Beware of Your Enemies Praises

Jesus said it this way “Woe to you when everyone speaks well of you…” Luke 6:26 .To take this red letter warning to the next level we could say “especially  beware when your enemy likes what you are doing.”

Here is one huge example.     I found this article by the far left organization “Center For American Progress”. It is one of those over funded politically driven  , blindly pro everything socialist- think tanks. To my shock I actually caught them in praise of evangelicals and the “Faith Community”. The reason is the KEY role  we are playing (unwittingly ) in fleshing out the Affordable Health Care Law a.k.a. Obamacare .

This article surfaced in a search to identify just how many faith based non profit run medical clinics have sprung up in my region in recent years. From Dream Centers to Indigent Specialized care- to Hispanic focused health centers – to a ministry operated out of my own conservative church determined to get in on the  action – everyone -it seems is wanting to get the church in the healthcare business.   Here is an early blueprint

The issue leads us to this probing question…How does the church afford to do this? Well the answer is simple .It takes Government grants and  hooks it’s wagon to corporate funding as well- thus becoming a vehicle of God’s justice and the Gospel to people in need. Sounds   pretty good until you pause and consider the Center for American Progress take that we are actually aiding in the demise of free market healthcare and in fact- as the article  goes on the celebrate – Faith Based Medical Care is helping with another prime goal of the AHCA – School Based Health Clinics . Taking over primary care of our children’s health in School Based Clinics is not only an Obamacare brainchild but a shared goal of Health and Human Services and it’s primary partner of intense interest in children’s health -ye ole Planned Parenthood .  . How can this be? The evangelical church has made its harshest critics happy – furthered the demise of private health care- gotten tax payer dollars- made itself compliant with federal oversight – found an unlikely partner in Planned Parenthood -still able to pass the plate for yet more funding from Corporate America  AND the occupants of the pew and all the while thinking to itself it is ministering the Gospel ? Guess we have forgotten that WOE means we are in trouble. In this case if we do not have a course correction we are due for a spanking and one well deserved if we are this ignorant . Jesus help us.

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