A very Long Trek

How Did We get Here?

That is a question I had asked before but only in the last 5 years became eager to find an answer to. Moving from the rhetorical  to finding the reality came from several shocking experiences and rude awakenings. We have veered far from the ancient path f Jeremiah 6:16.

In a 2010 plunge into a ministries fight for life in Georgia -I suddenly turned around to find no back up from the sources normally and safely taken for granted on topics not even a casual  Bible believer would falter on. Pastors were the worst and have remained so. I found myself after 33 years in uncharted waters.The landscape was suddenly and it appears, forever changed . While modern evangelicals are on the surface more interested in impacting the world around us than in the past- “what that looks like” ( a phrase I am just about nauseated to use) turns out to be very different from the eternal perspective held forth by Jesus and the New Testament .We are looking more like bleeding heart liberals wanting to save society than end time prophets calling for a wayward people  to repent .We have lost something key and valuable .We seem to be navigating these disturbing cultural waters “At Worlds End” with the Compass of Capt. Jack Sparrow.

The real question is not how did we get here but more about who brought us to this  state like lost puppies  in these perilous times? I say puppies because the general state of the church and ministers in particular is immaturity and we are paying a very high price for it.If I told you that one of the people most responsible for the direction of the church today holds a socialist and a Marxist as “the two greatest thinkers of the last century” would you find that alarming? Likely yes if you are over 40 and likely no if you are not. Hence a big part of the problem. We are tired of our old enemies and have fashioned new ones mostly around doctrine and are not at all familiar with those which are anti Christ..But  Who is this person who has “filled the (evangelical ) world  with his pro socialist/ Marxist ideology while no one was discerning ? His name is Bob Buford and his organization has crowned pulpit princes for over 3 decades. Leadership Network is activist Bob  Bufords’ vehicle to flood the church with socialist Peter Drucker’s Frankfort School ideology on “individual  responsibility ” for saving society and Marxist/ Communist leader of the USSR Vladimir Lenin on “Centralized Power” .http://ccdl.libraries.claremont.edu/cdm/compoundobject/collection/dac/id/2569/rec/2    Page 5 shows the quote in an archived letter from Buford to Peter Drucker in November 1994 .That was ten years after the founding of Leadership Network. The church and the seminaries are buying the Buford “product “wholeheartedly and “Selling the evangelical farm ” in the process. It is impacting our understanding of the Gospel and of the Great Commission for it.

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