Do People Want To Know?

After almost five years of working very hard to expose the sorted DNA of the assorted agendas coming against Faith- Family – Education ( Our children and Grand children) I had asked myself this probing question. “Do People (Really ) want to know the facts and what is coming with extreme velocity against them in the present and relentless persistence the the immediate future ?”. Also I pondered the Question “If they know -will they be willing to do something to stop it? “.

I am encouraged to say overwhelmingly – that MOST people indeed want to understand. They desire to know what is behind the efforts to overhaul life as we know it in these days of sweeping “Change”. We have come to believe CHANGE  is happening whether we believe IN it or not.

But are we willing to do something? Here is a plan of action !

Pray like your life depends upon it. It does actually !

Educate yourself and those around you. You are a click away from “empowering ” .It has never been easier to research and  that window of objective facts may close as the internet becomes more regulated. Stop living off snippets of half digested information.

Stand with People who are Taking a Stand -A three fold cord is not easily broken .Do not let people who are bold enough to engage and to stand- be left to stand alone.

Count the reasons you have to get your head out of self absorbing and time consuming distractions. Assess what you have of value to stand up for-Your family- your faith -your children and grandchildren- their future- your personal freedoms and finances-and recall your accountability to God when this vaporous existence is past.

Who is most absent in the cultural landscape? The pastors and elders and denominational leadership are -but for a very few, missing in action . No ONE has greater responsibility in our culture – which has the fingerprints of God given spiritual freedom- to be heard. Then why this deafening silence from the prophetic front?  Smoke out your pastor- your elders- your church /denominational leadership . God holds us accountable. Even MORE if we wear the mantle of servant of the Living God. Are they settling for Thirty Pieces of Silver and  selling out you -your family -your future- THE faith?

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