Rev Thomas Littleton


At the recent T4G Conference Mark Dever and Ligon Duncan announced that the events will end in 2022. Christianity Today reported on the Neo Calvinist news story.

T4G Conference Will End in 2022

“With another cofounder leaving, Together for the Gospel prepares for its final event.”


No amount of explaining or excuses can deflect the hard reality that all is not well in the Neo Calvinist world. The false social justice gospel heralded by the overlapping leadership of T4G and The Gospel Coalition have taken a hard hit and suffered major divisions and defections since the failed 2018 TGC/ERLC co-sponsored event MLK/ 50 . That event in Memphis was said to mark 50 years since the death of Martin Luther King Jr. but in fact was a full reveal of the long cloaked and often denied false gospel of the Neo Calvinist behind the Young Restless and Reformed movement.

Leaders like Mark Dever of 9MARKS , Albert Mohler of SBTS and Ligon Duncan of RTS have long enjoyed unquestioned respect and recognition as conservative theologians. But their conservative credentials failed to provide sustainable cover for their radical departures from the Gospel and even historic Reformed Theology. Trust faded as they descended into the false “Faith And Works ” social justice economics, Diversity Equity & Inclusion cultures and “Equity” -re distribution mission of their movement.


“The popular reformed evangelical pastors conference Together for the Gospel (T4G) will hold its final gathering in April 2022, following the departure of one of its founders, Albert Mohler.”

“Dever, Duncan, Mohler, and C. J. Mahaney developed the idea for T4G out of their friendship in ministry. They held the first T4G conference in 2006, drawing 3,000 attendees.”

“We were all surprised how many people came,” said Dever, who leads Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, DC.”


C J Mahaney’s participation ended ,sort of belatedly, after a rather disgusting sex abuse and coverup scandal .

Mohler is now leaving according to CT. “

“The end date for T4G comes as Mohler, the president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, moves on.”

“In a video discussion on the T4G site, Dever said Mohler recently told them, “Brothers, I love you guys very much, but I’ve just got to do other things now.” Dever and Duncan cited Mohler’s involvement with a new opinion section at World magazine and his role in the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), which is facing deepening divides and institutional shakeups.”


Yes the SBC has problems and much of it is due to Albert Mohler’s long list of Social Justice warriors like Russell Moore who spent 24 years at SBTS as a student, professor, dean and provost. Moore also spent a disaster filled 8 years at the ERLC misrepresenting Southern Baptist and is now being sued by a former member of the SBC Executive Committee for defamation after Moore’s “leaked emails” somehow found their way to his good friends at secular news outlets like the Washington Post.This was all just in time to impact the SBC annual meeting and the Presidential race for head of the SBC in 2021 .This was a race in which Mohler himself was running and lost by a shamefully distant and telling 3rd place despite his protege’s efforts to vilify Mohler’s key opposition.

Mohler disciple Moore was part of the planners of MLK/50 at which he had accused Baptist in the South of “Worshipping Jim Crow as Jesus “. Moore and Mohler never backed off their narratives and by June in Dallas TX for the annual SBC meetings they were pushing Critical Race Theory (CRT) openly with multiple SBTS professors in tow. By 2019 this same Mohler CRT team of SBTS profs were heading the SBC Resolutions Committee which altered a resolution condemning CRT and Intersectionality into affirmation of them as “Analytical Tools” with the Gospel. CRT has since become THE core issue dividing both the SBC /PCA and even the general public related to education. Secular media has now been covering the broader controversies over CRT among it’s top stories almost daily for over a year.

Mohler and his underlings simply had the SBC early to the issue and ahead of the curve with its deceptions by several years.

Also by 2018 a 15 year Mohler disciple and SBTS New Testament teacher Nate Collins had launched the Revoice “LGBT+ Thriving in Historic Christian Tradition ” movement which further shook up both the SBC and PCA confidence in their “conservative ” theologians. Unless you can agree that “Queer Culture and Queer Theory” will bring with them “treasures into the New Jerusalem” and that the “Nuclear Family is an Idol” as 1990s Feminist Theologians asserted , then you cannot help but reject Revoice or the Seminaries like SBTS and the PCAs CTS who incubated and supported it. The radical LGBTQ “Christianity ” movement came home to roost with the Neo Calvinist who helped birth it.

The full hand of intersectionality against Southern Baptist has yet to be played . Intersectionality engages the kind of feminism behind the Me-Too movement which Mohler and friends look to have used to remove another Baptist seminaries leader /non Neo Calvinist Paige Patterson from office as President of SWBTS.

Mohler called it:

“The Wrath of God Poured Out—The Humiliation of the Southern Baptist Convention.”

That was May 2018 but efforts to platform the Wrath of God blew up once the SBTS Revoice ties were exposed and simply would not go away. The Patterson story faded and only with the February 2019 Houston Chronicle SBC Sex Abuse Scandal ( the one Mohler protege Moore is being sued for defamation over related to his accusations and leaked emails ) brought the Me-Too movement and the obviously expected “women’s empowerment ” movement back into full swing aimed at the SBC.


Ligon Duncan’s PCA denomination is in a similar pickle due to MLK/ 50 and the resulting exposure of CRT and of the tolerance and outright promotion of the Revoice movement as well.

Duncan famously declared in the face of the groundswell of controversy that “Ligon Duncan ain’t groovin with no Cultural Marxism “. But of course he was even if he did not understand it given that CRT has it’s origins in Cultural Marist ideologies.

(From the CT article on Duncan)

“In 2018, Duncan repented of racial blindness and discussed his friendship with African American pastor Thabiti Anyabwile, who spoke at T4G events from 2008 to 2018. David Platt preached from Amos on race, asking why so many evangelical churches and ministries, including T4G, were so white.”

The country boy “ah shucks” manner of Duncan often makes him the object of jokes even in his own reformed circles and to further detail his failure to resist the invading forces which are likely dismantling their Neo Calvinist movement would almost seem cruel and unfair given his apparent limited ability to understand it .



Mark Dever must see the handwriting on the wall that God’s judgement is on their movement and it is collapsing.

It was Dever who first said in 2017 Phoenix SBC annual meetings that Mohler was a liberal theologically in his undergraduate days and made such a radical shift to the right that his liberal base thought he was faking it and following the prevailing winds in the SBC. These revelations were in an interview with Tom Ascol of the Founders Movement . Founders is a more historic Reformed movement in the SBC of which Mohler has long been a part. Of course none of Mohler’s remaining faithful flock have connected the fact that Mohler was a student at SBTS while it was on its death slide into liberalism. It was Mohler who is credited with saving the SBC flagship seminary from liberals grasp yet he began immediately turning out and promoting liberals like Russell Moore into SBC LEADERSHIP.

That is all a lot to think about and digest so take your time.

Back to Dever

Mark Dever’s Capitol Hill Church and 2 other 9MARKS affiliates were the first state side group of churches to bring in the Church of England / TGC/ Tim Keller/ Living Out promoted “LGBTQ inclusion Church Audits ” to force conservative churches into welcome & inclusion, Sharing Children with and hiring LGBTQ staff.

Dever also has his own version of Russell Moore in the 9MARKS editor Jonathan Leeman, who Dever ( and not Leeman’s own TGC or 9MARKS bios) revealed is a graduate of Fabian Socialist place of origin London School of Economics. Leeman, like Moore loves to accuse Baptist and other Christians of things like “Christian Nationalism ” and “Waging a Culture War” for having biblical convictions which are reflected in their worldview, appreciation for America or voting for people like President Donald Trump.

Dever, Leeman and the 9MARKS crew LOVE to lecture on and promote their version church leadership THEY call “Plurality of Elders”. The assertion is that this is the Biblical model for the church. But for any who have experienced it’s (and TGC in general) tyrannical and oppressive applications against concerned believers and whistleblowers -the lack of Biblical basis becomes obvious and the reality of it’s extreme abuses equally as glaring.

In fact the Neo-Calvinist mode is built on being extremely abusive and deceptive. While it promotes itself as a conservative theological movement- it in fact betrays itself by it’s own teachings and political focus as a progressive political movement seeking social change …NOT Gospel transformation.


“Mohler said in a statement to CT, “Each of us faces questions of urgency and priority in life and ministry. At this stage in my life, I need to concentrate on helping the SBC and working on some important new priorities, including WORLD Opinions.”

“Ligon Duncan and Mark Dever are two of the closest and dearest friends I ever hope to have on earth,” he said, “and I pray God’s blessing on the T4G 2022 gathering, which will be a tremendous blessing to pastors.“

“Pastors David Platt and Alastair Begg were added to the April 2022 lineup, with Mohler taken off.”


“The Gospel Coalition’s Collin Hansen, in a tribute to T4G, called it “the visible manifestation of the ‘Young, Restless, Reformed,’” the name of his book about the movement, and celebrated it as an early gathering place for Reformed pastors.”

“T4G’s lineup has shifted over the years, especially as it addressed issues like sexual sin and racism.”


“Dever and Duncan said there’s something exciting, or even freeing, about it being their final conference.”

“They emphasized being able to use the T4G stage to introduce new, lesser-known speakers this year who aren’t on what Duncan called the “celebrity circuit.” Four of 14 plenary speakers in the 2022 lineup are African or African American.”

“I’m pretty pumped about this being the last one and maybe being the best one,” Dever said.”


What is likely happening is that T4G and TGC are not able to deliver the kind of influence they once peddled for their backers and TO the aging YR&R base. In short they are exposed and Christianity Today is pretty much admitting it.

The party is over. The attendance is likely down and made the conferences no longer profitable. Perhaps they are just tired of hearing their own voices in the echo chamber. It is highly likely that they just know that to continue will mean even greater exposure leaving little hope of living out their days as some icons of Neo Calvinism. Also it just might be that the whole smelly mess corrupting evangelicalism for the last decade and a half is being completely collapsed by Divine Judgement and also that Mohler was half right but just missed the reality that God’s target was not the resurgence old guard but was actually the Neo-Calvinist themselves.

We can thank God for that and pray for His mercies to restore the damage the Neo Calvinist have done for so many years.

Ezekiel 11

Vision of Israel’s Corrupt Leaders

11 “The Spirit then lifted me up and brought me to the eastern gate of the Lord’s house, which faces east, and at the gate’s entrance were 25 men. Among them I saw Jaazaniah son of Azzur, and Pelatiah son of Benaiah, leaders of the people. The Lord said to me, “Son of man, these are the men who plan evil and give wicked advice in this city. They are saying, ‘Isn’t the time near to build houses? The city is the pot, and we are the meat.’ Therefore, prophesy against them. Prophesy, son of man!”

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