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Welcome .In the last six to seven years my wife and I have discovered a disturbing trend in modern church life. In the past the perceivable lines between Biblical conservative and compromising ( culturally progressive ) Christians has been very distinct. No longer. I am not speaking to the arena of politics in this odd and intriguing election year although Biblical values should have a bearing in that arena. This trend is more related to the current trajectory of the church and how it defines ministry , the Gospel, and really God Himself. Change IS in the AIR and if we do not perceive it internally then it’s dangers are even more REAL.

Here are some of the topics and issues this blog will address :

*What Happened to  Eternal Clarity ?

*Why is the Local Church Getting into Health Care and Human /Social Services?                  The answer will shock you!

*Faith Vs Financing – Two worlds collide

*Is Jesus  Once again being Wounded in the House of His Friends?

*If the Church Could Identify its Nemesis ,”What Would That Look Like?”                       There is an enemy within our gates and it’s Leadership is ruinous. SPECTRE ‘s tentacles are everywhere in evangelicalism.

*Is your Children’s Church and Sunday School Curriculum Tainted?

*Can a Biblical Church Partner with Government ?

*The Church Among  the Agendas-How and WHY we are Compromising with the LGBTQ, Abortion, Gaming, Drug Legalization Agenda’s and other Destructive Social Ills .

*Church Among the Ruins- Our  Post Judgement Future .

*Fear and Loathing in The Pulpit and Elder Board-How our Churches are  being Transformed right under our noses.

*The Cult of Planned Giving. Watch OUT -They are after the old folks money!

*Can we be Doctrinal  / Theological Conservatives and Cultural Progressives?                           This is a serious issue. Many ministers display a type of bi-polar disorder

*A Deeply Personal and Painful Struggle- Sounding an Alarm People Do Not want to Hear.

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