Senior Fellow with the CCCU to conduct a study of students navigating sexual identity and faith at Christian colleges and universities. He was invited to write the featured white paper on sexual identity for the Christ on Campus Initiative edited by Don Carson for The Gospel Coalition. “


Covenant College describes its mission ; “For more than 50 years, Covenant has pursued its mission to explore and express the preeminence of Jesus Christ in all things.”

Many biblically conservative families  in the Southeast who choose Covenant College and smaller institutions like it do so because Covenant is assumed to be ” off the grid ” from the kind of activism often thriving in larger University campuses.  Concerned PCA pastor, evangelist,and revivalist  Al Baker recently went into the history of the PCA and Covenant College/ Covenant Seminary (St Louis ) during an interview with Janet Mefferd about the Revoice LGBTQ+ movement and related concerns in his denomination .


Mark Yarhouse is no stranger to Covenant College as he has spoken there in Chapel and at other events many times.

Clearly the leadership and staff at Covenant College  have wanted the issue of LGBTQ+ addressed at Covenant on a regular basis. The problem is not in addressing the issue but in the source of the information provided to the students. These efforts should be measured by there Biblical foundation and there outcome among students.


Have the Covenant College leadership engaged the appropriate partner for LGBT issues since at least 2009 ? An article from 2016 in the  Covenant Campus newspaper would indicate clarity has been NOT been achieved for the Covenant students. Confusion in the era of LGBTQ+ activism in our culture appears to be perpetuated . As noted on the website “The Bagpipe is the student-run newspaper of Covenant College. The views expressed herein do not necessarily reflect those of the College or of the student body.” However the Bagpipe does reflect the views of students at Covenant College and asserts a call for “GREATER LGBT AWARENESS”. They do not appear to have attained much biblical clarity .Like many young Christians today – they are receiving mixed messages and are “feeling their way ” and sadly “experimenting their way ” to conclusions while getting exposure to plenty of Yarhouse situational ethics and APA/ interfaith answers.


This article in February 2016 offers some sad insight into sexual and gender confusion and experimentation among Covenant College Students. Several students personal stories are told while their identities are protected as noted. “*Lyndsey Wheeler, Ryan Stevens, and Logan Sparks are pseudonyms used at the request of these students to protect their identity”. (This rivals anything promoting gay culture and confusion this writer has seen on campuses and in campus media from liberal universities like NYU.)

Here are some points discussed in the article about Covenant Students .Judge for yourself if Covenant College and Yarhouse have helped these students find Biblical Clarity.

The story of Student “Lyndsey Wheeler”

“When Wheeler was growing up, she gradually realized that she didn’t have crushes on boys like the other girls, but one boy, Justin, was an exception. However, three months into the relationship, Justin revealed to Wheeler than his name was actually Destinie, and he was a girl.”

“Wheeler wrestled with the revelation, but decided not to leave the relationship on the account of Destinie’s sex. Wheeler later dated a biological male, but it was a time marked by toxic, controlling behavior and Wheeler’s feelings of forced attraction. Wheeler seemed to finally achieve emotional equilibrium while dating her brother’s female friend, CJ, but personal moral questions during her first semester at Covenant compelled Wheeler to part ways with her. ”

““I just didn’t like guys. They weren’t attractive, but with her, she was everything: she was hot, she was sweet, she was crazy— which is my favorite,” said Wheeler with a half-smile.  However, as a Christian, Wheeler concluded that strengthening her relationship with God was more crucial than staying with CJ”

Student “Ryan Stevens”

“Ryan Stevens,” a student who experiences transgender desires, said that “the biggest frustration is a lack of awareness.”  He, along with Wheeler, does not feel that students intentionally ostracize LGBT cohorts, but, according to Stevens, “there is still such a stigma and shame” attached to the issues.

“We feel secluded, we feel lonely.  People make jokes and there is nothing we can say about it,” said Wheeler. “We can’t say ‘hey, man, maybe you shouldn’t joke about that’ without seeming weird or we care too much.”  When Wheeler shared her dating history with close friends, “individually, they were really nice and understanding and comforting and helpful, but had I told my friends in a group setting, their reaction would have been different.”

“I don’t think the community takes it seriously” said Stevens.”


“In the past three years since VP of Student Development, Brad Voyles, began to make changes to the student handbook’s once fragment-sized statement concerning homosexuality, issues of biblical sexuality have taken on new importance within Student Development and the administration as a whole”Voyles pulled together faculty members, staff, and students to form a Sexuality Committee that meets privately almost every month. ”

“Regular members include Voyles, Eames, Theology Professor Dr. Hans Madueme, Theater Professor Camille Hallstrom, Chaplain Grant Lowe, counselor Shan Alexander, Associate Dean of Students Jonathan Ingraham, Andreas RD Hannah Bloomquist, and two students.  Philosophy Professor Dr. Bill Davis and Director of Academic Support, Janet Hulsey periodically chime in at the meetings.”


“Rosaria Butterfield, author of Secrets of an Unlikely Convert: An English Professor’s Journey Into the Christian Faith, former lesbian and advocate of queer literary theory, was invited to speak at a chapel lecture in 2013, while Sam Allberry, pastor and author of Is God Anti-Gay?, and Matthew Trexler, ’11 Covenant alumnus, spoke about their experiences with same-sex attraction in Fall 2014.”

“He explained further that while culture’s perception of sexuality currently challenges biblical views, caring “without judgement or condemnation” is a major aspect of biblical faithfulness.  As a result of Committee discussions, the administration recently approved Eames’s psychology course, Human Sexuality, as a Social Science Distribution for next semester.  ”

“During the most recent Committee meeting, held on Feb. 19, members presented feedback from Sexuality Week and plans for a second Sexual Identity and “Women‘s Only” sexuality panel this semester.  Some members also proposed a spiritual successor to the once-popular “Wittenburg Door Project”— a forum where students posted anonymous questions answered by Covenant faculty—and regular “breakout groups” where students could meet to discuss hot topics including LGBT issues.

“Stevens and student “Logan Sparks”* both expressed gratitude towards the Committee for making headway on these discussions and providing personal guidance.”

“Stevens was particularly captivated by the panel discussions and speakers.He hopes that the administration will pursue “a legitimate, targeted strategy for an ongoing and guided campus discussion” in the future, as well as creating a safe place for people to ask questions, particularly when addressing LGBT issues”

“Wheeler, however, expressed her disappointment with the lack of specifically LGBT–related discussion.  She also fears that meeting with Student Development would result in forced counseling sessions or becoming a “poster child” for campus LGBT issues.”

“LGBT students already feel like they’re being hunted down.  We already feel like we can’t come out,” she said. “Even if it is not the administration’s motive, it would seem that way to someone who has been going here for a year or longer and is paranoid.”

“Wheeler suggested that presenting anonymous campus LGBT statistics alongside the number of students suffering from depression, anxiety, and other psychological problems could help raise awareness during an annual chapel.”


The students at Covenant College are not being informed about the massive global LGBTQ agenda or the money and politics behind it. They are not being told that Planned Parenthood is the largest promoter of LGBTQ rights and that the end game for PP is mandated “Comprehensive Sexuality Education ” representing full normalization and sexual liberation in K5-12 which will be affecting their own children in a few short years once mandated in the US.Covenant students are not told about the horrific health dangers of LGBT+ behaviour clearly outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and global health organizations .

The Covenant Students are not being told about the political drivers behind the promotion of LGBTQ and there devastating impact on personal freedoms, family rights, freedom of religion and even freedom of speech. They are not being shown that LGBTQ rights will hinder Christian counseling or the ministry which they are being trained to serve. They are not being shown the plight of people and families of those wanting out of homosexuality ( a fact now ignored or vilified by activist’s ). Covenant College students – and many more like them in Christian institutions  under the sway of the APA and LGBTQ political strategies are not being shown how LGBTQ people and other minorites are being used politically .Organizations who care nothing about them are using LGBT to redefine the global human rights debate and empower some of the  most oppressive policies ever conceived -all in the name of “LGBTQ rights”.

Most disturbing is that these students are not getting a solid Gospel message offering real hope for real transformation for themselves or for others -or learning how to fulfill their callings to minister truth to hurting people by the power of the Gospel. They are getting little more than training to offer the dying worlds message to dying people with no hope and little more than an affirmation band-aid to console them. These young people are losing their callings in the very places they have gone to be trained and equipped to engage it.

Another current article on sex and gender in the Bagpipe looks to be focused more on the politics and activism  of the #MeToo Movement than gleaning of a Biblical perspective .

Luke 6:43-45

A Tree Is Known by Its Fruit

43 “For a good tree does not bear bad fruit, nor does a bad tree bear good fruit. 44 For every tree is known by its own fruit. For men do not gather figs from thorns, nor do they gather grapes from a bramble bush.45 A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good; and an evil man out of the evil [a]treasure of his heart brings forth evil. For out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.


The focus of the organization Yarhouse Chairs for the APA would appear to make Gospel HOPE through his work an impossibility .

“Reconciling Conflicting Identities . As clinical and counseling psychology students do tend to identify as advocates, many grappled with how to hold clients’ RSS identities alongside identities that religious systems historically or may currently oppress, particularly LGBTQ+ identities. Participants noted that not only is it difficult to hold conflicting identities for a client, but that they had difficulty reconciling strong reactions toward some RSS communities based on personal experiences, especially experiences that involved conflicting multicultural identities (e.g., religious upbringing alongside LGBTQ+ identity). We want to be clear that affirming LGBTQ+ identities is a critical component of delivering ethically sound and responsive psychotherapy. For more information on how to affirm LGBTQ identities while also addressing other multicultural identities, including RSS, see the APA’s report “Appropriate Therapeutic Responses to Sexual Orientation.” (PDF, 1.1MB) We also believe that these very difficult conversations are discussion triggers that help our students – when done with safety, affirmation and guidance – develop a growing awareness of self-RSS identities and thus appropriately address RSS countertransference as it arises in psychotherapy. Giving space and validation to these very real conflicts grants our students permission to explore such issues further and is an antidote to the current tendency to exclude RSS issues from multicultural dialogues.”

The  expectations of Yarhouse / APA’s  work  can be studied more extensively here

The author of the Covenant Bagpipe LGBT  article is profiled in the “World Journalism Institute” blog post here

“Molly Hulsey

“(I was writing about) things that most people were afraid to write about before,” Hulsey said. “In a school that is silent about these things, you’re gonna get a lot of pushback from students.”

“Hulsey didn’t think she knew anyone on campus who was LGBT. But, as she dug deeper into the story, she discovered that two of her close friends struggled with transgender and lesbian impulses. She didn’t know this before because they didn’t feel comfortable talking about it in the open”

“You never hear about that on the news,” Hulsey said. “Part of the chance you take as a Christian is reaching out to others.”

“Hulsey’s experiences with Nepalese refugees and writing tough articles for her school paper increased her awareness of minorities.”

“(These stories) taught me to reach out to people and to listen,” Hulsey said. “‘Cuz I like to talk.”


“Molly Hulsey is a WORLD intern.”


For more information:

World Journalism Institute


Molly also did the article below for  Bagpipe on LGBT issues and Covenant College .


Where is Covenant College headed in the future? Loosed from Biblical moorings and yoked with ideology of the APA / interfaith spirituality – things DO not look encouraging. Those who assumed Covenant College and others like it- who are sadly under the same influences -would train our next generation of much needed prophets – pastors -missionaries have real reason for concern. Not only will the parents and grandparents who are paying the tuitions be disappointed in the outcomes . The conservative churches who hire the young people as staff educated by Covenant and other institutions like Wheaton and Biola are in for some confusion as well. As these influences trickled through /into our pulpits across the nation -we are rapidly trading both our temporal place and eternal -Gospel role in society for a bowl of APA affirming pottage. There are exceptions of course but we are ruining a generation and the call of God on their lives.




Rev Thomas Littleton                                                                                   2/20/2019

1- The Revoice Conference Story begins

2- As the website for Revoice announces more speakers and workshops -the ties to ERLC and denominational leaders emerge . More radical language and topics are included

3- Southern Baptist Convention concerns with presumed SBC President J D Greear history with Yarhouse and “The Nines Conference”

4- Revoice questions at SBC Convention in Dallas 2018 have Littleton falsely accused or threats and removed by Dallas Police

5- SBCs Albert Mohler and TGC/ CBM&W  hide his ties to Revoice

6- Revoice leaders working with LOVEboldly target your teens and Nate Collins , Mark Yarhouse history with Exodus International during 2013 collapse revealed .

7- Brain Camenker article on SBC faltering on LGBT

8- Revoice Recap prior to the event

9- The “Stain of Revoice ” at Albert Mohlers SBTS Seminary

10- Tim Keller’s work with Sam Allberry and Living Out ( who  promoted Revoice “for our US audience “) in UK  includes the announcement of a radical LGBT Inclusion “Church Audit ”

11-More on  LGBT Inclusion “Church Audit” and broadening effort to redefine family as highlighted in Revoice

12-Redefining Family efforts in the TGC/ ERLC

13-Where the Same Sex Attracted/ Celibate narrative entered the church

14-A personal story of LGBT+ agenda devouring ministry- Christian testimony -and a friends legacy as the National Park Service “queers History”

15- Tim Keller who is one layer behind the scenes with Revoice wants to “Christianize Psychology “. The blending of these two opposites is a the root of Revoice

16- Presbyterian Church in America efforts to correct course on Revoice meet with cover up effort

17-Respected Colson Center hires Revoice speaker and mentor Preston Sprinkle

18- More radical Transgender activism agenda follows Revoice in PCA

19- Revoice endorsing ERLC partner SSA/ Gay Priest Sam Allberry talks about churches supporting “Singles Adoption and Foster Care”

20-Revoice Rebellion Spreads in PCA

21- Recounting how Albert Mohler / Russell Moore/ ERLC 2014 conference “apologizing for being wrong ” and affirming sexual orientation -led to where the church is with the movement behind Revoice

Revoice 2019 is scheduled and the movement to “promote LGBT+ flourishing in historic Christian tradition ” continues . Like the pro life movement – the struggle to stand for Biblical sexuality /marriage/family is ongoing and all Christians must be faithful to God’s Word  and remain /maintain a faithful presence as salt and light in our cultures .

2 Peter 1:2-4  (NKJV)

Grace and peace be multiplied to you in the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord, as His divine power has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him who called us by glory and virtue, by which have been given to us exceedingly great and precious promises, that through these you may be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the [a]corruption that is in the world through lust.



Collapsing Conservative America

Will Evangelical Leaders Succeed in Selling Out the American Church?

( This article is as important today it it was when written in the Summer of last year as we move into the 2020 election cycle -More to come on this important subversive effort from article posted June 2018 )

President Barack Obama & SBC’s ERLC President Russell Moore

By Rev Thomas Littleton
June 21, 2018

Last April, a group of self-appointed, self-important Evangelicals met at Wheaton College for what some have called a “Trump Bashing” and to determine the future of the Church. The list of attendees was not made available to the Evangelical community, whose future they are deciding, however, one attendee seems to be the designated spokesman. Jim Wallis was in his college days an activist in the radical left Students for a Democratic Society. Wallis later became spiritual adviser to President Obama and served on the Advisory Council to Obama’s Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. Wallis’ lifelong political commitments are revelatory. Barack Obama was mentored by none other than William Ayers who was the leader of the 1970’s domestic terrorist Weather Underground, the revolutionary faction of the Students for a Democratic Society, which was discovered to be a Communist front by the FBI.

Hillary Clinton, Jim Wallis & Barack Obama

Following the Wheaton conference, Wallis wrote a revealing piece, which actually clarifies that the intended “bashing” was not for President Trump but for those Evangelicals who voted for him. Of the three main points discussed at the gathering, all three do mention Trump, but the problem as they see it are the Evangelicals who support or even voted for Trump. This political action, in their view, represented a “collective backsliding” (a term seldom used these days even by Baptists). Evangelicals have embarrassed us, they said, and are too dumb to know it. We owe “people of color” and the international community an apology and must explain ourselves. Because of Trump’s personal character flaws, we are then warned of the danger of “losing an entire generation of young people to the Christian Faith” and they, of course, have the statistics to prove it.

In fact, the use of the very word “Evangelical” continues to be called into question as the effort to further stigmatize it ramps up of late. At one time “Evangelical” described Christians who “evangelize” or share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the lost, however, we are now at the point where churches in the US and UK are abandoning evangelism altogether.

UK megachurch pastor: “You don’t have to evangelise anyone, just love accept and serve people. I didn’t build my church on evangelism (in fact I banned the word) but on love and service and we flourished.”

Jim Wallis: “The question this meeting is asking about the future of evangelicalism has been answered by the voices of color and women in this room (pointing to several of them). They are pointing us to the evangel, the good news Jesus said he would bring to the poor in his opening statement in Luke 4. That’s our future, let’s listen. As one of the white evangelical leaders in the Wheaton meeting had said to me before, ‘American evangelicalism is destroying the evangel.’ It is time for the evangel to turn white evangelicalism in America upside down.”

This Evangelical Monster Mash Began Years Ago

By 2014, Cultural Marxism was in full swing and, by 2016, was doing the full monty – flaunting its university erudition and cultural relevance in the Southern Baptist Convention and Presbyterian Church in America, both conservative denominations. Ed “numbers cruncher” Stetzer partnered with his “out” LGBTQ activist journalist friend, Jonathan Merritt, (and some companions) to discuss The Future of Evangelicalism on The Gospel Coalition blog. They assured us that, on cultural issues that face the Church – like where we stand on abortion, homosexuality and gay marriage – we were “like unbaked cookies that need to be placed back in the oven for 3-5 more years and then taken out to see where we are.” Well, it has been 3 1/2 to 4 years, so here we are looking at the cookies.

Assault on the Southern Baptist Convention

Stetzer and Merritt began their long-awaited cookie inspection by attacking one of the main ingredients in the SBC and Evangelicalism – the conservative movement and a leader of the conservative resurgence, Paige Patterson. Merritt called out Patterson on rather flimsy assertions for a MeToo moment, based on twisted narratives of pastoral counseling which Merritt, who is no position to call anyone out, sees as abusive. Stetzer joined the fray on the same day. Anyone who does not see the coordination is simply not looking. Merritt doubled down in The Atlantic, even though airing such grievances, if valid, in the secular press violates the Word of God (1 Cor. 6:1-7). Stetzer clearly received some feedback as he boasted and invited more “Hate Mail” following a shaming session of those in the SBC who dare to not agree with him and his “research.” What Christian leader likes to boast or joke about the amount of hate mail they receive? Perhaps the evil servant of Matt. 24:48-49 and Evangelical leaders who are paid to be nasty and abuse the body of Christ.

Of late, Russell Moore has chimed in on the MeToo allegations against the SBC conservatives by promoting his “Gospel Sexuality in a MeToo Culture” meetings at the upcoming conference in Dallas. Notably, young Merritt’s father is among the speakers.

So, what is this exhibition really about? Is it about the future of the Church? Well, in many ways, absolutely it is! But is the problem that Christians voted for and support the President? The professional shamers claim we are too political, but the fact is that we are too conservative for THEIR leftist political agenda. It simply cannot be allowed again for the Christian fold, in today’s culture shift, to break ranks with their valued leaders and vote en masse for someone they have not endorsed. In a nutshell, they view the Church as their property and this movement is nothing more than a long, forced march toward the progressive slave labor camps that others have been forced into for decades. Our leaders have also placed a for sale sign on the property THEY DO NOT OWN.

Assault AT the Southern Baptist Convention to Hide the LGBT+ Sell Out.

Making the Church fully LGBT-compliant appears to be a primary contingency for the sale property to the new progressive ownership and years of subtle efforts have gone into meeting that required “upgrade.” Now it appears the agents of change must finish the project and massive efforts to complete those renovations are underway. In early May, Gay Christian advocate for Tim Keller and Russell Moore and the combined efforts of TGC and ERLC, Sam Allberry, began promoting a radical LGBT+ Christian conference scheduled for July known as Revoice. This radical conference was heralded as the U.S. counterpart to Tim Keller’s upcoming London appearance at Allberry’s “Living Out” ministry to discuss “Identity in Christ” for Homosexuals. Allberry’s social media promo for Revoice boasted that it is “Promoting LGBT+ flourishing in historic Christian tradition.”

Revoice openly talks about Queer Christians, LGBT+ Christians, Sexual Minorities in the Church and in ministry; the churches becoming safe spaces for LGBT+ people, building allies for LGBT+ in the Church; and the virtues of Queer Theory, Queer Culture and Queer Literature that the Church has missed when tossing out its vices. Revoice also hails the “Treasures that Queer Theory, Culture and Literature will bring into the New Jerusalem at the end of time.” This radical conference has close ties to both Keller and ERLC’s Russell Moore besides the fact that Sam Allberry is promoting it. Those ties include long time preaching staffer and disciple of Keller, Scott Sauls, who is promoting Revoice as well. The Revoice Conference is being held in a PCA church (Memorial Presbyterian in St Louis) and has nearly a dozen strong ties with PCA’s Covenant Seminary there. The PCA’s June General Assembly saw Revoice become a topic of concern and the issue remains a priority.

Dr. & Mrs. Russell Moore at Obama White House Christmas Party in 2016

Equally disturbing are the Southern Baptist ties of Revoice with ERLC head and long time SBTS Dean, Russell Moore. ERLC Fellow, Karen Swallow Prior, promoted Revoice alongside Scott Sauls on the website, and doubled down on her support of the controversial event /movement in a recent interview with Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez. Another person involved as a speaker at Revoice is Brandon Polk, whose Arrowhead Advisors LLC is a consultant with Russell Moore’s ERLC for conferences like the ERLC 2017 “Christ Centered Parenting,” their recent work on prison reform and the racially-charged ERLC/TGC Memphis MLK/50 Conference. Polk is also a friend and huge fan/promoter of Todrick, a judge on the panel for the RuPaul Drag Race Drag Queen program on LOGO TV.  Deeper Southern Baptist leadership ties to Revoice exist in the Founder and President of the conference/movement, Nate Collins, who carries two degrees from Dr. Albert Mohler and Russell Moore’s Southern Baptist Theological Seminary where he taught New Testament and online course.  Dr. Mohler replied to questions about Nate Collins and ERLC connections to Revoice in an interview for Worldview Weekend which is available at the end this article.

You can read more about the Revoice conference, its American Psychological Association DNA and connections to the PCA, SBC, TGC, ERLC, Tim Keller, Russell Moore, Albert Mohler and the new president of the Southern Baptist Convention, J. D. Greear, at these links.

My Experience of ABUSE at the Hands of SBC/ERLC Leadership Over Revoice Concerns

The ERLC and the Southern Baptist Executive Committee reacted strongly to this journalist when I traveled to the SBC 2018 convention on behalf of Southern Baptist members to report on the convention and feature concerns about Revoice to leaders there. On Tuesday afternoon an ERLC employee, Brent Leatherwood, attempted to physically restrain me from interviewing ERLC head Russell Moore in what Texas law would classify as a Class C Assault. Leatherwood, a former Tennessee Republican Party executive director, was hired by Moore at the ERLC after being exposed for his counter offensives as a “never Trumper” while at the Tennessee State GOP. A quick internet search will provide more than the average person will care to read about Leatherwood’s history at the Tennessee Republican Party.

On Wednesday afternoon, June 13, Leatherwood spotted me across the halls of the Exposition building just hours before the ERLC annual report was to be given at the main hall of the SBC Dallas meetings. Within two minutes I found myself face to face with two uniformed Dallas policemen and being removed from the building and the event without covering the main story I had remained for a third day at the Dallas meetings to cover. I was informed by Dallas PD that a complaint had been reported by someone in the event leadership, that I had “Threatened Someone.” Leatherwood met the officers and me as they began the long trek out of the massive Dallas Convention Center before thousands of fellow SBC messengers and attendees. Leatherwood came alongside the officer to my right and taunted me to provoke and escalate the situation he appeared to have set in motion. More details of this ABUSE and the history of dishonesty and false assault threat charges of Russell Moore, dating back to 2000 as a reporter for Baptist Press.

Exposure of Revoice has clearly inspired fear and reaction at the top level of the SBC and ERLC. Within 24 hours a totally false version of the above events was published in the Christian Post by a writer who never contacted me for comment. The false version from ERLC Press Secretary, Liz Bristow, was echoed by The Southern Baptist Executive Committee Member, Roger Oldham. You can find the false version of events here.

The Backstory: Peddling the Sheep to Obama

Early in the Obama administration, a cohort of progressive “thought leaders” took it upon themselves to auction off the Evangelical Sheep farm, and its conservative voting Christian sheep, to the lowest bidder. What we see now is that the listing has turned into a fire sale of whatever vestiges remain of the old conservative Christian right. The auctioneers are selling it cheap and fast, without giving notice to the sheep.

To market the Church, these hirelings must persuade the sheep that they go with the property and not to their Shepherd (spoken of in John 10). That is, they belong to the collective “Community.” Though hirelings are not the title holders by any stretch, per John 10:12, gatecrashers like Tim Keller, David Kinnaman of Barna, and a really relevant-looking 40 something with a skateboarder haircut, Gabe Lyons of “Q Commons,” set out to close the deal on the Third Way fire sale to the Obama White House early in his second term. (Reclaiming Hope, p. 186)

(“Third Way” is a political strategy to reconcile right-wing and left-wing positions by advocating a synthesis of center-right economic and center-left social policies.)

The Evangelical leaders’ desperation liquidation was a miserable failure as discussed in the book Good Faith: Being a Good Christian When Society Thinks Your Irrelevant and Extreme (a self-assertive title no doubt) by Kinnaman and “skater” Lyons. Moving further left by the hour, Tim Keller, who enjoys unchallenged protection in the very conservative Presbyterian Church of America, followed Gabe Lyons and other Obama-friendly pitch men who wrote a letter of intent to the President. This led to a presidential invitation to discuss the terms of the sale.

Who Are the Players?

Tim Keller appears to be the senior Evangelical statesman in this visitation committee. Keller is little known outside his denomination (PCA) and the slightly broader footprint of his Gospel Coalition organization. He erupted on the Evangelical scene in 2008 with his book The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism. Keller had come from an obscure church in Virginia to head the denomination’s flagship church plant, Redeemer City Church in New York City. In 2010, Keller launched his Emergent Missions movement called “MissionSHIFT” in partnership with the likes of Brian McLaren, Alan Hirsh, Dan Kimball and the ever edgy Ed Stetzer of Lifeway Research. This brazen effort, including a not so best-selling book aimed at redirecting the Church, faded with little notice. What was noted by the global audience was his address that same year at the Lausanne Consultation’s South African Congress. Subsequently, Keller has risen to the top of the Evangelical leadership ladder and is said to have filled the shoes and received the mantle of John Stott, the framer of the Lausanne Covenant, as one of the “great Christian intellectuals” of our time.

Don’t feel bad if you have taken little notice of Tim Keller. Secular journalists in NYC love him and he does run in all the right circles. Along the way, however, Keller has become wobbly on the issue of homosexuality, significantly since his meeting(s) with Obama. In a 2015 interview at the Veritas Forum he was unable to say in plain speech that homosexuality is a sin. Prior to that, in a 2013 forum with journalists, Keller said “Christians can support gay marriage in the culture, just not in the church.” Besides lacking Biblical support, this position reveals ignorance or disregard of the impact that the legalization of gay marriage would have on religious freedom and the spiritual institution of marriage. Is Keller ignorant of the dissenting opinions of the judges on the Supreme Court who protested the Obergefell decision? Or is he feigning ignorance to bring about social change? Not only is Keller vacillating on sexuality, but also on the authority of Scripture as a speaker and author for Bio-Logos. This postmodern think tank challenges the Bible with the authority of “science,” so we silly little believers can have a place at the table with the real thinkers.

David Kinnaman is now president of Barna Group which specializes in number crunching for mega church pastors’ growth strategies. These numbers are also used to remind average Christians through compelling data that they have either missed the latest trend or have no clue how to respond to it.

Gabe Lyons is a disciple of John Maxwell, the leadership guru of the corporate and Christian worlds. In addition to Good Faith, Lyons also wrote The Next Christians: The Good News About the End of Christian America and unChristian: What a New Generation Really Thinks about Christianity…and Why It Matters. To facilitate the “end of Christian America,” Lyons founded “Q Commons” – which according to the promo “works to educate and mobilize Christians to think well and advance good in society.” “Q Commons” is more easily understood as a loosely “Christian” version of TED Talks or a quasi-Christian Dialectic. The New York Times describes “Q” as “Sophisticated and Orthodox representing a new generation of Christians.” Perhaps it is more appropriate to say “Q” is Progressive and unOrthodox, but we will pass on the word games and labeling for now.

These men, therefore, are the main players at the center of the “Good Faith Movement.”

On to the Oval Office

With hat in hand and armed with Barna statistics, these pillaging prophets made their way to the Oval Office to persuade President Obama that a new, more worthy kind of believer now populates the American pews. It is, as the book title asserts, the “Good Faith Christian.” These are those who are concerned about Social Justice and would “vigorously defend the rights of our Muslim neighbors to practice faith beyond the neighborhood mosque and of our gay and lesbian friends to publicly express pride in their identity” (page 105). The offer was placed on the table in exchange for some tokens and trinkets comparable to the $12 in beads to purchase Manhattan Island from the Native Americans. The team of “global thinkers” promised Obama that, if he would toss in a few assurances of exemptions guaranteeing religious freedom, then THEY were positioned to assure delivery of the “Good Faith” voting bloc as a “Third Way” hors d’oeuvre to the most ravenous progressivism our nation had ever seen in Washington, D.C.

The impetus of the Oval Office meeting had been President Obama’s sudden (?) change in support of gay marriage. Posturing as agents of “Principled Pluralism,” our self-styled leaders implored the Constitutional Professor / President to offer a classically defined assurance of Religious Freedoms. What he in fact offered was the most limited “in house” protections he had come to be known for, assuring only that Americans will always be free to worship in their houses of worship. The pretense of expecting the President to offer Religious Exemptions, especially on the LGBTQ/ marriage agenda, conceals the fact that the Human Rights Campaign and all “Equality advocates” fight any and all exemptions as “license to discriminate.” Or perhaps our Evangelical hirelings were messaging that Obama could low ball the asking price for the Third Way listing of the Church and acquire it for an even better deal – ZERO assurances. Either way the sale was never completed and the Principled Pluralists returned to the sheepfold hoping to keep the flock from scattering while they plotted a new strategy to make the sale.

Trumped Intentions

Meanwhile back on the farm the sheep got restless as the primary season kicked into full swing. The flock had tired of the brown and dried out hay of the stable and began to graze in greener pastures. A field of GOP Presidential hopefuls came into the corral. Could Keller and company yet prove their worth to whoever it was that commissioned and funded them? Could they make good on their promise to deliver us all up as “Good Faith Christians,” fattened for the slaughter by Third Way hirelings to be counted on to abide by the conditions of sale, even though no buyer had yet agreed to the purchase?

Suddenly out of nowhere the unthinkable happened, causing total widespread panic. Though a stable remnant of “Good Faith” types remained devoted, like Deadheads at a rainbow gathering in the local national forest, the mass of the sheep herd bolted and voted for Donald J Trump, a brash New Yorker, casino owner and billionaire with a breathtaking beauty for prospective First Lady. The cabal of Evangelical sheep shearers had a collective cardiac arrest. This could not happen, they thought, and now they had to work even harder to liquidate the assets, lower the price and fire sale conservative Evangelical voters lest they act on their traditional values and dare to make “The Donald” President of the United States of America.

Loose the Prophets of Shame on Unsuspecting Sheep

What happened next is one of the most pathetic displays in modern Christianity. Third Way leaders like Tim Keller and Southern Baptists, Albert Mohler and Russell Moore, joined a host of their trainees in progressive groups like The Gospel Coalition and the SBC’s Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission in a concerted effort to poison the waterholes of the wayward flock and take cattle prods to the sheep. A relentless “Christian” media storm contrived to beat the wayward sheep back into submission continues to this day and has also impacted other elections like the conservative Southern Baptist Roy Moore’s Senate bid in Alabama. The agents marketing the Church to the lowest bidder were pleased as punch with Roy Moore’s defeat which in turn led to the election of a far-left candidate, Doug Jones, as U.S. Senator. The predictable outcome is that Sen. Doug Jones’ ties to the LGBTQ lobby were paraded as a trophy at a recent “big donor” fundraiser for the Human Rights Campaign, at which event it was announced that Senator Jones was a co-sponsor of the radical LGTBQ “Equality Act” in the U.S. Senate.

What is Wrong with “Good Faith”?

To see what kind of fruit this Third Way-Good Faith movement has produced, let us look at some of the influence stream and contents of the book itself. Among the Acknowledgements on page 264 of those who “helped round out the rough edges and articulate why this book matters for today’s Christians” are some very left leaning and in some cases, radical leftists, posing as Christians. Examples include Preston Sprinkle who is attempting to move the conversation into the creation of safe spaces for LGBTQ in the Church which mirrors fully that of the progressive most hard core “gay faith activist” organizations. To this end, Sprinkle is pushing a Third Way dialog on the Church.

Another fruit is former Wheaton Chaplain office counselor, Julie Rodgers, who jumped the shark in her “untidy story over gay marriage” just hours after the announcement of Obergefell in June 2015. Rodgers, a once “celibate Christian Lesbian,” promptly abandoned her celibacy for full on gay affirmation in the Church while no longer advocating celibacy. She admitted that she had “quietly supported same-sex relationships for a while now,” though representing herself as committed to celibacy (all a false argument proliferating the progressive conversation like weeds in an untended garden). Rogers cited her concern for “the gaybees” (young LGBTQ “Christians”) in the pew who would be harmed by the condition of abstaining from gay sex in order to be accepted in the Church. Her untidiness is asked to be excused because Julie can find no way to make the Bible and its orthodox teachings on sexuality fit her newfound “conviction,” but she still expects full acceptance of it by the Church. Julie has clearly helped “round out the rough edges” of the Good Faith book and has maintained the approval of its authors and endorsers, including Tim Keller, throughout her untidy journey. She is presently engaged to be married to Amanda Hite who heads the organization Be The Change and according to Amada’s bio on its website, serves on Leadership Committees for the Human Rights Campaign. Julie is herself a friend, hero and mentor to many of the speakers at the upcoming Revoice Conference, including founder Nate Collins.

Likely the MOST telling progressive INSIDER involvement in the Good Faith Acknowledgments is that of Michael Wear, who was Barack Obama’s Faith Outreach team leader. At age 23, the boy wonder of the Obama Faith message came into the White House to help coordinate, with the President, the greatest advancement of LGBTQ and interfaith dialog in history. This was in large part facilitated by the overhaul and funding of the Faith Based Partnerships programs which placed Christian leaders of all stripes in close communion with a flood of tax dollars to work together for the common good. Funding is the FUEL of the Third Way strategy. Wear helped coordinate the Obama Faith-Based Partnership program with public and private funding – whether taxpayer dollars used for activism or the wealth of global giants in the corporate world of foundations sphere, the Evangelical landscape was flooded with cash.

Today it is fair to say that Wear now finds a home in the Tim Keller stable, as contributor of the “Good Faith” concept and as an editor and writer at Keller’s organization, The Gospel Coalition, which also promotes Wear’s memoir of his work with Obama, Reclaiming Hope: Lessons Learned in the Obama White House About the Future of Faith in America.

Tim Keller played no small role in the production of Good Faith or the Third Way messaging of these visitors to the Obama White House, by offering to sell out the Church at bargain basement prices. According to Gabe Lyons, Keller’s “mentorship over the years has made me (Gabe) smarter, stronger and more confident that, no matter what happens in the broader culture, our faith (the Good Faith brand of faith) will last.”

New Age guru, Dallas Willard, is cited often in Good Faith as is James Hunter Davison and his concept of “Faithful Presence” which was born out of his Frankfurt School-inspired Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture at the University of Virginia. Also frequently quoted is Kirsten Powers, a progressive journalist with Friends at FOX News and a convert of Tim Keller who turned to Catholicism. Powers was among the journalists who interviewed Keller in 2013 when he asserted that Christians could support gay marriage in the culture, again advocating an impossible exemption for the Church if gay marriage became law. It does get worse.

Good Faith authors sympathetically and inclusively interviewed Gene Robinson (page 168), who was the first openly gay Bishop to be ordained in the Episcopal Church in 2003. This ordination forced MILLIONS of faithful Christians out of their denomination and took the once strong conservative membership from over 5 million to under 1.8 million, and declining by the day. Former Bishop Robinson, who went on to work in leadership roles for the Human Rights Campaign, was invited by the authors to share his emotional “experience” and trials for inclusion for them to determine what makes a “Good Faith Christianity” fit for the auction block of the Third Way.

In Chapter 13, titled “The Gay Conversation” (page 170), Good Faith statistics other than Barna’s are presented from a very messy source to support what constitutes Good Faith Christianity. Cited are Gary Gates of the Williams Institute statistics which specialize in “Queering the Census” and tracking LGBTQ / Same-Sex demographics in the U.S. Gates himself is the protégé’ of Marxist Lesbian “urbanologist“ Jane Jacobs’ protégé’ RICHARD FLORIDA, whose ever creepy Gay Indexes and pro homosexual urban theories have found themselves at home with Tim Keller, Q Ideas, the SBCs Albert Mohler and a host of Good Faith (by their definition) Christians. The Human Rights Campaign then uses the wild assertions of Gates/ Williams and Florida to market the Municipal Equality Index to your mayors and city councils and county commissions.

Tim Keller and others in his Gospel Coalition have been long time devotees of the Richard Florida “inclusion” ideology with its Cultural Marxist roots in Jane Jacobs, which includes Keller’s Social Gospel project in Orlando with Reformed Theological Seminary that birthed an Urban movement, Seeking the Welfare of the City, around the “Polis Institute.” ‘Good Faith’ Christians must love Florida’s LGBTQ inclusion ideas because Tim Keller’s certainly does. The book’s endorsement and use of Gary Gates’ Williams Institute research is simply further indication of the inclusive approach to the ideology of Good Faith Christianity. In the quote they do admit to the low stats on LGBTQ population – 3 to 4 % – while at the same time asserting that “some Christians and churches have had a cruel homophobic streak.” This is the typical victim narrative for devaluing the Church in the conversation and applying pressure to make amends by becoming Good Faith partners with Keller and Crew.

In Chapter 14, “We Cannot Live Without Intimacy,” there is a sympathetic overview of the Bruce / Caitlyn Jenner saga. Good Faith followers are reminded that “Christians must not be hard hearted toward those who seek alternative identities. Their quest is a signpost pointing to deep desire to be truly, profoundly known.” (page 189) So the gender confused person or the cross dresser who wants non-binary access the bathroom of choice in Target or your child’s public school is a victim as well. A person whom Good Faith folk recognize as just wanting their true selves to be seen and known. Never mind their rebellion against God’s design and sovereignty (supposedly a core doctrine of Calvinist Tim Keller). To be truly Good Faith you must look beyond the emasculated Gold Medalist Bruce to see the inner Caitlyn and understand her need. That is the Good Faith Christian and those who buy into all the above make a tidy package for the sheep herd of the Evangelical farm being offered to the lowest progressive bidder and the Democratic Party.

Stellar job of hosting this OPEN HOUSE to sell off God’s HOUSEHOLD OF FAITH for the very enemies who want it removed from hindering the progressive agendas of the Left. If that is the call of God in Evangelicalism – if this is what it means to be GOOD in the Faith – then let the rest of us find the exit before the Fire falls! In no way are these Good Faith assertions of Keller, Lyons and Barna compatible with Biblical Christian faith and living in these or any other times. If Kinnaman finds mega church pastors and church retailers like Lifeway interested in statistics and polls then so be it, but neither he nor Lifeway Research nor Pew or any other change agents will change the mind and heart of Jehovah, Who we are reminded in Hebrews 12:29 is a HOLY and consuming FIRE. He does not put a holy finger out to determine the prevailing winds of culture nor is He undecided about the gender He made the victims of the latest Trans-fad. Acquiescence to the tactics of Keller and his Obama-friendly hirelings to sell the Sheep farm is NOT Good Faith. At best it is self-deception and, at worst, self-aggrandizement, arrogance and apostasy.

Thanks for Nothing – Reality Check

Though Biblically Conservative Evangelicals may have been willing to follow hirelings onto the Progressive plantation, a full-scale awakening now threatens the Cabal. The sting of the cattle prods continues by the increased amperage of the recent Revoice Conference for LGBT+ Flourishing in the Christian Church, Cultural Marxist rhetoric, Critical Race Theory, open borders Immigration advocacy, accusations of White Privilege, canonization of MLK and Malcolm X in our seminaries, Transgender bathroom rights, and even disowning the Evangelical identity, thereby changing the name of the Sheep farm. Hopes are high to finally bank their 30 pieces silver.

Wishful Thinking from a Weary Flock

In conclusion – the sale is not even pending. The value of the conservative Evangelical has proven steady, is likely appreciating and did help accomplish the impossible, preventing a Hillary Clinton regime. Sorry to disappoint Tim Keller, Albert Mohler, Russell Moore and other desperate Evangelical leaders. Your Third Way fire sale has failed and exposed massive fault lines between the Blue-Collar saints and your Elitist clique. Please, stop pointing fingers and blaming the sheep. Call off the dogs and tell the manure spreaders to cease and desist. Take YOUR “For Sale” signs off the property. It is NOT yours to sell. Don’t bother trying to act as spokesmen for us or for the Good Shepherd; just fulfill your obligations to those who bought you out and do it preferably somewhere else. Leave our institutions and our pulpits and stay out of the voter booth with us and, please, no more convening meetings to decide the future for us or our children. Stop having conferences and talking issues like Racial Reconciliation (something you, in reality, know nothing about…but only the crass language of division) and fake news MeToo feminist-driven revenge masked as the Gospel. Enough with your efforts to talk the Bride of Christ into embracing Homosexuality as “Christian.” No more Revoice Conferences or endless pro LGBT+ “celibate” victims events staged by ERLC/TGC or The Nines. Stop talking in muddled language about things the Word of God says in plain language. And no more dialoging or sleeping with the enemies of God in the name of “principled pluralism” or any other false virtue signaling labels some social sciences think tank has provided for you. Let us be done with you and leave us to follow our Lord, while you follow the destructive path you have chosen.

Leaders like Tim Keller and Russell Moore – Stop the madness of your empty rhetoric and false concerns and pseudo intellectualism. The poorly disguised progressive political agenda you serve wrapped in an ever-thinning veneer of false compassion and gospel integrity just does not ring of truth. It no longer passes the smell test but resembles the sour milk of aging men growing bitter at having been exposed as change agents, deceiving the easy mark on the planet – the trusting, loving flock of God.  Stop abusing us.  Stop using minorities and race and women and gays.  Stop diverting the money and resources of the Church to your globalist views of human flourishing and a sustainable world.  Stop the fake concerns for us hurting the Gospel.

Do Your One “Good Faith” More and Just Cease and Desist Already

And finally, though many of you love the sound of your own voices and the “chief seats” in the Temple, please BE QUIET and JUST LEAVE — and let us enjoy the golden silence and be still, knowing that the Lord is God and we are His People and the Sheep of His pasture. (Psalm 100:3)

Thomas Littleton Reporting from the SBC Annual Conference to Worldview Weekend

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Rev Thomas Littleton                                                                                                      2/16/2019

The recent Houston Chronicle story about  sexual abuse followed by years of cover up in the Southern Baptist Convention was the saddest commentary possible on the state of affairs in the church today. The scandal is smoking out leaders who have been part of the cover up . This includes Dr. Albert Mohler head of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in multiple rounds of apology .


What is striking in this long , now exposed, history is the oppression of the voices of the innocent and harmed- by the people who are in the position to prevent it or at least who had the voice to expose it.


Part of what feeds the cultural underbelly among evangelical leadership is the  “frat house ” mentality among a competitive and often egocentric group of good ole boys. The ties that bind tend to run along theological camps, alumni , and mentor/mentee relationships . Few ministers will speak against their friends with whom they conference and in whose circles they align or against someone whose influence might be needed for their own advancement . This holds true for some – it would seem- no matter how ugly the hidden realities are or how others may have been harmed or stand to be harmed .

A new wave of heavy handed authoritarian local church governance is also playing a role in intimidating and silencing those who report abuse. The faith of many in the circles in which Albert Mohler operates is now firmly under the thumb of both denominational/coalition and local church policy and polity .


As this abuse cover up apology came forward – yet another example of Mohler’s own abuses surfaced. This one was in fact the abusive use of  his position and authority to aid in the cover up of the abuse he has now apologized for . It involves Christian radio host Janet Mefferd for one -who tells her own story here.

“I began covering the Sovereign Grace Ministries scandal in 2012, on my previous nationally syndicated Christian radio show. As I dug more deeply into sexual-abuse victims’ accusations in a class-action lawsuit, spoke with some of those affected and began to conduct interviews to glean more information, I stated that the SGM scandal was American evangelicalism’s biggest sex scandal to date.”

“My assessments back then are no more significant than the parallel or subsequent assessments made by many others along the same lines. But as a Christian radio host who was covering the story, I was subject to strong and uncomfortable pressure behind the scenes, which others may not have experienced in the same way.”

“And Al Mohler was at the center of that pressure.”

“In 2013, several months after I had been covering the SGM scandal, I was blindsided by two executives from my former radio network’s corporate headquarters on an extended conference call.”

“They told me that they had received a call from “Al Mohler’s office” that expressed “concerns” over my radio interviews with Detwiler, who had weighed in on the class-action lawsuit filed against Mahaney and others. They communicated to me that Mohler’s office did not believe Detwiler was a good guest choice.”

“Knowing that Mohler served on our company’s editorial board, I said, “‘Mohler’s office’ didn’t call you. You mean Al Mohler called you.”

“Neither executive denied it.”

(Read the rest at  and the 2012 story where Mefford and others were attempting to bring attention to the growing poblem of abuse/ cover up among evangelical leaders. )


Janet Meffords story is well worth your time to understand the efforts Mohler made to continue the cover up  and protect his friends. These kinds of unseen forces and pressures are part of what some call the “Evangelical Industrial Complex “or “Big Eva” and what this writer has dubbed “The Evangelical Deep State”. The wider the window opens into and the longer one looks at this underbelly – the more disturbing it becomes .


In 2014 Albert Mohler advanced the homosexual agenda in the SBC by asserting / accepting and apologizing for being “wrong about homosexual orientations” on behalf of all Southern Baptist and Evangelicals. Sexual Orientation is an American Psychological Association “discovery ” and priority with zero biblical basis

Mohler was only too eager to make this apology, ( unlike the sex abuse cover up issued on February 15th 2019 ) ,and thus  allow for this set of “victims” in the LGBT activist community to be given voice in and against the mainstream evangelical church. By doing so Mohler launched an ongoing  conversation totally outside the context and bounds of the Word of God and steeped in the language and ideologies of activism for  “Social Change” in the church.

Mohler knew what was at stake when he apologized . He knew that allowing for the “discovery ” of “sexual orientation ” to be viewed as an undeniable reality would  take the Christian Conversation outside the realm of Biblical authority .



Again Albert Mohler ignored and discounted real victims of abuse and sought to silence them and those who spoke up for them in the church while using  an apology in 2014 to launch the promoting the of  LGBT+ “victim narrative” into the SBC and evangelical mainstream.

He says so VERY plainly  in 2005 comments below .


“As is the case with most ideological campaigns directed to the Church, the Homosexual Movement comes complete with a well-defined hermeneutic. In fact, politico-ideological crusades which aspire for influence within the churches must develop and articulate what I will term a hermeneutic of legitimation, designed to provide at least the appearance of biblical sanction. Thus, biblical interpretation becomes contested territory between rival worldviews.

The Homosexual Movement has employed a well-documented hermeneutic suspicion toward biblical texts which address homosexuality. Their efforts have been to prove that the actions proscribed in biblical passages (notably Genesis 19 and Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13) do not refer to consensual homosexual acts, but to homosexual rape and prostitution.

The net result of this hermeneutic of legitimation has been confusion in the churches. It has become the standard and politically-correct perspective assumed in most sectors of the academy, and it is increasingly prevalent among members of the mainline Protestant denominations. Disappointingly, a number of evangelicals have been taken in as well.

The revisionist hermeneutic, as applied to Romans 1:26-27, has been employed to argue that the text means something quite different from the Church’s traditional interpretation. By employing circumventions, circumlocutions, and contortions, the text’s meaning is revised so as to negate its judgment upon homosexuality.”

( Most important point he makes in 2005 is that accepting orientation argument takes the discussion totally outside Biblical framework )

“The critical issue used as a hermeneutical device by the revisionists is the concept of sexual orientation. The modern “discovery” of sexual orientation is used to deny the truth claim clearly and inescapably made within the biblical text. For example, in regard to the Romans text, Janet Fishburn of Drew University Theological School argues: “Yet, some biblical scholars point out that this passage can only refer to the homosexual acts of heterosexual persons. This is because the writers of the Bible did not distinguish between homosexual orientation and same-gender sexual acts. If this distinction is accepted, the condemnation of homosexuality in Romans does not apply to the sexual acts of homosexual persons.”


Mohler makes it very clear the high cost of allowing “orientation ” to be taken as factual in 2005 but then -as seen below – admits to the unproven / APA based assertion concluding that those with homosexual desire are in some way “born with it ” and therefore cannot be expected to change. Once this 2014 apology was made then Dr Mohler and his protege’ Russell Moore began to rebrand the SBC and to force a public rethink of LGBT  in its ” conversations”.


This 2014 meeting not  only included many SBC pastors/ staff and ministers but also a host of LGBT+ activist organizations and their leaders who met behind closed doors after hearing the self assumed  head of the SBC apologize on all our behalf and settle the conversation on LGBT and Marriage firmly within the activist playing field . These conversations advancing the activist talking points continue to this day .

I recently addressed a major national conference on “The Gospel, Homosexuality, and the Future of Marriage” held by the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention.”
One of these issues is sexual orientation. As I explained in my address, I had previously denied the existence of sexual orientation. I, along with many other evangelicals, did so because we did not want to accept the sexual identity structure that so often goes with sexual orientation. I still reject that notion of sexual identity. But I repented of denying the existence of sexual orientation because denying it was deeply confusing to people struggling with same-sex attraction. Biblical Christians properly resist any suggestion that our will can be totally separated from sexual desire, but we really do understand that the will is not a sufficient explanation for a pattern of sexual attraction. Put simply, most people experiencing a same-sex attraction tell of discovering it within themselves at a very early age, certainly within early puberty. As they experience it, a sexual attraction or interest simply “happens,” and they come to know it.” 
(You may want to read the remainder but his reasons for his apology and repositioning on Orientation need to be measured in his own words below from 2005  in the next section below  when he clearly outlines what is  at stake over this VERY issue. Here are other 2014 quotes  )
 Of course, those of us whose sexual orientation is directed toward the opposite sex are also sinners, but the sexual orientation is not itself sinful.”
The concept of sexual orientation is not only helpful, it is in some sense essential. Even those who argue against its existence have to describe and affirm something tantamount to it. There is a pattern of sexual interest and attraction that is discovered in early adolescence. It is not something that is, in itself, freely chosen. That does not mean that the individual is not completely responsible before God for how that orientation is then handled.”
(Remember that  sexual orientation is still an assumption and assertion from the APA and other secular organizations . Mohler is deeply in the sand here and seems to know it but he is not really backing up or backing away from what he said in the video. He then goes into the Ex Gay Therapy issue )


Sam Allberry was introduced to a stateside audience at these 2014 meetings and took his “SSA but celibate” talking points into the bold beyond. Now Allberry’s ministry Living Out,based in the UK, has introduced a radical LGBT Inclusion Church Audit which will “regulate” or “police” private conversations, our pulpits , and calls for the ordination and hiring of SSA staff in our churches . The Audit also says that Christians need to go along with “sharing our children” with SSA in the church .In November 2018 Mohler pal Mark Dever introduced the radical Allberry/ Living  Out  Audit stateside in 3 of his churches- his own Capitol Hill Baptist  and two affiliates .

Allberry spoke at the 2018 ERLC family conference near Dallas  and has since  been advocating for churches to support him as an SSA /gay priest in promoting   “singles adoption and foster care”. It just keeps getting more bizarre and it was all launched by the  Albert Mohler Sexual Orientation “apology ” and timed with an abandon of “Ex gay therapies”.


At the same  time Russell Moore was planning the 2014 ERLC conference -a Mohler / SBTS student and teacher/father and son team were working together with Exodus International  leadership as the organization collapsed from within and public support of ex- gay therapy with it. Once Exodus news hit the media it helped to vilify all efforts to help people out of unwanted homosexual desires. That SBTS student / teacher was Nate Collins who founded the Revoice Conference /Movement and who is now working  to take the Mohler apology to the next level. The unbiblical / activist sexual hermeneutic Mohler described in 2005 in now in full swing in the evangelical community and Albert Mohler both educated the leader of the newest most radical element of it in the SBC / PCA/ Evangelical circles and launched it all with his 2014 “Apology”


Albert Mohler’s teammate Russell Moore seemed way too poised in advance for the Houston Chronicle Story .

“The report is alarming and scandalous, the courage and grace of these survivors is contrasted with the horrific depravity of those who would use the name of Jesus to prey on them. So how should Christians think about this latest revelation?”

Nothing is worse than the use of the name of Jesus to prey on the vulnerable.


“The first is to see with clear eyes what is before us. Some have ridiculed this concern as being some irrational sweep into a secular #MeToo moment, implying that the problem is “political correctness” over an issue that is no real problem within church life. Others have suggested that the church should not concern itself with questions of “justice,” and that preaching the gospel itself will resolve matters of injustice. Others have implied that the horrific scandals we have seen in the Roman Catholic church are due to the theology of Catholicism, the nature of a celibate priesthood and so forth. All of these are not only wrongheaded responses, but are deadly dangerous both to the lives of present and future survivors of these horrors and to the witness of the church itself”


More denies the SBC abuse issue is part of the secular #MeToo movement BUT then looks to be writing that it is exactly that -just three days later.

After years of racial apologies and advocating for “victim narratives” while ignoring and accusing actual victims – and abusing /threatening those like radio host ,reporters, researchers, bloggers and other who speak up – the apologies themselves are wearing thin and are totally lacking in credibility .

The greater danger ahead for people in our churches is the possibility that  the current talking points and open door policy of  Russell Moore/ Albert Mohler etc. to this sexual activism  in our houses of worship will prove to be an invitation to more abuse .

Dear Al

Perhaps this apology was just another strategic launching pad to further the SBC into the #MeToo movement after all. It could be another set up for spiking the ball like your 2014 orientation apology or your recent SBTS racial purge apology in order to move us deeper into the Social Justice false gospel. Sorry Al but many of us out here in the pews are not buying it.





Rev Thomas Littleton                                                                                                2/10/2019

Conservative Christians need a wake up call to the political and social activism going on in our midst. We need to know who is trying to influence our “worldview”, our view of social issues and our vote. Christians need to know who and what influences those people and publications who are writing and editing and advocating a “Rethink “of all that defines us. In short we must first know and THINK  about the forces attempting to redefine Americans and Christian Faith. There are real reasons behind the often bizarre and confusing discourse of men like Tim Keller and Russell Moore and the organizations they head. This article seeks to shed some helpful light on what is shaping up to be one of the main  “conversations ” for change being marketed as a “fire side chat” or “thinking in public” for the run up to the elections of 2020.


During the 2018 Southern Baptist Convention in Dallas as Vice President 9MARKS editor and council member of the  ERLC Jonathan Leeman tweeted out his displeasure over the SBC invitation to the Vice President of the United States Mike Pence. Leeman quickly penned an article about his feelings which was published by TGC here .                                     “I’m sitting here at the Southern Baptist Convention. Earlier today Vice President Mike Pence addressed the convention. We were told he initiated the offer to speak. I wish we had not accepted.” He goes on to give his “four reasons why ” while acknowledging that TGC (ERLC for that matter ) justify their own invitations to politicians to speak.

Leeman wrote another article on the reasons why he thought inviting the Vice President to Speak at the SBC meetings in Dallas 2018 was” Controversial” which was published in The Washington Post ,a favorite outlet of progressive political voices in the SBC.

Leeman says “Permit me to remain neutral on Pence himself. Whether you love or hate him, reason one our churches and associations of churches should ordinarily not receive political leaders to address their assemblies is that it goes against the pattern of the entire Bible. You never see Jesus asking the Roman centurion to make an appearance at his next speaking event to “share a word from his heart,” even after the centurion proved to have “great faith.” No, Jesus had a different mission. He taught us to keep church and state separate.”

Leeman’s use of the interaction – or fictional non interaction – between Jesus and the Roman centurion is hardly a contextual one for the TGC expository hardliners.


There was no outcry when ERLC head Russell Moore invited Hillary Clinton(who did not accept the invitation ) to the SBC 2015 meetings as reported in this TGC 2018 article. The pushback appears to be over office holders or candidates from the GOP being invited .

” In spite of his Baptist background, Bill Clinton never addressed the SBC. George W. Bush addressed the SBC in 2002. President Obama never addressed the SBC. It was not hard to see a pattern that had developed. In spite of SBC leaders’ routine insistence that the convention was and is not affiliated with any political party, the SBC had become firmly aligned with the GOP. (Russell Moore did invite Hillary Clinton to speak at an ERLC forum in 2015, but she declined.)”


In an interview from the 9MARKS meetings at the same SBC 2018 meetings,  Leeman discussed his book with a group of SBC pastors who got a heavy dose of nuancing on the problems of being a “single issue (pro-life) voter “. In the interview Dever boasted in the Q &A that Leeman holds a Masters degree from London School of Economics. This fact is not part of Leeman’s biographies on TGC/ ERLC/ 9MARKS or other organizations Leeman works with. When recently asked about this omission he responded that the did not want it to seem boastful. Problems with the influences from liberal globalist politics and economics as well as the Fabian Socialist founding of LSE make non disclosure problematic by an influential member of the SBC writing books , teaching, working in our Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission ,and on a national tour promoting “Rethinking” our political engagement . More on this issue and the nuancing of the pro life discussion with Mark Dever is discussed in the link below .


On January 22nd of 2019 this author asked Jonathan Leeman if he would identify the name of a global economics magazine he worked as an editor for in DC which is included but NOT NAMED in his bio . Leeman responded -showing displeasure – but would not answer.

“Jonathan . Hello we spoke on twitter. I have your book “How the Nations Rage” and am finishing it soon. I saw in your bio  that you ” worked as an editor for an international economics magazine in Washington, D. C. ” Would you say which publication. Thanks . Thomas”

Response – “Thomas, Forgive me for adopting a severe tone, but I’m not sure why you would expect me to trust you…. If I were to give you the benefit of the doubt, the best I can say is, you maligned me in your first article in sincere ignorance (not that I understand why one Christian would ever malign another w/o due diligence; non-Christian reporters do better). But for you to continue as you’ve begun, having been corrected several times, is for you to choose deception. Let me encourage you to take a better route”

– Leeman would not disclose the name of the publication while he accuses the author of “choosing deception” . In the same way he does not disclose his London School of Economics political education in his biography . He does discuss the LSE background briefly in this interview .


“Join us for a live recording of Thinking in Public with Albert Mohler and Jonathan Leeman. Each attendee will receive a Southern Seminary mug and be entered to win a library of 100 books from Southern Seminary faculty.”


“Religious liberty feels in jeopardy today, as cultural power brokers grow ever more suspicious of Christianity. Meanwhile, Christians cannot agree with one another politically. Some want to strengthen the evangelical voting bloc. Others advise focusing on social-justice causes. Still others would leave the public square to get on with the so-called spiritual work of the church. Prominent Christian leaders criticize one another in the news. Members of church small groups find themselves divided and angry. Clearly, Christians in America need a political reboot.”

“Jonathan Leeman, a scholar of political theology who has taught at various seminaries, believes this restart begins in local churches. Before we can truly do good and do justice, we need to be a good and just people. We cannot talk with integrity about family values if our marriages are falling apart. Or advocate for tax policy changes if we’re not being generous with fellow believers. The restart needed is conversion. Conversion makes us first citizens of Christ’s kingdom and then puts us to work as ambassadors to the world. Our focus must shift from redeeming the nation to living as a redeemed nation. Only when we realize that the life of our churches now is the hope of the nation tomorrow will we be the salt and light Jesus calls us to be.”


ENDORSEMENTS of “How the Nations Rage ”

“What has the church to do with politics? Is there a proper, biblically informed relationship between church and state? In How the Nations Rage, Leeman exhorts the church neither to withdraw from nor to dominate the political sphere, but to represent heaven to a world in turmoil. What timely counsel, especially to the American church! This work is highly accessible and deserving of praise.”

– John MacArthur, Pastor Grace Community Church Sun Valley California 


“The last 20 years, evangelical Christians have been politically mobilized in an outpouring of moral concern and political engagement. Is this a good development? To what extent should Christians be involved in the political process? In his new book, How the Nations Rage, Jonathan Leeman provides a careful and theologically compelling treatment of the relationship between faith and politics. This book is an urgently needed resource for Christians seeking to faithfully integrate their Christian commitments with their political engagement. Leeman is careful, cogent, and unflinchingly biblical in his presentation. This book deserves careful consideration by any Christian who seeks to walk faithfully in the public square.”

– R. Albert Mohler President of SBTS 


Jonathan Leeman’s How the Nations Rage contains truths that will make any Christian—Republican, Democrat, Independent or otherwise—squirm, and that’s what makes it worthwhile. In this time of political polarization, Leeman offers an opportunity for people to step back from the headlines and the harangues to re-evaluate what it means to represent Christ in the public square and one’s local community. If read carefully, How the Nations Rage, can smooth some of the sharp edges of our current political discourse and move people of faith toward being truth tellers and peacemakers instead of mere partisans.”

– Jemar Tisby, President, The Witness, a Black Christian Collective; Co-Host, “Pass The Mic” podcast 


“These are fraught political times, both inside and outside the church. The “culture wars” model of the previous century has proven inadequate in addressing the polarization of our current social climate. How the Nations Rage provides a more mature, deeply biblical, and much needed pastoral understanding of the relationship between the church and the public square. In these pages, Leeman balances correction and encouragement, as well as principle and wisdom.”

– Karen Swallow Prior, author of Booked: Literature in the Soul of Me and Fierce Convictions–The Extraordinary Life of Hannah More: Poet, Reformer Abolitionist


ERLC November 2018

“Christians are rethinking their relationship with politics as American culture moves away from certain moral Christian principles. Jonathan Leeman, author of How The Nations Rage, joins Steven, Travis, and Jeff at the Leland House to talk about the church, the state, and how to have confidence in this divided age. From the conversation:”

“What I’m trying to help readers do is to understand what is the state, what is the church, how to read the bible politically, what is justice, and perhaps most importantly, envigorate, encourage, and inspire with a vision of the the church as this embassy of light, of justice and righteousness that shows a model to the nations of how we can move forward with a happy confidence of what God is doing, whether America gets better or worse.” – Jonathan Leeman



Leeman’s book offers a rambling set of perspective enabling stories that cover a range of conflicted souls on their own journeys .The emotional discussion is laid out for Christians on the usual divisive topics  like” finding  solutions ” for modern positions on age old divisive issues between Christians and culture like abortion, homosexuality, race etc.etc.etc.


Christians  in the SBC and The Gospel Coalition must begin at some point to make lives easier on themselves as they attempt to understand what is taking place with their leaders like Leeman and those who endorse this book . Their leaders hate their predictable and conservative voting patterns. They hate Trump- or at least that he was elected. They are far more comfortable either appearing on CNN or at home watching it than you are with your Fox News and Rush Limbaugh. They must assume you are not very smart and assume of course that you will assume the best of them and their intentions. They would never want to think you believe they would act as if they set in a  room with someone offering them something in return for  using their influence ( and even your $$$ that pays their salaries) over you for something  like something  influence peddling . You would never think something like that could happen . Except perhaps the millions of Christian voters who were looking high and low for the source of the smell after the 2016 elections and the long endless moans of the Evangelical  Deep State elite. Do they really object that much to Donald J Trump or are they just disappointed Democrats ? Some are no longer asking the question about operatives like ERLC’s Russell Moore . By the end of the 2020 election the same will likely  be true of many more of our political thinkers and rethinkers .

The answers provided , though presented most often in theological terms ,certainly bear the greater, more defined marks of the authors political philosophy training and underlying disdain for classic conservative Christian political views. The discussion projects an assumed political spirituality and political /theological mixture including and espousing a mangled sort of collectivist thinking about Christian faith in the public square, a submission to authority that is requisite for both salvation and healthy identity for the believer .

Knowing some of Leeman’s other work on “Church Discipline”, pastoral and elder authority and the SBC 9MARKS review on the book focusing on “a plurality of elders” as the answer for the poor little lost Christian in Leeman’s world view creates some doubts. This author was made to feel as though we are being primed to not feel confident about living out our own “deeply held religious convictions ”  in the public square or in the voting booth. There is an unsettling notion indicating we will by some forces of natural and divine law be compelled to look to Leeman and TGC leaders like Moore/ Mohler / Keller/ Macarthur ….and dare we think it Karen Swallow Prior -for guidance on how to live and vote in the future.

Leeman starts off with pointing out the book’s opening was written on the evening of the 4th of July while he was filled with emotions and recalling the patriotic sights and sounds of PBS celebrations on the Mall in DC.  Perhaps from the start Leeman wants us to see him as a real Yankee Doodle Dandy or perhaps he simply wants to conjure up in us the sentiments he describes to make us pliable for what is to come, This is political philosophy in play here, not just patriotic emotions .The book book ends with several quotes in the last chapter from the current ERLC  favorite social justice and wealth redistribution warrior John Perkins His final quote in the book is from Perkins “True justice is wrapped up in love” .They are “intimately tied together “.


Leeman considered naming the book something like “Reboot” or “Rebooting Politics ”  which perhaps makes one think of Hillary again with her SOS office big with the BIG red RESET  button ( something that got lost in translation by the way). Leeman certainly intends his approach and the answers he provides to be or appear to be “heart-felt” and “Justice Driven ” . He frames his final thoughts in a “more robust practice of justice ”  and goes on to offer comments on “Love of Nation” and “Hope for the Nation”. In reality TGCs broader political narrative ,of which Leeman is a part, insist we must reconsider how deeply harmful our evangelical identity is to the Gospel. Christians who stand for conservative faith and family values about  abortion, gay marriage, secure borders, holding candidates and one another accountable are somehow suddenly so egregious and inflammatory that we should disown our identity and redefine ourselves. Otherwise the risk is to lose the hope of gaining the culture by acclimating to it . The harsh light of history and pure light of Scripture soundly disprove these foolish notions. We impact our world be being salt and light in it.

Matthew 5:13-16

Believers Are Salt and Light

13 “You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt loses its flavor, how shall it be seasoned? It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men.

14 “You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden. 15 Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house. 16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.


The most compelling  part of Leeman’s discussion of his approach is in considering the outcome of his efforts in light of the word picture he paints for it. In his zero budget/ deconstructionist approach Leeman likens Joe Christian as having a big pot of stew containing chunks of meat and carrots and potatoes already in it. Leeman insists all these contents must be removed and seems to thoughtlessly suggest we ” dump it all out on the counter ” and “Start over” with just the approved- justified essentials allowed back in. All this author could see in this word picture or envision in the coming TGC / ERLC effort to force this political  RETHINK is the mess it is going to make. A picture of a young Leeman and the boyish looking Russell Moore  and kid sister Karen Swallow Prior – playing in the kitchen – under the watchful eye of big brothers Mohler and MacArthur and instigator middle child Mark Dever urging them on as the mess is made. These look to have ZERO consideration in their efforts for the mess OR they have the full assumption that someone else will have to clean it up. Wait until mom gets home – or the people in the pew who have already had enough Obamanomics and social justice policy. They are happy with their own STEW and voting decisions thank you very much.

Jonathan is quoting Perkins to sound like this effort is driven by love -while he should be looking at the fact that Truth is as important as Love and being motivated by BOTH is essential. “The Nations Raging TGC/ ERLC tour ” is on  and already going national . BUT-   Let’s get real TGC/ ERLC guys -the motivation here is political not spiritual.

Ephesians 4:12-16   (NKJV)

12 for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry, for the [a]edifying of the body of Christ, 13 till we all come to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to a perfect man, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ; 14 that we should no longer be children, tossed to and fro and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the trickery of men, in the cunning craftiness of deceitful plotting, 15 but, speaking the truth in love, may grow up in all things into Him who is the head—Christ— 16 from whom the whole body, joined and knit together by what every joint supplies, according to the effective working by which every part does its share, causes growth of the body for the edifying of itself in love.



Concerns over social justice driven forces in the church and among some of the most popular ministers in organizations like The Gospel Coalition have given rise to efforts to denounce those influences . However little has been done to address the source of these influences or answer the concerns presented by them.


The Dallas Statement names the problem and ignores the source (s) of it. It names no names and calls for no separation from the corrupting influences, the funding behind it or those who promote it. Part of the reason for the hush hush on the specific details may be rooted in the fraternal bonds of “Preacher Culture”. Many ministers today fall into circles or cliques like TGC / T4G / 9MARKS ETC. with their theological peers who agree with their views and run in the same conference circles. However, there may be another reason behind the John Macarthur presence in the Dallas Statement for example  and its failure to name names or point out the source of the problem. One reason might be John Perkins and his long -time friendship with John Macarthur. Perkins extremely close association with Russell Moore, David Platt , Albert Mohler , TGC, ERLC is far more understandable in light of the social justice controversy .


As reported in the Evangelical Deep State article 1 and 2 at SBC Today and recorded in the book “The New Evangelical Social Engagement “ The Kern Family Foundation provided funding in 2013 for the Acton Institute in  partnership with Kerns oversight organization The Oikonomia Network to implement curriculum driven by Faith and Works/ theology /economic policy and social justice on 13 ( now 21 and counting) US Seminary campuses .Their work is to “Transform Theological Education” .

The Oikonomia Network is a learning community of theological educators and evangelical seminaries dedicated to raising up church leaders who help people develop whole-life discipleship, fruitful work and economic wisdom for God’s people and God’s world.

(2018 impact report )

The network is currently impacting classes with attendance of over 7,300 students each semester. Check out our annual impact report and learn more about what our partner schools are doing to transform theological education. See the list of Partner Schools at the link below.



Editors’ note: 

“Future and current pastors who want to join or learn more about the MTF network can visit their site here. Also, to learn more about the role of pastors in connecting Sunday worship to Monday work, see Tim Keller’s talk, “Forming Fully Christian Workers.”

Teaching Churches

“Originally founded by KFF in 2014, MTF already has a membership of more than 500 evangelical pastors. Under the leadership of Nelson and new executive director Matt Rusten, MTF wants to dramatically increase that number by creating 50 city-based pastor networks.

“Using the ‘teaching hospital’ model,” Nelson envisions, “‘teaching churches’ will provide leadership and mentorship to ‘pastoral residents’—that is, current and future pastors who want to gain a more robust theology of vocation and help their congregants more fully integrate their faith and work.”

According to the press release, MTF will focus on three main objectives:

  • Building and nurturing a nationwide network of pastors and churches passionate about connecting Sunday faith to Monday work;
  • Convening pastors and marketplace leaders for on-site, laboratory learning;
  • Fostering collaboration among pastors and churches as they create pastoral residencies, develop marketplace leader internships, and plant churches.

“One of the biggest obstacles Nelson foresees is pastoral isolation. “Too often we think we’ve got it figured out,” he says. “This can lead to arrogance and insularity, which can significantly hamper our growth.” By connecting pastors to one another and to intellectual, social, and financial resources, MTF aims to overcome this obstacle and transform pastors’ understandings of how people in their churches and communities flourish.”

“Bethany L. Jenkins is Vice President of Forums at The Veritas Forum, a contributor at The Gospel Coalition, and a Senior Fellow at The King’s College. Prior to working with faith-based non-profits, Bethany worked in Congress, at the State Department, on Wall Street, and in Big Law. She received her BA from Baylor University and her JD from Columbia Law School. Bethany splits her time between New York and Boston and loves to run in Central Park and along the Charles River. She is an active member of Redeemer Presbyterian Church. You can connect with her on Twitter: @bethanyjenkins.”

The “MTF – Made to Flourish brand is to connect to pastors churches and the communities they are in with the community /communitarian model


“Our network represents all 50 states and are joined together by one unifying vision: To take the gospel in all its fullness to all dimensions of human reality. By joining, you become part of a community of pastoral practitioners from across the country who are learning from one another how to equip their people to follow Christ in all of life”


Tom Nelson gives a revealing insight to the source of his ideological DNA”Although MTF has brought on board Nelson and Rusten, they’re still building the team and spending a lot of time learning, observing, and adapting. “I’m taking the Peter Drucker approach—culture trumps strategy,” Nelson says. “We want a culture that’s teachable and humble, calling all of us—not just the pastors in our network, but our own team, too—to flourish.”

Jenkins now heads  TGC focus called  “Every Square Inch”



Kern Family Foundations growing influence and off shore banking in the Cayman Islands

“In the volatile world of high-dollar charitable foundations, many variables can affect year-to-year assets, most notably investment returns. The Kern Foundation’s assets have ranged as low as $268 million in the recession year of 2009 to the 2012 high. Its 2011 assets of $583 million were actually $5 million greater than those of the Bradley Foundation that year.”

“The Kern Foundation employs some sophisticated investment strategies, including the creation of a Cayman Islands subsidiary. Not too many foundations get into off-shore accounts”.

“It paid some $813,000 for investment advice to five companies in 2012, including $224,197 to Fiduciary Management Co., Inc. of Milwaukee. Fiduciary founder and CEO Ted D. Kellner, like Robert Kern, has been a member of the MSOE Board of Regents.”

DISCUSSION – Kerns Directors and their salaries

“The foundation’s staff, besides Senske, includes James Rahn, a Director and President, who receives $332,727 per year for his services, while Program Directors including Karen WilkenRyan OlsonFredrick OaksGreg Forster ( of TGC and ERLC and Oikonomia Network ) and Kyle Bode receive between $89,423 and $124,908. These are nice, handsome salaries, but a bit shy of those offered by the Bradley Foundation, where Chairman Mike Grebe makes $481,000 per year. But then again, Grebe has to deal with a board of directors that includes George F. Will, and that cannot possibly be fun.”


Documented work in Evangelical seminaries on page 63 of “The New Evangelical Social Engagement “


“The predominant mission of the Foundation in this program is to equip pastors with an understanding of the intersection of faith, work, and economics, and to empower them to lead their congregations in active application of this knowledge.” The foundation spent $289,203 on two conferences for 210 grantees and nearly $50,000 for a Pastoral Ministry Program in addition to millions of dollars granted to hundreds of Protestant theological schools and programs nationwide. The list takes up pages of fine print in the foundation’s tax return, and is there for your edification, should you have time on your hands.”

EDUCATION -Kern and Teach for America and the LGBTQ education agenda

“The Foundation “invests in the recruitment, selection, training, placement, and support of a new generation of principals.” It provided a $1 million loan to New Leaders for New Schools, a national group with a significant Milwaukee presence. The loan, at 2 percent annual interest, was to support a principal training program.”

“Teach for America is one of a host of national programs designed to transform urban education that has entered Milwaukee over the past few years and one of several the Foundation has supported. In April 2009 the Foundation made a $150,000 grant, which enabled the program to expand its capacity to serve 40 teachers instead of the 30 planned for in the early stages of the program’s development. Corps members started in the fall at 24 schools. The program now has 120 teachers in 40 charter, choice and Milwaukee Public Schools and 220 alumni “

““Teach for America is not a silver bullet, but it is one important component to an overall educational reform strategy in a community,” said Jim Rahn, president at the Kern Family Foundation, which invested $1.3 million and helped bring the program to Milwaukee. “We are optimistic it will be an important step forward.”


“In 2014, Tim’m West, who runs TFA’s LGBTQ+ Community Initiative, and I worked to organize the first Deep South LGBTQ Education Summit in Little Rock, Arkansas ( this is in one of the three states Human Rights Campaign began focusing on with it’s religious activism in 2014 with over 8 million dollars. That focus was titled called Project One America ) . What started as a two-hour event quickly escalated into a 10-region multi-day summit, as more and more people across the southern regions heard about it and said, “We need this too.”


If you are in medical, dental ,nursing or some other fields of training for the health care industry , the same Kern Family Foundation transformational designs are focused on you and your future that are being promoted in Christian Seminaries and understood to be part of the source of the social justice movement . The battle over socialized medicine began in earnest under the Clintons and was nearly lost completely during the Obama administration. Health care and careers in the medical industry have already seen a massive transformation. More is on the way now in the educational institutions.

“MedEdNext is an initiative of the MCW Kern Institute and the National Transformation Network.”

“In February 2017, the Robert D. and Patricia E. Kern Institute for the Transformation of Medical Education was realized in partnership and with support from the Kern Family Foundation, and Stephen and Shelagh Roell. Their support will help the Kern Institute expand and inspire partners with a shared vision of building a new foundation for medical education.”

“Seven medical schools from across the United States formed the National Transformation Network (NTN) to build on shared strengths, speed innovation and collaboration, and drive national impact.”

“The NTN founding partners are:

  • MCW School of Medicine
  • Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth
  • Mayo Clinic School of Medicine
  • University of California San Francisco School of Medicine
  • University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School
  • University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health
  • Vanderbilt University School of Medicine”

The Kern Institute and NTN founding partners named the national initiative to transform medical education MedEdNext.



“This report is more than a compilation of data — it is an important feature of our stewardship. While the life, work, and mission of Southern Seminary can never be reduced to any report or statistical analysis, we do recognize that there is a responsibility for us to look closely at markers and milestones that help us understand the blessings of God and the stewardship required of us in these times. I hope you will take the opportunity to look closely at this report. I believe you will be incredibly encouraged as you see what is happening on Southern’s campus in Louisville and, by extension, what is now reaching around the globe.” signed Albert Mohler


A new partnership (internship) Is featured with the rebranded Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission under Russell Moore.Moore’s love for Perkins, avowed communitarianism, third way progressive politics, winsome response to LGBT, diluting of pro-life movement and general progressive political agenda are a matter of public record and shared concern among Southern Baptist in particular.

ERLC Partnership

“A partnership between Southern Seminary and the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention will allow students to pursue a modular Ph.D. in Christian ethics with an emphasis in public policy; classes began in spring 2015.”


Albert Mohler and John Macarthur partnered to focus on expository preaching while much of the remainder of the years activities and campus programs focused on the social justice movement which had little to do with or in keeping with the emphasis on expository preaching. In fact if anything has come from this mixture of these two “opposite attractions”, it has been the cover given to the problematic programs provided through the perception of the biblical and theological focus being espoused.

The fruit of this has been seminary graduates for the last half dozen years who may be great Bible expositors in some people’s view and trustworthy by perception when in fact their social, public and political ideologies are that of classic progressives and liberal humanist Christians who have tossed the Bible aside years ago.


Nothing betrays the problem more alarmingly and portrays it more vividly than a conversation with just about any recent graduate of one the infiltrated institutions. Postmodern unteachable attitudes, overconfidence wed with a reformers mantle and social justice vision of the Gospel make for a frightening bent toward driving change in the church and engaging whatever means at their disposal to obtain it.

The young minister described above will soon be hired on staff at your church if he /she is not there already. They may be teaching your children or grandchildren or picking your church curriculum. The toughest person to reach with the truth is this person who sees their distorted social justice driven mission through the lens of theology and a Divine calling. Your tithes may also be paying their salary to transform your church into something far from the House of prayer and worship Jesus has called and confirmed it to be.


“SBTS  -“THE CENTER FOR EXPOSITORY PREACHING hosted the third annual Expositors Summit featuring John MacArthur, R. Albert Mohler Jr., and H.B. Charles Jr. Through SBTS Press, the center also reprinted B.B. Warfield’s The Inspiration and Authority of the Bible and launched the podcast Exemplary Exposition in October.”




Perkins Lectures on Theology and Race in American Christianity

“John M. Perkins led the Julius Brown Gay Lectures on Christian Ethics, Oct. 27, 2014. These lectures are among Southern Seminary’s most prestigious lectureships, and have brought some of Christianity’s most significant figures to the seminary campus, most notably Martin Luther King Jr. in 1961. Perkins lectured on “Theology and Race in American Christianity” and said that racial reconciliation and justice are fundamental aspects of Christ’s redemptive work.”




THE CENTER FOR GOSPEL AND CULTURE hosted Sam Allberry for a lecture series about homosexuality and ministry. Allberry is associate pastor at St. Mary’s Church in Maidenhead, United Kingdom, and author of Is God Anti-Gay? And Other Questions about Homosexuality, the Bible, and Same-Sex Attraction. He shared his testimony, including his struggle with same-sex attraction, and lectured about Christian engagement with homosexuality in a series of lectures hosted by Boyce’s Center for Gospel and Culture.




“THE COMMONWEAL PROJECT hosted its first annual conference Sept. 26-27, 2014, with Wayne Grudem and Barry Asmus lecturing on impoverished nations and free enterprise. The initiative also hosted a series of free lunch lectures through the academic year, featuring speakers like R. Albert Mohler Jr. and Owen Strachan. The Commonweal Project, funded by the Kern Family Foundation, is an academic initiative at the seminary to foster a theology of work and economics.”



Intersect Staff

“Intersect educates you to engage the intersection of faith, culture, work and economics so you can equip others and be empowered to glorify God in all your life.”


About Intersect

“Intersect is a project of Southeastern Seminary’s Center for Faith and Culture and the Kern Family Foundation. It exists to educate you to engage the intersection of faith, culture, work and economics so you can equip others and be empowered to glorify God in all your life.”


“Mark Yarhouse, Professor of Psychology at Regent University, recently gave a lecture at Southeastern Seminary titled “Sexual Identity and the Question of Vocation.” The Bible gives us a framework for understanding sexuality, he said. How then can we minister to people within that framework?”

“Afterwards, Dr. Sam Williams and Yarhouse held a Q&A. They discussed sexual identity, reparative therapy, transgender issues and how pastors can minister to people with sexual brokenness.”

“You can watch the Q&A above. Here are a few key highlights:”


What about ministries that promise to change sexual orientation?”

“We studied people in ministries like that who were trying to change for seven years. People said [such ministries] were inherently harmful. We measured harm; on average, the data did not show it be harmful. If anything, there was a reduction in the number of symptoms [and] the strength of the symptoms a person was presented with. So the idea of being in a prayer group, praying, reading the Word of God, worshiping together — that does not seem to be intrinsically harmful based on the measures we used over many years…”

“However, does it help change? I think it helped people change their identity. I think it helped people change their behavior, and that was radical for a lot of people who did experience change. And for some people there was a report on average of meaningful movement on a continuum from same-sex attraction towards opposite-sex attraction.”

“But that significant movement along a continuum was average. For some people, there was greater movement. For some people there was no movement. Again, most people would have wanted more movement than they experienced, and that brings us back to how you minister when for most people [same-sex attraction] may be more of an enduring condition or experience.”


Another writer for the Intersect Project funded by Kern Family Foundation offers a heartfelt defense for Revoice and advocates for the church to be patient as sexual minority activist promote their own “Flourishing “ in their own terms to the church


We are facing an uncertain future in the church over the trustworthiness of those institutions providing Christian education. What is not uncertain is that many forces are being brought to bear on Christian Institutions – on Christian education. One of those forces is “Social Justice “. Far more unseen sources of agenda driven funding are present than the average person or parent choosing a Christian college, university or seminary is aware of. Primary Christian education is being impacted as well. We need to examine  these institutions and make wise choices based of full knowledge of these forces and their potential to impact and corrupt the Gospel Mission of Christian Education and the Gospel itself. The Word of God provides all the basis we need to measure the quality and outcomes of a Christian Education.

Proverbs 22:6-8  (NKJV)

Train up a child in the way he should go,
[a]And when he is old he will not depart from it.

2 Timothy 3:16-17 (NKJV)

16 All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for [a]instruction in righteousness, 17 that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.