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EDUCATION  POLICY CONFERENCE 2016- Keeping Our Children Locker Room Safe
A Parents Guide to Planet SIECUS- Rev Thomas Littleton  with Apologetics Resource Center
UNESCO’s latest version of Comprehensive Sexuality Education
HR 1706 – Poised to MANDATE CSE
How did we arrive at this BRAVE NEW WORLD so quickly ?
Human Rights Campaign
The MILITANT culture remains – HRC approach to the church in 2007
Pastors and Spiritual Leadership are M.I.A.- WHY?
Federally funded and oversight “Ministry” is the DEATH of conservative resistance and few in the pews know .
More is at STAKE
School Based Clinics- Obama Care for Children- Planned Parenthood’s -Planet SIECUS  Dreams come to fruition !
Partners – Faith Based Partners are BLINDLY making it possible –
Hard facts and LGBTQ   – The “Promoters” of the normalization of LGBTQQAAI -KNOW that it is DEADLY
In the 1980s DEMOCRATIC leadership Warehoused  AIDS patients –
A Transgender FATE
Bruce/ Caitlyn Jenner- The Emasculating  of a Wheaties Gold Medal HERO-
The Transgender”Confessional” – Encouraging this life choice is DEADLY
Plan of Action- Engage- Young Parents- Healthcare Professionals-Pastors-Elected Officials -Stand Unified-Teach your Children and Grandchildren God’s
Grand Design – PRAY as if your children’s future depends upon it….It DOES.

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