Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Love makes us do crazy things. I have often joked that love is ,at times .deaf, dumb, blind and stupid . In the west we have some highly  romanticized ideas of true love. Given the near obsession in our culture with finding true love and experiencing the full benefits of it,how it it that we have so little love of the truth ?

Don’t Tell Me

We are told we should be willing to and never regret paying the high price true love will often extract from us. The rarity and beauty of it is well worth the price . So when it comes to love of the truth how is it we seem to miss the point? Proverbs 23:23 instructs us to “Buy the truth and sell it not; also wisdom,and instruction, and understanding. ” .In the realm of romantic love  fantasy often outweighs reality and  truth is replaced or subverted by fear of how reality may make me feel.So Love is more important to me even if it is at the expense of truth.

Tell Me Lies – Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

In the world of romance novels and fairy tales this approach, though out of touch with reality , is neither dangerous or harmful. In the world of relationships it is ruinous and deceptive. Still more disturbing is that in the arena of Spiritual LIFE it is eternally deadly . Truth cannot be separated from True Love without THE mote dire consequences .Of all people the Christian should be most committed to it- the quest for it and the grasp of its embodiment in Jesus- THE TRUTH. Yet today .as never before. the church and the saint seems ignorant of and often unwilling to face the truth. We are emoting our way into a  loveless  marriage with a Saviour who can never divorce truth and true love. Nothing short of a divine awakening can save us . The church is experiencing an actual Climate Change  of epic proportions . The degree of fervent , selfless, love -born of the cross is chilling rapidly and being replaced by an egocentric self seeking and self fulfillment . We bring our feelings to the alter of worship and not out hearts , minds, souls, and strength in totality .The pied pipers of church growth seem more than happy to accommodate us in our delusion and offer a product little different from Dreamworks of Paramount . So what of a lover who loves me as I am and yet has the power to change me into all HE has created and called me to be and is empowered by His nature and redemptive work to complete what HE began in me? Will I abandon all for the sake of such a love and live in the light of such  searching and often searing truth that can transform the inward and outward life and set me truly free to love in Spirit and in Truth? Or will I never know true love in more than theory because I chose it not on it’s own terms- on His terms?  John 14: 15-18


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