World View Weekend with Brannon Howse -More on The Evangelical Deep State . (day two of three interviews )


Brannon Howse
Aired Wednesday, March 28
Brannon Howse: March 28, 2018




Topic: The Evangelical Deep State Revealed. (Part 2) Guest: Rev. Thomas Littleton. The Gospel Coalition, its leadership, and the organizations they partner with have resulted in one of the most unbiblical movements in America that is fundamentally transforming American churches toward Cultural Marxism. Topic: In 2009, Brannon’s book Grave Influence came out and he warned of the Frankfurt School and Cultural Marxism. Then in 2012, Brannon’s book The Religious Trojan Horse came out in which he warned that Cultural Marxism was merging the left and right together through communitarianism. In 2016, his book The Coming Religious Reich came out in which he warned that Tim Keller and Rick Warren and other evangelical leaders were turning churches into community organizations and pastors into community organizers for the goals of social justice. Brannon has warned that The Gospel Coalition and many of its leaders such as Al Mohler, Russell Moore, Tim Keller, and John Piper are a serious threat to the church. Today Thomas Littleton joins us and explains how the liberal foundations and think tanks have co-opted some of the biggest names in evangelicalism to fundamentally transform the American church by turning them into social service centers for a social gospel and the silencing of the true gospel. By what means will the government convince churches to willingly cease preaching a Biblical gospel? Is “human flourishing” a new name for social justice? How is liberation theology hiding as Christianity or even as libertarianism? Why do Thomas and Brannon both believe we have passed a tipping point and we are now watching once respected Christian leaders either knowingly or unknowingly compromised for a globalist, communitarian, social justice agenda that is masquerading as Christianity?

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