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thirty pieces of silver
Thirty Pieces of Silver 

Luke 18:8 ask a red ink question. The Lord Himself ask “Nevertheless when the Son of Man cometh, shall He find faith on the earth”. The parable is of the widow and the unjust judge who did not fear God nor regard man . The purpose of the parable was “to the end” that we might persist in prayer. Today I think may of us are as weary as this woman .She cannot get  a hearing and the person whose direct influence would change her situation is godless and disregarding toward her and her cause.She has a compromised leader.

I think MANY in the church world identify with this woman today.We are in need. We are looking to leaders who are otherwise “occupied” and we are left weary and waiting. The great irony of today’s church landscape is that is literally littered with leadership. More degrees and pedigrees than ever and yet few who provide the kind of Biblical forthrightness even sinners long to hear. Between “Seeker Sensitive ” and “Social Justice” we have tied the tongues of our pulpits and drained the power of the life changing Gospel- substituting in it’s place  an anemic diversity of group therapy Bible study- or hand  patting in the pastors office . Today’s most urgent needs are lost in the shuffle of fear and ironically theology is substituted for Faith.

If you are in need today and your leadership is otherwise “occupied” or fearful ,or unbelieving – you really need to find out why.This blog is going to help in that struggle to understand.We are going to expose together some little known realities in the church world today.But your “help cometh from the Lord of Host -maker of heaven and earth ” Psalm 121 – look unto Him and be as persistent as this widow in Luke 18. And together lets uncover and expose and the truth and seek to help our lost leaders find their way home to the Throne.

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