As centuries come and go and millenniums pass

nations spring and grow and wither as the grass.

As the ebbing tide does rise and fall , so rulers and mighty ones

advance and withdraw.

O Babylon ancient with your defiant tower

now confounded and debased through Divine power.

You Egypt ,your pharos, your river Nile

now known for crumbling ruins and the crocodile.

Assyria the mighty, beautiful Nineveh the strong

razed to the ground a memory now gone.

Babylon of Nebuchadnezzar, from greatness to you knees

plundered and overrun by the Persians and Medes.

O Israel you prince with your City of Peace

ransomed and reared up from the weakest , the least.

Rising …falling..rising…again

for He could not forsake the work of His hands.

As a woman travailing, giving birth to the Son

if you had known of His visitation,the Anointed had come.

And what of the nations about us today?

As a drop in a bucket before His Holy face.

To the North lies Russia, with its war gods of iron

to the far East, multitudes by enlightenment made blind.

India, your gods are as many as the sands.

Africa your inhabitants still bruised and in bands.

Arabia,such darkness now covers your skies

through a militant prophet, and hatred, and lies.

You Europe, in Splendor and arrogance and ease.

Your gods are now old and fading memories.

America to the South in poverty you wait

and hope for salvation before the Vatican’s gate.

O America, the United a virgin nation was born

through seeds of wickedness your beauty now scorned.

Behold ! From the heavens a Bride will descend

and as Rule for the nations whose Kingdom shall never end.

Hear O nations and repent of your deeds

your glories are now gathered, a footstool for His feet.

Hear,O Holy Nation ,Priesthood Royal

come out of her My people lest your garments be soiled.

No sun and no moon and no temple exist.

His countenance now enlightens-GOD is in the midst.

Rejoice, Rejoice ,Rejoice again !


Thomas Littleton written in 1993

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