Worldview Weekend / Cultural Marxism in the Church .

Live at 8pm CT TONIGHT with Guest Tom Littleton. Watch at or Topic: Exposing The Evangelical Deep State.

Description: In 2008 Brannon wrote about Cultural Marism invading evangelicalism in his book Grave Influence. Again the warning was repeated in his book Religious Trojan Horse in 2011. In 2015 in his book The Coming Religious Reich Brannon warned of the persecution coming from the cultural marxist within evangelicalism. Now in 2018, Neo-Marxism, also known as Cultural Marxism, has fully gone mainstream within evangelicalism. Tom and Brannon will name names and show video clips that will reveal that even once trusted evangelical leaders and pastors are completely clueless and have become “useful idiots” for the Cultural Marxists by giving them theological cover as they they share the platform and praise them. From Tim Keller to David Platt the video & audio clips in their own words reveal their true worldview.

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