Rev Thomas Littleton                                                                                                   5/23/2019

Albert Mohler is the head of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and a “champion” of the conservative Christian movement for over twenty five years. People regularly listen to his broadcast “The Briefing ” to hear Al’s take on current issues from a reformed theological perspective . While a growing number of people are disenchanted with Mohler’s involvement in and unwillingness to reject the “social justice” movement infiltration,they still look to Mohler for wisdom. Mohler followers felt uncomfortable as they watched him seething on stage at a recent Shepherds Conference when pressed for answers about the “social gospel ” compromise. Listeners on May 21st 2019 had the opportunity to hear Albert Mohler reach a new low in assumption, presumption and admission of his own failure in leadership. In commenting on Christians in the medical field Albert Mohler made one of the most stupid and contradictory statements of his public life.


How Long Can Christians Genuinely Hold to Christian Convictions and Stay in the Medical Field?

Mohler is attempting to give some perspective on coming challenges that will be facing Christians in the future .”As we’re watching the society around us, one thing has become increasingly clear, and that is that as we look at the collision between Christian conviction and the larger culture, one of the touchpoints is going to be the professions….We are talking here about profession, such as law, and medicine, architecture and engineering. We’re looking at that inevitable collision between the moral revolution and religious liberty, and we’re looking at the fact that there are some very hard days ahead.”

“But here’s where the explosion is about to happen. When you have a moral revolution taking place, in our society, as we have just over the last two decades in particular, when you have basic issues such as sexuality and gender and marriage and human social organization thrown into the mix, with a new morality. Well in order to fit in the society, the professions begin to conform to the larger societal norms. To say, the matter bluntly, what we’re looking at is the fact that law and medicine as professions are under enormous cultural pressure, by the new powers that be, morally speaking in the culture, to completely abdicate to the LGBTQ revolution and not only to as practices, but it’s logic. You see this in medicine with doctors being told this is the new morality of medicine, this is the new understanding of medical ethics.”


(Albert Mohler publically abdicating to the LGBTQ revlotuions logic in 2014 : concept of sexual orientation is not only helpful, it is in some sense essential. Even those who argue against its existence have to describe and affirm something tantamount to it. “)


“And this raises a huge question, not only in medicine but in other professions inevitably. How long can Christians genuinely holding to Christian conviction continue in some of these professions? I want to point to two very ominous headline articles in the recent media, just over the last several days, the first comes from Canada. National Review ran the article by Wesley J. Smith, the headline: “Canadian Court: Doctors Must Euthanize, Abort, or Refer.” As Wesley J. Smith writes, “The culture of death brooks no dissent. In Canada, doctors have been ordered to bend the knee. Here’s the story: The Canadian Charter (Constitution) guarantees ‘freedom of conscience and religion.’”

Mohler continues to quote Wesley Smith ““After the Supreme Court created a right to euthanasia, Ontario passed a law requiring doctors to kill legally eligible patients who want to die or provide an ‘effective referral’ if they have moral objections — i.e., procure a doctor known by the dissenter to be willing to euthanize patients.”…”What you’re looking at there, is the absolute category called unconditional denial of conscience rights to physicians in Ontario. You’re also notice something else that is central to this moral revolution.”

Mohler cast doubt on the validity of Christians to remain in healthcare in the future  with out violating their conscience because of a top down Canadian court decision that he sees as providing some sort of “handwriting on the wall” for all Christians in the medical field.


The problem with Mohler’s statement and the fact that he even goes here in his conclusions is loaded with irony, duplicity, and hypocrisy. For those who follow Mohler when he makes off the wall statements – it becomes obvious that the problem with his cultural commentary is more often in what he does not say than in the reasonable “thinking in public” he wishes to appear to be doing .

Mohler’s willingness to express abandon of critical professions like medicine is based on a “clash of conscience” with , in this case a Canadian Court decision which he asserts that he sees as shaping the narrative coming to the US . It is interesting that in the line up of Resolutions for the Southern Baptist Convention meetings in June is a call for whistleblowers in the SBC to be protected from those who would threaten their futures and incomes and are denied “freedom of conscience ” by the culture in the SBC of which Mohler is a major influence. If Mohler is worried about the conscience of doctors, lawyers and architects – why is he willing to force silence and compliance among his own theological circles? Mohler is said to have threatened those in his employ if they dare to go against the “company line ” at SBTS. The prevailing culture in the SBC is governed by an unwritten code often referred to as “the 11th commandment “. Albert Mohler is part of the SBC’s  powerstrictures who do the force the same violations he is pointing fingers at in this broadcast. See the SBC Whistleblowers Resolution below

(Resolution excerpt /conclusions

“RESOLVED, That the Southern Baptist Convention affirms that there are only ten commandments in Exodus 20:3-17, and none instructing Southern Baptists to refrain from criticizing Baptist leaders, even publicly if necessary; and be it further”

“RESOLVED, That the Southern Baptist Convention denounces “gentleman’s agreements” designed to force silence on people whose livelihoods depend on the Convention due to their service to the Convention; and be it further”

“RESOLVED, That the Southern Baptist Convention denounces “non-disclosure agreements” and calls all Southern Baptist leaders who have imposed them on former employees to repent of them; and be it further”

“RESOLVED, That the Southern Baptist Convention denounces retaliatory actions by Southern Baptist leaders, such as contacting critics’ employees or charges in order to threaten critics’ jobs or standing within their community; and be it finally”

“RESOLVED, That the Southern Baptist Convention calls all Southern Baptists to proclaim and avail themselves of their freedom of conscience, since our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ told us in John 8:32, “the Truth will set you free.”)”


What about Mohler’s basis that the new sexual revolution and the LGBTQ+ movement provide a threat to Christians in medicine ?

Is he just now figuring this out?

Or is it Albert Mohler who has provided much of the stand down orders that have led Christians in medicine to this “crisis point?

In 2013 Mohler disciple Russell Moore ascended the presidency of the ERLC when he left SBTS after 20 years under Mohler’s influence . Moores “opening act” was to declare “the culture wars  over and lost” and that Christians need to “just love our gay and lesbian neighbors “. From day one Moore working as the SBCs chief Ethics and Lobbyist has been under this Mohler influence and issuing  “stand down” order to fellow Baptist in response to the aggressive LGBTQ+ agenda. In fact the circles connected to SBTS/ Mohler drive the “victim narratives ” and parade sexual minority activist through their conferences while ignoring deadly realities like the “Equality Act ” year after year.. This is what happens when leaders like Mohler/ Moore and a host of others act as if there is no LGBTQ+ agenda . It is simply some nice gay folk who want to be your neighbor.

Also ,as noted above ,in 2014 Mohler “confessed , apologized for being wrong, and embraced the fanciful idea of “sexual orientation ” and set the church on an extra-biblical narrative altogether . This ideology is straight out of the Atheistic camp and the American Psychological Association and provides footing for LGBTQ+ validation on the presumption of a “fixed and unchanging reality of sexual orientation ” . With this shift Mohler also laid the foundation stones for building the case of “LGBTQ+ Christianity. By 2017 Mohler disciple Nate Collins ,an SBTS teacher of New Testament, was founding the “Revoice ” movement and planning the Revoice conference promoting just such a category of “Christian sexual minorities” .


There is also a Resolution to condemn the Revoice movement in the SBC and deny the false assertions of “LGBTQ+ Christianity ”

Resolution and Petition


“Be it Resolved that we Southern Baptist Churches of the SBC are committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ that requires repentance of all sin described in Scripture and is evidenced by a changed life. Thus, we are committed to resisting the “REVOICE” objectives, as well as any other movements, attempting to cause Southern Baptists to compromise the truth and authority of God’s word to embrace “sexual minorities” as legitimate or any form of “LGBTQ+ Christianity”. We are also committed to believe that God’s grace, mercy, and love is available to all who believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God and are willing to confess their sins, repent of their sins, and receive forgiveness of their sins, as they choose to receive Jesus Christ into their lives as their Savior and Lord. Southern Baptist churches are open and welcoming to all those who are seeking a new life that can only be gained through repentance of sin and faith in Jesus Christ to be cleansed of all sin defined in scripture. God’s word says, “The Lord is not slow about His promise, as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing for any to perish but for all to come to repentance.” 2 Peter 3:9 (NASV)”


Mohler established The Commonweal Project at SBTS in partnership with the Kern Family Foundation/ Oikonomia Network / and Acton Institute to promote “Common Good” / Communitarianism through Kern’s “Faith and Work” focused programs combining the values of faith in the workplace. In reality this program is more akin to “Purpose Driven” training for pastors to recruit volunteerism.

Kern Family Foundation is funding similar programs on many Evangelical Campuses around the nation and in multiple denominations. Interestingly at the same time Kern is also funding a growing focus in healthcare and an effort to “transform medical education”. This began in 2017 at The Medical College of Wisconsin and is now in a total of seven schools and growing rapidly .

“MedEdNext is creating a national movement to transform medical education.

We are a broad community of educators developing innovative ways to prepare physicians for what is next in health care.

MedEdNext is changing what it means to be a physician by redefining medical education from pre-med through practice.

We are helping physicians develop the characteristics that are critical to partnering with patients, their families, and communities with compassion and integrity.

Our goal is better care, better value, better health, and better physician wellness.”


Medical College of Wisconsin has a major on campus initiative  for LGBTQ+ equality

MCoW- Out and Ally Lists

“An important part of advancing the health of LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer or questioning) persons is to make sure that LGBTQ and allied students and health professionals are visible. In order to promote visibility of LGBTQ students, faculty, staff, and allies, MCW LGBTPM maintains an Out List and Ally List.

We hope the list will continue to grow as more faculty, staff, students, and alumni choose to participate.

We hope the list will continue to grow as more faculty, staff, students, and alumni choose to participate. ”



The Kern Family Foundation leadership appears drawn not only to transforming education but also to institutes  and organizations that favor LGBTQ+ inclusive policies and programs . Other examples being Teach for America in K-12 programs funding by KFF.

And the KFF partnership for the evangelical Seminaries with Acton Institute headed by a long time radical LGBTQ+ activist turned Catholic Priest .

Kern Funds PBS which just recently was exposed injecting a gay marriage episode in the popular children’s program Arthur .                       “ARLINGTON, VA, April 16, 2015 The PBS Foundation has received $2.4 million in grant money from the W.K. Kellogg Foundationand The Kern Family Foundation to further the educational mission of PBS KIDS. The funds will support the development of new digital tools and resources that will be leveraged locally by PBS member stations to provide children with a strong foundation for success, encourage family engagement and aid parents and caregivers as they strive to build children of character in communities across the country.”

“Established in 1998, The Kern Family Foundation invests in the future through the support of programs that emphasize character formation in the rising generations of Americans. The $900,000 grant will fund the creation of a catalog organized by the specific attributes that support social and emotional development and key character-building traits like honesty, compassion and responsibility. Parents will have access to a virtual treasure trove of digital and video content with the ability to call hundreds of resources, including games and offline activities, up on-demand and turn any moment into a character-building learning experience, reinforcing important life skills.”

“The catalog will be integrated with other PBS KIDS apps and digital content to help parents maximize their child’s experience with PBS KIDS and see what their kids are watching, playing and learning on”

““PBS KIDS serves as a trusted partner for millions of Americans, supporting children at their most critical time of growth,” said Lesli Rotenberg, General Manager, Children’s Media, PBS. “Through the generous support of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and The Kern Family Foundation, and in partnership with our local PBS stations, we now have an opportunity to inspire even more children to reach their full potential.”


MedEdNext is new to the landscape in medical education/ Faith and Work style focus but is growing rapidly with the backing of Kern Family Foundation .

Our History

“MedEdNext is an initiative of the MCW Kern Institute and the National Transformation Network.”

“In February 2017, the Robert D. and Patricia E. Kern Institute for the Transformation of Medical Education was realized in partnership and with support from the Kern Family Foundation, and Stephen and Shelagh Roell. Their support will help the Kern Institute expand and inspire partners with a shared vision of building a new foundation for medical education.”

“Seven medical schools from across the United States formed the National Transformation Network (NTN) to build on shared strengths, speed innovation and collaboration, and drive national impact.”

“MedEdNext is truly a national movement, bringing together talented and dedicated people from across the United States.

  • Faculty, students, leadership, and staff at National Transformation Network founding partner schools
  • Kern Institute leadership and staff
  • The Kern Family Foundation


Kern is helping organize the National Transformation Network.

Vanderbilt hosts National Transformation Network to discuss “Triple Aim” of medical education

Kern funding and organization is central to the effort.

“Vanderbilt University School of Medicine was chosen to join the National Transformation Network (NTN) of the Robert D. and Patricia E. Kern Institute for the Transformation of Medical Education.
The NTN is a collaborative of seven medical schools that seeks to transform medical education by focusing on its “Triple Aim” — character, caring and competence. These elements of physician development are considered critical for delivering compassionate, evidence-based care to patients, families and communities.
Supported by a generous grant from the Kern Family Foundation, each partner school will receive $2.1 million over six years to carry out projects at the level of the individual schools, the network itself, and the larger national medical education community.”


It’s endgame is clearly stated .

““This collaborative has pushed us to consider the most important attributes of deeply caring physicians, as well as the environment that allows those attributes to thrive. Our ultimate goal is to nurture a generation of physicians committed to the ideal of human flourishing.”


Mohler and SBTS are working with  KFF / Oikonomia Network and  Acton Institute curriculum to “transform culture” and prepare a generation of pastors to engage their “Faith and Work “/ ‘Purpose Driven” ideals- taking them back to their congregations  for recruitment. Yet in the narrative on “Christians in medicine ” and healthcare as a whole Mohler looks to be waving the white flag of surrender and succumbing to instead of transforming the sphere in question. Is Mohler confused or is he simply creating a sense of crisis to provide the  answer in the form of a new compromised view of transformed ‘opportunity” to engage ?

Mohler would be going against the VERY ideology his SBTS is being funded and trained to promote. Something more must be going on than meets the eye. Mohler cannot be advocating surrender unless he is returning the Kern cash $$$.


( This writer lives in Alabama and works in multiple ministries in the healthcare arena and with medical missions. These local insights are offered from and informed by that life /ministry experience and years of efforts to warn of these coming crisis .)

In 2015 a Central Alabama study effort involving the major medical university, 5 central Alabama County Health Departments and a host of LGBTQ+ activist organizations both local and national -addressed LGBTQ+ equality issues in healthcare/ housing/ employment and a broad range of other topics of presumed need. Most of the focus points are those areas which receive grants and taxpayer funding . The Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham (CFGB) funded the study which was intended to unify strategy and policy for LGBTQ+ equality and protections . It is important to note that CFGB also funds may churches and parachurch organizations AND one of the larger Faith Based Partnership healthcare clinics in partnership with Jefferson County – located in the former County hospital Cooper Green. ( Also of note in 2012 – medical ministry work this writer and several associates were involved in was in the gravitational pull of this very FBP clinic concept  /County  partnership. Upon discovering many problems and corrupting influences like the LGBTQ+ healthcare activism and the larger HHS/ FBP goals protest and warnings were made to those directing Christians into such collaborations but were not heeded )


“LGBTQ Issues for Central Alabama Service Organizations”
“Many area organizations, including school systems, courts, social services organizations and places of worship are generally supportive of LGBTQ individuals, but have not taken vigorous public action to address the needs of the population. For example, schools will establish Gay-Straight Alliances when requested, but rely on students to provide programming. Medical and mental health settings do not openly avoid serving LGBTQ clientele, but are not sure how or whether to communicate that their settings are LGBTQ-friendly.”

Click to access Living-LGBTQ-in-Central-Alabama.pdf


“The needs assessment was guided by a stakeholder council that included representatives from Birmingham AIDS Outreach (BAO), Birmingham Alliance of Gay, Straight and Lesbian Youth, AIDS Alabama, United Way of Central Alabama, Parents Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG), Magic City Acceptance Project (MCAP), the Magic City Acceptance Center, the Alabama chapter of the Human Rights Campaign, Safe Schools Coalition, The Jefferson County Department of Health (JCDH), One Roof (services for the homeless), Covenant Community Church, ALGBTICAL (the Association for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Issues in Counseling of Alabama), Living in Limbo (area artists organization), The Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham, and four units of the University of Alabama at Birmingham – UAB Psychiatry, UAB Department of Sociology, Student Health Services, and the 1917 Clinic. ”


Faith Based /Community Based “partnerships ” (FBP) in healthcare and “community based clinics are a major part of the “whats coming ” in healthcare that the Kern Family Foundation is talking about. The focus on “volunteerism” and wedding of “faith and  work ” in the medical education seems to be willing to ignore these realities . FBP  play a major role in healthcare reforms of the Obama era and the push toward socialized medicine and single payer system. However Faith Based Clinics have proven very problematic because of the very partnerships they are based upon promoting . Multiple factors combine to hinder and prohibit ministry goals and quality of care almost always suffers as a result of politically driven policy making like that reflected in the “Living LGBTQ in Central Alabama activist engagement sited above.


First -FBP restrict ministry because they prevent “explicit religious activity” such as prayer, bible study, distribution of religious materials and or proselytizing in conjunction with the grant funded services provided. These restrictions to religious activities were in place but not always enforced until a 2015 “clarification ” in the form of an executive order from President Obama.They remain in force and in fact are part of securing the government  funding from being in conflict with the non -establishment clause of religion. Promoting and fundraising FBP clinics as a ministry when ministry is forbidden ins fact fraud . Yet it is being done everywhere -everyday.

Secondly oversight has been problematic and financial fraud has been rampant. The largest FBP healthcare clinic in Birmingham Alabama was part of a $14 million dollar fraud over a just 6 or 7 year period .The clinic was housed in a downtown church building and promoted by regional  collaborative ministries like the now definked “Mission Birmingham ” .

/prosecution /and conviction

Thirdly FBP also have third party partners like local and national foundations with very different values from the Christian ministries that engage with them and receive their funding. These “values” most often include promoting “family planning” of organizations like Planned Parenthood. Also – as with the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham- ministries are partnering with the very organization which paid for the the LGBTQ+ policy study . Again , one the largest FBP /Christian organization Cahaba Valley Health Care paid for the relocation of it’s offices and medical /dental clinics/ eye clinics into the ground floor of the Jefferson County hospital with a  grant from CFGB. They now partner with County Health Department which has helped draft and adopted the pro-active LGBTQ+ policy the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham paid to produced. Examples of funding partners below reflect the broad spectrum of involvement.

Click to access JCPA-Info-Brouchure.pdf

Such partnerships are taking place  around the city and the nation as this clear conflict of mission and conscience is placing well meaning  Christian medical providers in harms way with no warnings from those evangelical leaders promoting FBP/ Community Transformation / volunteerism / and working for the “common good and human flourishing “.


HHS also has major integration of pro LGBTQ+ policy in Healthcare carried over from the Obama era so the “dangers ” to Christians in the practice of medicine that Albert Mohler is warning about in his article are already well in place since the Obama administration.Neither Mohler nor Moore warned against these realities then nor are they now in relation to the programs they are promoting with Kern and Acton.

The dangers remain. This is especially true for the medical ministries involved in  FBP and volunteerism which is at the VERY HEART of both the Kern funded programs at Mohler’s  Seminary SBTS and in the overhaul of medical education by Kern’s “MeEdNext” involving seven medical schools and growing. Such emphasis is in fact feeding the very problem. It is well advanced and developing before our eyes in the healthcare crisis in general.The “crisis ” Albert Mohler is seeing as coming down the road is, in fact, already here and HE (and other complicit or ill informed evangelical leaders )helped to create it by rushing into funding and focus on overhauling education. The Faith and Work focus on seminary campuses like SBTS is training pastors to “train” ( indoctrinate) their congregants (like the medical professionals) toward service for the “common good” in these very kind of programs that only further the problem.

Fourthly Community Based Healthcare also includes School Based Health Centers which sometimes include faith based partners.

These School Based Clinics aggressively promote “Comprehensive Sexuality Education” (see SIECUS) , a Planned Parenthood goal which is a key goal of both abortion and LGBTQ+ advocates. CSE eventually will reach into Pre K 3 and 4 through 12 students in all public schools. Faith Based partners in these school based clinics will be working in tandem with PP and other similar partners as  they promote  sexual liberation , experimentation, ideology that encourages  questioning of gender and sexual orientation.  The train keeps on rolling as disaster awaits not far down the the line.


Fifthly these FBP are designed as part of socialized medicine to provide a template which will conclude the take over provision of healthcare for lower levels of working poor and indigent care as seen in the partnership. At risk in these models are two very vital things:

A) Quality of care will and does  suffer – as one size fits all programs with limited budgets and overcrowded facilities and underpaid staff (or overworked volunteers)  try to function in the politically driven  state of unreality these utopian dream programs promise and cannot deliver .

B) Private Practice in healthcare has quickly become an endangered species . This is never a good idea. Patient choice will become a thing of the past and meaningful income and work opportunities for the next generation of medical professions will be greatly diminished .


Last of all the ultimate goal of Faith Based Partnerships for future provision of health and social services and welfare is two fold :

The goals are to gain the resources of the faith communities (yes the upfront public funding is merely the primer for the long range goal of churches and corporations becoming the primary funding source for these programs) . And to gain oversight and control of for the purposes of  ” ensuring the goods and services are provided in a non-discriminatory manner” . In short FBP are one more tool for government controlled “Wealth Redistribution ” . The resources of the church and the eternal good they have been given  by church members and entrusted by God to ensure (and that Christian believers are far more capable of undertaking)  will be captured and used  for these highly politicized goals. The Church and Christian healthcare providers are being set up.The only thing left to play out at this point is the trainwreck and the picking up of the pieces by the real Christians in the worse possible circumstances.

All of this total package is of course unsustainable for a host of reasons and the results will be that the best healthcare in the world will be impacted for years to come and the landscape will be littered with the victims of failed politically driven healthcare policy like pro-LGBTQ+ through the partnerships of bureaucracy  and often well intended faith based providers.


(Again -this writer is from Birmingham Alabama and my spouse is in healthcare. We both work in ministry to medical students and to the medical community and have worked in indigent care and medical missions at home and abroad. We have cared for the poorest of the poor.This writer’s own involvement has been ongoing  since the early 1980’s and has been witness over decades to third world hospitals and socialized medicine in Latin America and in Eastern Europe. Christians play THE most vital role in caring for the sick and for the poor in whatever setting they are found working. Most often they are filling the void between corruption and graft, failed  government based care and poverty and do a wonderful job of answering the call to combine care for the temporal needs of the body and the eternal souls of the patient . This is the case when faith based ministries and providers AVOID the entanglements and allure of easy money and bad policy represented by FBP and the kind of programs SBTS  /the SBC / Mohler and others are advocating .)

In a little more than four years during the Obama administration and the reforms and funding of Bush era Faith Based Partnership programs ,Birmingham Alabama saw the rise of about a dozen faith based medical clinics . Below is a look at one of the larger ones which is focused on the hispanic community and also in full partnership with the local Jefferson County Health Department as mentioned because it is located on the ground floor of the Counties failed indigent hospital.

( This link shows the free and faith based clinics statewide )


“The CVHC mission is to provide dental and vision services for people in financial need in Jefferson and Shelby Counties, while maintaining our clients’ dignity, respecting their cultural diversity, and strengthening the community.”

​”CVHC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. We were founded in April 2000 and organized our first vision screening in August 2001. In November 2003, CVHC began conducting dental screenings in conjunction with vision screenings. CVHC has since added specialty clinics for fillings and extractions. In March of 2016, CVHC moved to Cooper Green Health Services where we have begun to help even more people. Since moving to Cooper Green, CVHC’s patient load has grown from hundreds to thousands.”

​”CVHC works with agencies in central Alabama such as Christ Health Center, Alabama Regional Medical Services, Hope Health Clinic, and The Foundry. With these resources we are able to assist our patients in finding care that they need.”

Again -The LGBTQ+ policy development for Central Alabama discussed above was paid for by the CVHC partner The Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham which funded CVHC move into fellow partner in both -the Jefferson County Health Department facility at “Cooper Green “.

Jefferson County is also providing grants to the Faith Based Cahaba Valley Health Care


Rick Warren is a West coast Southern Baptist who wrote the popular “Purpose Driven ” book series . A look at his  Saddleback Church website ministries and outreach pages adn volunteer directive provides insight into how the FBP are envisioned for all churches. Randy Pope of the PCA is a very close second to Warren for the implementation of these problematic programs. None are more problematic than the FBP in Healthcare

“Faith Based Healthcare /Global PEACE”

Rick Warren issues call for greater collaboration, partnering in missions

(God Reports is a publication which supports the Saddleback model and includes a long time PEACE Plan /FBP staffer)

Mike Constantz
P.E.A.C.E. Initiatives Team
Saddleback Church”

Warren’s work in Rwanda is lauded by God Reports

“He described one area of western Rwanda with only one medical doctor available to serve 10 million people. Saddleback teams trained 2,800 health care workers to fill the health care gap. Each health care worker will operate within their local church – which allows the church to resume its role in physical and spiritual care. ”

“Warren recalled a conference he attended with Bill and Melinda Gates that sought solutions for some of the world’s most intractable problems. When Warren described his vision for health care, Melinda Gates responded, “I get it, the church could be a distribution point for health care.”

“The influential church leader honored the attendees at the Evangelical Missiological Society conference. “I honor what you do because we are always one generation away from extinction,” he said. “It’s important to judge a church not on its seating capacity, but on its sending capacity.”


Faith Based Partnerships as a whole are part of the unsustainable vision of “common good – faith and  work” in healthcare and welfare and social services in general. The church has historically been effective in caring for the poor and the sick because Christians  are motivated by the Love of God- the eternal good and the power of the Gospel to provide greater purpose than patching up broken bones from family abuse of offering antibiotics for  STDs and limited “family planning ” through contraception and abortion services. The church/ Christian ministry in FBP is hindered from the ministry of the Gospel and providing real change and deeper healing of the soul and is relegated to playing a circular role in some “great society ” vision with tainted money and corrupt partners in programs that have  a proven track record of failure and fostering further corruption. This model has simply never worked because socialism has never worked.

The true church/ Christian is inspired by a higher calling – as is the average Christian in health care. That higher calling is not part of the plan of FBP. It is actually hindered if not excluded by the Faith Based Partnerships model , political movements behind it and problematic partners . Christians need to trust God and do His work without yoking themselves to unbelievers or their schemes.

2nd Corinthians 6:

14 Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion has light with darkness? 15 And what accord has Christ with Belial? Or what part has a believer with an unbeliever? 16 And what agreement has the temple of God with idols?



Russell Moore celebrated an action by HHS  in his twitter that seemed to counter the concerns of Mohler just days after the  May 21st comments on “The Briefing ” by Mohler about Christians leaving healthcare.

Thankful to see acting here to establish common sense and conscience protection for nurses, physicians, and others in the medical community.

So what is really going on here? If Mohler’s SBTS is working with the Kern Family Foundation to promote “faith in the workplace” for the “common good and human flourishing “and KFF is also establishing a sweeping effort to “transform medical education ” with the same ideology-how is Mohler advocating that Christians have may to leave the profession altogether? It appears that this may be a ploy to introduce both the crisis and themselves and the transformation effort as an answer to that crisis. If human flourishing and common good are the standard -then Christians in medicine can redefine their concept of calling around these more progressive ideologies .Time will tell where this is going but with Moore’s ERLC involvement in it looks to be a handy pitch for Christian support toward MORE progressive HRC reforms .

Otherwise Mohler is contradicting both himself and Moore and the foundation that is funding his left leaning , social justice “Vocational Theology” program. Mohler is certainly not haphazardly venturing into the conversation about Christians in health care and not at all likely to be advocating that Christians may soon have to leave the profession altogether. No this is political in nature and vintage Mohler/ SBTS/ ERLC pitch for something. Such posturing always has an end in mind.


The NAE and CCCU signed onto The Equality Act well in advance . Is Albert Mohler just softening up Christian opposition among healthcare providers and then setting up ERLC to spike the ball with some grand reform? Is altering the expectation of Christians in healthcare really seen as this simple? It does appear that expectation of organizations in Christian education like the CCCU  and in broader evangelical leadership like the NAE fully expect the church to offer little more than simple minded  bleating like sheep as they are corralled for the communitarian vision by those higher up the evangelical food chain.  None of this is sustainable for a multitude of reasons . Nor is it honest

“As Christian higher educators, we are increasingly persuaded that the most viable political strategy is for comprehensive religious freedom protections to be combined with explicit support for basic human rights for members of the LGBT community,” wrote Houghton College President Shirley Mullen, who serves on both the CCCU and NAE board, in a position paper provided to NAE board members.” One Christian commentator remarked “Two major evangelical organizations have decided to endorse legislation that would force Americans to embrace — and live out — certain beliefs about human sexuality. I will do everything I can to oppose NAE and CCCU in this,”


Mohler discusses the Drag Queen Story Hour at local libraries in the third segment . He points out that “even the local Library are no longer a safe space for Christians parents and children “. It is possible to assert also that on his watch under his  leadership the Christian seminaries have become  no longer a SAFE PLACE  for our future pastors and missionaries to be trained  and our churches,youth groups and children’s ministries are losing their place as a refuge from the seediness of the sexualized world as well.


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( photo from Paul’s Passing Thoughts blog  “Swami Albert Mohler”  )

While Albert Mohler is predicting and crisis for Christians in healthcare – Mohler and Russell Moore signed onto the advance of two of the LGBTQ+ agenda’s key goals in 2014 when they endorsed (Mohler even apologized for being wrong about) sexual orientation as a reality and abandoned any type of “Ex- gay” or “Conversion Therapies “. Focusing on these issues is an effort by the LGBQ+ lobby based on unproven theory to prevent the people, especially youth from obtaining help in leaving the homosexual lifestyle because such efforts will become outlawed as harmful and discriminatory . This is happening while access for Planned Parenthood and others to recruit youth into experimentation and “questioning ” their sexuality and gender are encouraged and facilitated. Saddest of all they are even aided by faith based program partnerships who fall into the trap of following the ideals promoted by Mohler SBTS and other seminaries.

Mohler admitted in 2005 that the very shift he made over “sexual orientation” in 2014 has taken the entire discussion of LGBTQ+ issues outside a biblical framework and the “authority  of Scripture” for the church and in fact for Christians in medical care because the assertions of “orientation” secure the idea that homosexuality is unchangeable. It is not hard for HHS and private funders to advance their own goals in health care with partners like our own seminaries and leaders like Albert Mohler and Russell Moore.

Watch for the pitch coming for more overhauls and reforms in Healthcare . Be careful to notice the promotion of “opportunity” and even some “safeguards” for Christian ministries and volunteers providing healthcare but remember the noose is never tightened before the neck of the condemned is full inside it.

Actually Christian Medical professionals most often see their careers as a calling and are really not interested in whether or not a compromised seminary leader thinks they can continue to obey that calling or not.



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