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“If the  students  do not know the deceptions are present then they will not be harmed by them”. CMMA Director Bobby Parks response to proven deceptions in student curriculum.
 Thomas Littleton                                                                                                              8/5/2019
The Writer at Thirty Pieces of Silver has been involved in many issues that are front line and public concerns for the Church today.  In addition to this role Littleton and his wife have quietly served in pastoral and counseling roles , mentoring young people in the faith and in their professions.  Littleton is an evangelist and teacher and has been involved in medical missions in Central America  since the late 90s.
The Littleton’s met on a medical missions trip through Hunter Street Baptist Church years ago.  As a Dental student Littleton’s wife was involved in the ministry of Christian Medical Ministry of Alabama on the campus of University of Alabama at Birmingham.
In the last decade, the Littleton’s medical missions, mentoring efforts and calling have been combined in work with CMMA. They have supported CMMA with time ,money and passionate agreement with CMMAs stated mission. They have played many roles in this and other related ministries .These roles have included mentoring relationships with students and young medical care providers, planning, resourcing and leading CMMA medical missions trips with students and staff  and teaching /participating in bible studies. Littleton’s wife Karen has also served on the CMMA Board. (Of note -given the targeting Littleton’s wife has received – She has been the only woman and only minority among a dozen or so white males on the Board )
By Spring of 2013 -the Littleton’s had become of aware of 2012 plans by a “City Reaching ” ministry called Mission Birmingham to attempt to form Faith Based / Community Health Care partnership  (FBP)with the local county indigent hospital.
The Mission Birmingham plan also included efforts to open 30 plus clinics inside churches to be extensions of the county hospital. This plan and Mission Birmingham ITSELF -by this time- was originating out of the Littleton’s home church. The ministry of Mission Birmingham that had begun years ago at Briarwood PCA church as a pastoral prayer meeting. The MB effort was discovered to be seeking to lure the Littleton’s into the FBP plan in order to attract and connect its efforts with CMMA.
MANY problems -which are outlined in the article below -were both obvious from the start  and more began to surface as the “vision ” and funding unfolded. The Littletons determined to speak up and protect CMMA vision, employees ,staff, donors and students involved in the ministry from these deceptive -seductive schemes . What follows is the recounting of over 4 years of trails ending – not in any course correction for CMMA -but in the attempts to smear the reputation of and oust  Littleton’s wife from the CMMA Board.
(NOTE- This article is not an attack on Briarwood/ CMMA / Harry Reeder/ Benny and Bobby (the) Parks Brothers / or Briarwood or CMMA Staff.  WE love and pray for these men and have been very patient – even hiding for years-their actions against us .It IS a statement on the stand we took – why we took the stand _to protect a beloved ministry vision from harm _and the price we paid to and continue to take for standing against it.
Being  biblical / faithful and protecting the young lives,  faith and calling of those we entrusted to minister to IS the first and last our consideration. Let it be yours as well. )
In 2015 This writer was asked to engage in the Apologetics classes at Briarwood PCA. Over a three year period, 15-18  different hours on the full range of LGBTQ history / movement/ politics/ funding and goals were taught against a backdrop of a clear call to Biblical faithfulness and the truth on how to minister to people in- and families of LGBT. At that point VERY FEW at Briarwood  or most churches for that matter – had even heard the letters LGBT much less what they all stood for in the new world supercharged with activism.  The  voices warning against the LGBTQ education agenda driven by Planned Parenthood and the inside story on HRC and other activist groups “Faith Initiatives ” where very FEW indeed and Briarwood was getting full access to all the story.
As this writers work began to be published nationally – an article appeared in Barbwire in which he wrote about the lack of engagement of conservative Christian leaders in the hottest battles for the heart and souls of American Evangelicalism.  This writer mentioned in one paragraph- the compromise of Tim Keller and its ongoing impact in the PCA .Soon “Hell Fire” from Harry Reeder’s office ensued leading up to retribution against Littleton in issues totally unrelated to Briarwood  and enduring on to  last months targeting of Littleton’s wife . In reality they have yet to ceased.
The relationship at CMMA began to “normalize” after the Keller article reactions at the same time the LGBTQ+ agenda and much more profound Keller compromised surfaced. Following the Briarwood demands NOT to discuss the issues related to Briarwood with others -this  writer did not speak of those issues but did attempt to warn CMMA and both Parks brothers repeatedly of the unfolding concerns.
Little if any progress was made in getting past the simple fact that the truth about Tim Keller had not only created a divide but a growing hostility among the Briarwood staff and with the CMMA Director toward the Littletons and any warnings coming from him.  These warnings were being published and well received internationally by this time but increasingly -angrily rebuffed at Briarwood . Some responses bordered on hate and were ADMITTED  by one Briarwood staffer on more than one occasion to be “sinful”. Matthew 18 efforts on the part of the Littleton’s  to reconcile these issues were rebuffed and ignored and only added to the growing tensions.
Over the following years CMMAs presence at University of Alabama Birmingham medical schools came on the radar of LGBTQ campus activst.  Littleton attempted to show some of the developing narratives and  tool kit/ conversation guides to the Parks brothers.  Exposing these examples of activist tactics and approaches helped many other ministries and churches navigate these issues successfully – but not Briarwood or CMMA .They rejected all efforts to help.
The LGBT “Tool Kits” and “Conversations Guides”
Briarwood and CMMA ministry leaders rejected all efforts of help with these rapidly unfolding tactics to infiltrate and deceive the churches by activist. VERY few were aware much less warning ministries and conservative churches of  the dangers. Slick and heavily marketed groups like Rethink Apologetics were advising “inclusion in membership ” as an evangelistic approach TOTALLY  ignoring the existence of activism altogether  and the targeting of the church-even when asked about HRC and more radical groups .Briarwood Church chose to host Rethink Apologetics against many warning until Reeder decided to interview the LGBT+ speaker whose theology and the entire Rethink Approach were determined to be “unsound , troublesome and unbiblical” . Yet the the event was hosted in April 2019 for a third year. Rethink target audience are teens in conservative churches. A neighboring Southern Baptist church is scheduled to host Rethink for 2020.
The efforts of infiltration and mistaken efforts to find compromise  hit CLOSE to the CMMA home. As the Littleton’s continued to work with CMMA ministry in contact with medical students and area medical professionals- suddenly UAB- Children’s Hospital , five local County Health Departments AND most local  Faith Based Clinics ( FBPC ) funding signed onto a policy covenant drafted to force pro LGBTQ+ policy in all community development funding areas including and especially Health Care.
*Just three years prior to this developing issue a ministry began by Briarwood- Mission Birmingham . By this time MB was operated day to day by  the church (Shades Mountain Independent) where Littleton’s wife was raised, (now called Shades Mountain Community Church). Mission Birmingham had launched an effort to recruit the Littleton’s and CMMA into their Faith Based Clinics partnership vision with the local County.
The  vision was to  establish clinics actually located INSIDE  local churches that would be EXTENSIONS  of the local County Indigent Health Care Trust and the local county hospital Cooper Green.  These plans were part of that church (SMCC) efforts to follow PCA pastors Randy Pope’s / Tim Keller inspired model. Plans did not succeed nor did efforts to recruit the Littleton’s due to the insight of the deep compromise required for ministries to comply the sad but predictable reality of rampant and growing corruption. A long time partner of Mission Birmingham under SMCC and Briarwood had already been landlord to a $14 million dollar health care fraud in “Community Based Indigent Care by 2015”.Mission Birmingham closed its doors in December 2018 after three decades .
*Still warnings to CMMA / Briarwood of these issues and the local policy driven by the “Equality Act ” style planning were ignored and met with more anger by Bobby  Parks. CMMA students were openly accessed in CMMA functions and recruited by Faith Based Health Care leaders even while those leaders were being funded by the same money as the pro LGBTQ+ initiatives . Some FBP leaders were caught being dishonest wth CMMA students while speaking at CMMA meetings . These included denials about government funding and about the FBP clinics being in direct competition to area private practitioners.
Restrictions to ministry in Government funded and progressive private funded health care made the promotion of these clinics as “ministry –  fraudulent and misrepresented . They simply cannot be viable as areas for ministry with students/ interns and volunteers while taking such funding .
This was -in itself at the VERY heart of the Littleton’s stand against using CMMA as a feeder /recruiting station for the FBP clinics.
FBP s  cannot be promoted as a ministry when “explicit religious activities “such as Bible study or distribution, prayer , worship, material distribution and “proselytizing ”  are “strictly forbidden” by the funders- esp the Government agencies who cannot violate “establishment clauses.”  Christians working in medicine is a wonderful thing .Christians  in medicine is not the problem – nor are Christian run clinics the problem. Obamacare /socialized medicine and funding partnerships with the church and FBP  ARE a HUGE problem.
*Also Students being recruited into some of these programs in CMMA were of course coming to the Littleton’s who serve as mentors and expressing  major “quality of care” and medical “ethics ” issues with the care being provided in some cases. This growing problem is currently under review in an investigation that cannot be discussed as of this writing .
The tensions of the CMMA students being recruited were illustrated on the very day this article is being finalized as a former CMMA student now in general dentistry and Littleton’s wife were asked by a current  student about their thoughts for the student potentially working one of the  troubled FBP clinics as a resident .Many  CMMA former students know the problems and voice them honestly while the CMMA leadership/ Bobby Parks promotes the models .He has been unwilling to admit to the problems even when the Littletons have warned of it and the Students see them and live them daily .
*Curriculums designed to recruit students of CMMA and other Briarwood ministries to  VOLUNTEERISM  contained overt deceptions.
Littleton warned of the presence and long term goals undermining the students own ethics and hopes for future employment in these  recruiting  and priming methods.
*Bobby Parks – appearing to now be weary of rejecting such warnings declared:
“If the  students do not know the deceptions are present then they will not be harmed by them.”
Read that again .
This was the Briarwood staffer- CMMA director’s view on the deceptions outlined above. At this point the Parks brothers and Briarwood appear to have become  driven and unstoppable-  as the CMMA directors anger continue to boil . To date there has been no apology or signs of repentance for ANY for this.
*CMMA leader Bobby Parks was VERY aware of the backstory with the dishonesty ,abuse and unethical application of eldership authority in the now rapidly declining Shades Mountain Community Church (SMCC) . This included  the “new” Mission Birmingham vision after the Littleton’s had made THEMSELVES fully accountable to him as the CMMA leader YEARS BEFORE. Though knowing in detail- Parks gave no warning to a long time associate missionary from the Dominican Republic /SCORE ministry or his wife when they were looking for a church home after relocating to Birmingham.The couple began to attend SMCC. CMMA director chose not to offer warning to his long time associates. The couple joined SMCC and began to bring the deceptive and abusive elders/leadership  of their new church home into CMMA’s realm and fundraising. These are the same people who had sought to obtain access thru the Littleton’s to CMMA through the now failed Mission Birmingham and its “Community Development ” /Faith based goals.
*Again Bobby Parks, CMMAs director,appeared to show no concern for protecting others on his staff from these deadly deceptions. To this day- knowing and loving this brother – the Littletons cannot understand the reasoning behind such decisions .
*CMMA Dental ( not certain about other areas) has recently experienced some steep decline in student participation – the Littleton’s are now likely blamed by Briarwood and CMMA leadership but have never detracted from  these ministries or even sounded any open warnings until now .
*Littleton also warned the CMMA and Briarwood staff of Tim Keller’s close ties to Revoice radical LGBTQ+ Flourishing Conference  and work with the now exposed Sam Allberry , Living Out collaboration with Keller and wife Kathy on the “LGBTQ inclusion Church Audit “.
Such warnings appear to have driven the Parks brothers and Briarwood /CMMA offices to the point of severe and growing  retribution .
Fast forward through many dangers toils and snares to  2017 /2018.  In October 2017 word came to Littleton who had exposed the Revoice Conference in May 2018 -that Benny Parks Briarwood staffer was working to undermine any PCA participation in a scheduled meetings called God’s Voice Conference :A Biblical Response to Revoice . Benny Parks was reported to be making efforts to discredit Littleton “with his own writings.”
Littleton sent repeated emails to Briarwood staffer Benny  Parks urging him to cease the efforts behind his back and to meet and talk face to face. None of those efforts to contact Benny were even acknowledged .
*Benny Parks of Briarwood Pastoral Staff then consulted together during church and CMMA ministry time to search out “heretical writings” on the internet by Littleton.  The goal was to detract from God’s Voice Conference and disparage Littleton. Going to the internet the Parks proceeded to find a website which contained Littleton’s articles. That website was NOT Littleton’s Thirty Pieces of Silver . org website  but  only one of many that repost and republish Littleton’s articles. Littleton has nor seeks to assert any control over such repostings especially in the flurry of the Revoice controversy .
The Revoice story had been broken by Littleton with Brannon Howse on World View Weekend and then in ongoing detail  on Janet Mefferd Today and Janet Mefferd Live programs. Mefferd promoted and spoke at the God’s Voice Conference and interviewed Littleton many times leading up to and once following the God’s Voice Conference. Howse and others continue to expose the deep PCA/ Keller/ Revoice compromise.
The Parks  brothers complied 12 pages of, in their view, heretical writings  by Littleton and handed them to Briarwood pastor Harry Reeder for distribution to PCA guys concerned about Revoice .According to a recipient of the “dossier” -it had been distributed in order to discourage their work with Littleton and God’s Voice. Harry Reeder, Pastor of Briarwood, never spoke to Littleton- not ONCE.  Benny Parks ignored Littletons efforts to prevent further backstabbing and false witness and still Parks compiled the dossier and gave the dossier/ file to Reeder to be distributed.  A fool and his FOLLY and not easily dissuaded .

Once the fact that the Parks / Briarwood staffer file/” Dossier” was exposed to be totally FALSE – not a word of it being Littleton’s writings -NO effort of repentance was made . – Even AFTER Harry Reeder had distributed it and  Reeder even accused  Littleton of “breaking the 9th commandment” boasting he was “big on the 9th commandment .”  NO repentance or apology was EVER issued by Reeder and his underlings . The Parks Brothers maintained the work they had done on Briarwood and CMMA time was “correct even though it was wrong .”  Or in the words of Dan Rather the dossier “was false but accurate ”

Yes you read that right .
CMMA Director made no attempt to apologize or correct his role in the “dossier” while his brother Benny Parks who compiled and passed it along framed his apology as”I am sorry that what I did made you and your wife conclude that I am not trustworthy .”
On Monday Night the 22nd of July 2019, Littleton’s wife was called into a meeting of the CMMA board to continue the agenda launched against her on July 12TH.  By Wed the 24th the letter removing Littleton’s wife from the CMMA Board with zero due process or justification was drafted and mailed. It was received late on Saturday the 27th by the Littleton’s.  No record of the proceedings or the vote or support FOR her was provided- just the usual flowery words before the boot.
The letter simply ended “sincerely, CMMA Board.” No names or signatures to validate it .
NONE of the unorthodox, unethical, inappropriate and bizarre behavior demanding to meet with Littleton’s wife alone- about her husband without her husband present -or the effort to intimidate her in the line of a funeral memorial  by a Briarwood elder /CMMA board member were addressed at all. NO effort to RESOLVE that with the Littletons has been made.
The unethical proceedings being overseen by an angry and uninformed Briarwood employee  PCA elder/ Reeder operative Jim Alexander – were not examined or confronted. Alexander -a pastor who is “Reeders eyes and ears in the Board Led Ministries ” carried out the Monday meeting with no effort to understand or access  both sides of the issues or to even speak once with the Littleton’s on the issues.
 The Littleton’s have worked with Bobby Parks the CMMA director peacefully for over a decade -even for 4 years in the shadow of his growing animosity. This animosity culminated in the targeting of Littleton’s wife but neither Reeder nor Alexander -his elder operative in the CMMA Board confronted these obvious and glaring realities. Not even when these tensions were observed and questioned by the CMMA Board .
Bobby Parks’ angry and admittedly sinful actions have not been addressed and he remains -as  of this writing – in the employ of CMMA. His Brother Benny Parks remains the third in command in Reeder’s Briarwood staff.  It seems clear that Briarwood PCA church are paying these men to engage these kinds of activities about which the congregants know nothing  and the are not held accountable no matter how unjustified .
The Details below are from the CMMA website  


Neurological Surgery

**** ***** M.D.
Family Practice/Internal Medicine
Economic Development
***** **** ***, D.M.D.
General Dentistry
General Dentistry
Physical Therapy
Reproductive Endocrinology
Executive Director
Bobby Parks , M.Div.


Dr. Karen & Rev. Tommy Littleton
The CMMA Board meeting held on Monday July 22nd was NOT conducted by the Board but by Harry Reeder’s recent hire from Colorado Springs Jim Alexander.  Alexander has spent years pastoring a church of 130 people but does seem to fit right in at the mega church under Reeder as his “Eyes and  Ears” and in this case as the “heavy ” or “Harry’s Hatchet Man ” as some Briarwood leaders have called it. His job in this case was  to organize a meeting with 10 MEN  to confront ONE  woman ( Littleton’s wife) and force her to incriminate herself off the CMMA Board in retaliation for her husband’s ministry .
Perhaps somewhere in the “Tim Keller school of  THE PROPHETS”  for pastoring  TGC churches they teach these guys how to bully women.  Alexander was less that professional and quiet rude on multiple occasions so he might have failed that course at TGC and need a repeat.
Jim Alexanders long time church Cheyenne Mountain PCA is a TGC affiliate Harry Reeder has made the  decision to remain in TGC even with many concerns expressed from PCA and Briarwood members . The methods to which they have continued to resort against Littleton and now his wife on multiple fronts call into serious question the motives of these men who resort to such tactics and begs the question “what has made them so paranoid- enough to resort to using such tactics?
Although The CMMA Board was given a one sided -long view of the issues with the the CMMA Director Bobby Parks including emails spanning several years- no opportunity was given to either of the Littleton’s to give context to those emails or the long standing tensions that exist. No calling to account of the Board member who is also a Briarwood elder who repeatedly acted out of bounds with Littleton’s wife were made.
The decision to oust her from the Board came under the direct leadership of Pastor Harry Reeders elder /employee Alexander who never attempted  to hear or present both sides- but simply to facilitate and oversee the inquisition and condemnation of Littleton’s wife. The job at hand was to remove her from the CMMA Board. If that is all that mattered – then “mission accomplished “
The outcome is that CMMA is still in danger and those to whom it ministers are in even greater danger by the VERY issues the Littleton’s stood their ground to warn them of. This was illustrated in the first on campus meeting at UAB School of Dentistry for 2019 as THE VERY concerns which were expressed over many years to CMMA leader Parks played out in living color as students are concerned about faith based community clinics into which they are being recruited.  CMMA – to date remains a recruiting grounds for these problematic “ministries ” to access the hearts minds , skills and callings of young medical students in it’s care.
Briarwood and  CMMA leadership and Board may be pleased with the current  outcome . Still they cannot expect that no one is going  to notice as these unsustainable models play out and implode .The willingness to compromise the Gospel and your own mission becomes blindly obvious /glaring to everyone except the perhaps to those who have refused to consider them.
Ephesians 4
25 Therefore each of you must put off falsehood and speak truthfully to your neighbor, for we are all members of one body.
Proverbs 11
3 The integrity of the upright guides them, but the unfaithful are destroyed by their duplicity.
Proverbs 12
17 An honest witness tells the truth, but a false witness tells lies.
Proverbs 21
3 To do what is right and just is more acceptable to the LORD than sacrifice.
James 3
17 But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere.
1st Peter 3
10 For, “Whoever would love life and see good days must keep their tongue from evil and their lips from deceitful speech. 
11 They must turn from evil and do good; they must seek peace and pursue it. 
12 For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and his ears are attentive to their prayer, but the face of the Lord is against those who do evil.”
1st John 3
18 Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.


Rev Thomas Littleton                                                                                          8/4/2019

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary has been indoctrinating it’s students in the social justice driven ideology since at least 2014 . Funding from the Kern Family Foundation helped establish the Commonweal Project with oversight from Kern and TGC partner Oikonomia Network on SBTS campus at the Carl F. H. Henry Institute for Evangelical Engagement.

(If you are new to this issue and do not grasp the seriousness of the Social Justice perversion in Evangelical circles  consider this brief insight. Decades ago the “social gospel” was the very tool of progressives in mainline denominations which have brought many of those groups into error- loss of true Gospel /transformation focus and into steep decline as movements. People like Ronald Sider and Jim Wallis have presided over this rapid decline as public spokesmen and behind the scenes coordinators of its spread . Their compromise has allowed funding from liberal foundations ( even George Soros and Bill Gates foundations ) and faith based community development programs to invade and shape their vision of the churches role in society .The focus and the impacts are global.

Today The Gospel Coalition , leaders like Tim Keller and Rick Warren have brought this VERY same movement and its deadly compromises into mainstream conservative evangelicalism. They have done so under pretense of orthodox theology and have targeted and won most of our seminaries. Leaders like Albert Mohler ,Danny Akin , Jason Allen,  Adam Greenway  and many more have embraced this ideology and the massive funding behind it onto the campuses they control.

The core of this ideology may sound wonder . At first glance “Faith and Work” and “Theology of Faith and Economics ” sound like goodly and viable focuses as Christians need to be taught to ,first and foremost ” to work as unto the Lord and not unto men”. Ending global poverty might appear to be a nobel goal for an entire generation . But how those means are achieved : focusing on the “Common Good” – “Human Flourishing ” and ” Thriving Cities” is nothing more than Global Goals 2030 already embraced in 2015 by the current Pope of Rome. Catholic Social Policy – historically shaped and influenced by Cultural Marxist is at the head of the origins of this very curriculum on our campuses and at heart of the it’s long term goals .

These globalist leaders are seeking to build “the Great Society” and see Faith and Work as a means to indoctrinate your children and grandchildren -even in the very heart of Christian education and in your own schools and institutions and churches. In the grand scheme of things- you faith and that of your children is being redefined and your institutions and churches are become recruiting stations and feeder programs for the grand deception.

The church cannot be salt and light when leavened with the false doctrine and the spirit of the age . The eternal Gospel and the ability to provide real hope and transformation is on the line as the deadly -proven failure of a weak and meaningless and unsustainable social gospel now threatens the last remaining Biblically faithful movements in the US.

This grim warning is not overstated and men like Al Mohler and Tim Keller are not only willing to make the compromises- take the funding -and indoctrinate your children and your next pastor and children’s pastor – they are also willing to try and shuffle  the facts once exposed .)


On June 25th 2019 changes to the website for Commonweal were announced

Check out our redesigned website! We hope the new features make our content more accessible to you as you think about faith, work, and human flourishing.

Advancing a biblical theology of faith, work, and human flourishing.


From the previous link to the website you can see the primary change is that the logos for Kern Family Foundation and Oikonomia Network have been removed at the bottom of the page .

Previously the Kern and Oikonomia Network logos appeared at the bottom right on the SBTS website .

Image result for kern family foundation


Image result for oikonomia network

The only place on the website where the partnership is currently mention in the “about” section of the front page .


About Us

“The Commonweal Project is an initiative at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary to equip all Christians with a biblical theology of faith, work, and human flourishing. As a project of the Carl F. H. Henry Institute for Evangelical Engagement, The Commonweal Project is funded by the Kern Family Foundation as a member of the Oikonomia Network.”

The purpose of the program is the development of the Faith and Work programing which KFF has launched by 2013 on at least 13 conservative Campuses. It is the heart of the Social Justice indoctrination  “for the Common Good” and “Human Flourishing “.

From the SBTS website -Simply more TGC rhetoric –


noun \ˈkä-mən-ˌwēl\

1. The common good

2. The public good or welfare

3. Archaic A commonwealth or republic.

4. The happiness, health, and safety of all of the people of a community or nation


Some National partners of the Faith and Works ideology include Yale Divinity School and the VA based – Institute for Faith,Work & Economics

Yale Divinity School

About Us

The mission of the Yale Center for Faith and Culture is to critically examine and promote practices of faith which advance authentic human flourishing and the global common good.

We advance this mission through each of our four core initiatives:

A number of legacy projects established strong foundations and relationships for our current work and remain important components of our identity. These include:

In our work, our staff is led by YCFC founder and Director, Miroslav Volf, and advised by our board.

Center Media Inquiries:

Institute for Faith,Work & Economics


Actually the very same mantra and ideology that Volf is promoting at Yale divinity School is on Mohler’s SBTS campus .


It is significant to note in understanding what is meant by Common Good  and Human Flourishing –  that Nate Collins founder of the controversial Revoice LGBT “Flourishing ” conference which emerged as Collins was still teaching New Testament at Mohler’s SBTS – Sites Miroslav Volf as a major influence on his ideologies. The cross pollination and contamination is inevitable when Conservative Institutions yoke with such partners and ideologies . Pride and Funding are often at the core

Another national partner :


Note at the Bottom of the SBTS current link page to the right on the current website only SBTS and its logo appear .





Will Evangelical Leaders Succeed in Selling Out the American Church?


President Barack Obama & the SBC’s Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission President, Russell Moore

By Rev Thomas Littleton
June 21, 2018

Last April, a group of self-appointed, self-important Evangelicals met at Wheaton College for what some have called a “Trump Bashing” and to determine the future of the Church. The list of attendees was not made available to the Evangelical community, whose future they are deciding, however, one attendee seems to be the designated spokesman. Jim Wallis was in his college days an activist in the radical left Students for a Democratic Society. Wallis later became spiritual adviser to President Obama and served on the Advisory Council to Obama’s Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. Wallis’ lifelong political commitments are revelatory. Barack Obama was mentored by none other than William Ayers who was the leader of the 1970’s domestic terrorist Weather Underground, the revolutionary faction of the Students for a Democratic Society, which was discovered to be a Communist front by the FBI.

Hillary Clinton, Jim Wallis & Barack Obama

Following the Wheaton conference, Wallis wrote a revealing piece, which actually clarifies that the intended “bashing” was not for President Trump but for those Evangelicals who voted for him. Of the three main points discussed at the gathering, all three do mention Trump, but the problem as they see it are the Evangelicals who support or even voted for Trump. This political action, in their view, represented a “collective backsliding” (a term seldom used these days even by Baptists). Evangelicals have embarrassed us, they said, and are too dumb to know it. We owe “people of color” and the international community an apology and must explain ourselves. Because of Trump’s personal character flaws, we are then warned of the danger of “losing an entire generation of young people to the Christian Faith” and they, of course, have the statistics to prove it.

In fact, the use of the very word “Evangelical” continues to be called into question as the effort further stigmatize it ramps up of late. At one time “Evangelical” described Christians who “evangelize” or share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the lost, however, we are now at the point where churches in the US and UK are abandoning evangelism altogether.

UK megachurch pastor: “You don’t have to evangelise anyone, just love accept and serve people. I didn’t build my church on evangelism (in fact I banned the word) but on love and service and we flourished.”

Jim Wallis: “The question this meeting is asking about the future of evangelicalism has been answered by the voices of color and women in this room (pointing to several of them). They are pointing us to the evangel, the good news Jesus said he would bring to the poor in his opening statement in Luke 4. That’s our future, let’s listen. As one of the white evangelical leaders in the Wheaton meeting had said to me before, ‘American evangelicalism is destroying the evangel.’ It is time for the evangel to turn white evangelicalism in America upside down.”

This Evangelical Monster Mash Began Years Ago

By 2014, Cultural Marxism was in full swing and, by 2016, was doing the full monty – flaunting its university erudition and cultural relevance in the Southern Baptist Convention and Presbyterian Church in America, both conservative denominations. Ed “numbers cruncher” Stetzer partnered with his “out” LGBTQ activist journalist friend, Jonathan Merritt, (and some companions) to discuss The Future of Evangelicalism on The Gospel Coalition blog. They assured us that, on cultural issues that face the Church – like where we stand on abortion, homosexuality and gay marriage – we were “like unbaked cookies that need to be placed back in the oven for 3-5 more years and then taken out to see where we are.” Well, it has been 3 1/2 to 4 years, so here we are looking at the cookies.

Assault on the Southern Baptist Convention

Stetzer and Merritt began their long-awaited cookie inspection by attacking one of the main ingredients in the SBC and Evangelicalism – the conservative movement and a leader of the conservative resurgence, Paige Patterson. Merritt called out Patterson on rather flimsy assertions for a MeToo moment, based on twisted narratives of pastoral counseling which Merritt, who is no position to call anyone out, sees as abusive. Stetzer joined the fray on the same day. Anyone who does not see the coordination is simply not looking. Merritt doubled down in The Atlantic, even though airing such grievances, if valid, in the secular press violates the Word of God (1 Cor. 6:1-7). Stetzer clearly received some feedback as he boasted and invited more “Hate Mail” following a shaming session of those in the SBC who dare to not agree with him and his “research.” What Christian leader likes to boast or joke about the amount of hate mail they receive? Perhaps the evil servant of Matt. 24:48-49 and Evangelical leaders who are paid to be nasty and abuse the body of Christ.

Of late, Russell Moore has chimed in on the MeToo allegations against the SBC conservatives by promoting his “Gospel Sexuality in a MeToo Culture” meetings at the upcoming conference in Dallas. Notably, young Merritt’s father is among the speakers.

So, what is this exhibition really about? Is it about the future of the Church? Well, in many ways, absolutely it is! But is the problem that Christians voted for and support the President? The professional shamers claim we are too political, but the fact is that we are too conservative for THEIR leftist political agenda. It simply cannot be allowed again for the Christian fold, in today’s culture shift, to break ranks with their valued leaders and vote en masse for someone they have not endorsed. In a nutshell, they view the Church as their property and this movement is nothing more than a long, forced march toward the progressive slave labor camps that others have been forced into for decades. Our leaders have also placed a for sale sign on the property THEY DO NOT OWN.

Assault AT the Southern Baptist Convention to Hide the LGBT+ Sell Out.

Making the Church fully LGBT-compliant appears to be a primary contingency for the sale property to the new progressive ownership and years of subtle efforts have gone into meeting that required “upgrade.” Now it appears the agents of change must finish the project and massive efforts to complete those renovations are underway. In early May, Gay Christian advocate for Tim Keller and Russell Moore and the combined efforts of TGC and ERLC, Sam Allberry, began promoting a radical LGBT+ Christian conference scheduled for July known as Revoice. This radical conference was heralded as the U.S. counterpart to Tim Keller’s upcoming London appearance at Allberry’s “Living Out” ministry to discuss “Identity in Christ” for Homosexuals. Allberry’s social media promo for Revoice boasted that it is “Promoting LGBT+ flourishing in historic Christian tradition.”

Revoice openly talks about Queer Christians, LGBT+ Christians, Sexual Minorities in the Church and in ministry; the churches becoming safe spaces for LGBT+ people, building allies for LGBT+ in the Church; and the virtues of Queer Theory, Queer Culture and Queer Literature that the Church has missed when tossing out its vices. Revoice also hails the “Treasures that Queer Theory, Culture and Literature will bring into the New Jerusalem at the end of time.” This radical conference has close ties to both Keller and ERLC’s Russell Moore besides the fact that Sam Allberry is promoting it. Those ties include long time preaching staffer and disciple of Keller, Scott Sauls, who is promoting Revoice as well. The Revoice Conference is being held in a PCA church (Memorial Presbyterian in St Louis) and has nearly a dozen strong ties with PCA’s Covenant Seminary there. The PCA’s June General Assembly saw Revoice become a topic of concern and the issue remains a priority.

Dr. & Mrs. Russell Moore at Obamas White House Christmas Party in 2016

Equally disturbing are the Southern Baptist ties of Revoice with ERLC head and long time SBTS Dean, Russell Moore. ERLC Fellow, Karen Swallow Prior, promoted Revoice alongside Scott Sauls on the website, and doubled down on her support of the controversial event /movement in a recent interview with Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez. Another person involved as a speaker at Revoice is Brandon Polk, whose Arrowhead Advisors LLC is a consultant with Russell Moore’s ERLC for conferences like the ERLC 2017 “Christ Centered Parenting,” their recent work on prison reform and the racially-charged ERLC/TGC Memphis MLK/50 Conference. Polk is also a friend and huge fan/promoter of Todrick, a judge on the panel for the RuPaul Drag Race Drag Queen program on LOGO TV.  Deeper Southern Baptist leadership ties to Revoice exist in the Founder and President of the conference/movement, Nate Collins, who carries two degrees from Dr. Albert Mohler and Russell Moore’s Southern Baptist Theological Seminary where he taught New Testament and online course.  Dr. Mohler replied to questions about Nate Collins and ERLC connections to Revoice in an interview for Worldview Weekend which is available at the end this article.

You can read more about the Revoice conference, its American Psychological Association DNA and connections to the PCA, SBC, TGC, ERLC, Tim Keller, Russell Moore, Albert Mohler and the new president of the Southern Baptist Convention, J. D. Greear, at these links.

SBTS, TGC connections to Revoice
PCA, ERLC, SBTS ties to Revoice
J D Greear connections to Revoice

My Experience of ABUSE at the Hands of SBC/ERLC Leadership Over Revoice Concerns

The ERLC and the Southern Baptist Executive Committee reacted strongly to this journalist when I traveled to the SBC 2018 convention on behalf of Southern Baptist members to report on the convention and feature concerns about Revoice to leaders there. On Tuesday afternoon an ERLC employee, Brent Leatherwood, attempted to physically restrain me from interviewing ERLC head Russell Moore in what Texas law would classify as a Class C Assault. Leatherwood, a former Tennessee Republican Party executive director, was hired by Moore at the ERLC after being exposed for his counter offensives as a “never Trumper” while at the Tennessee State GOP. A quick internet search will provide more than the average person will care to read about Leatherwood’s history at the Tennessee Republican Party.

On Wednesday afternoon, June 13, Leatherwood spotted me across the halls of the Exposition building just hours before the ERLC annual report was to be given at the main hall of the SBC Dallas meetings. Within two minutes I found myself face to face with two uniformed Dallas policemen and being removed from the building and the event without covering the main story I had remained for a third day at the Dallas meetings to cover. I was informed by Dallas PD that a complaint had been reported by someone in the event leadership that I had “Threatened Someone,” Leatherwood met the officers and me as they began the long trek out of the massive Dallas Convention Center before thousands of fellow SBC messengers and attendees. Leatherwood came alongside the officer to my right and taunted me to provoke and escalate the situation he appeared to have set in motion. More details of this ABUSE and the history of dishonesty and false assault. threat charges of Russell Moore, dating back to 2000 as a reporter for Baptist Press, can be found here.

Exposure of Revoice has clearly inspired fear and reaction at the top level of the SBC and ERLC. Within 24 hours a totally false version of the above events was published in the Christian Post by a writer who never contacted me for comment. The false version from ERLC Press Secretary, Liz Bristow, was echoed by The Southern Baptist Executive Committee Member, Roger Oldham. You can find the false version of events here.

The Backstory: Peddling the Sheep to Obama

Early in the Obama administration, a cohort of progressive “thought leaders” took it upon themselves to auction off the Evangelical Sheep farm, and its conservative voting Christian sheep, to the lowest bidder. What we see now is that the listing has turned into a fire sale of whatever vestiges remain of the old conservative Christian right. The auctioneers are selling it cheap and fast, without giving notice to the sheep.

To market the Church, these hirelings must persuade the sheep that they go with the property and not to their Shepherd (spoken of in John 10). That is, they belong to the collective “Community.” Though hirelings are not the title holders by any stretch, per John 10:12, gatecrashers like Tim Keller, David Kinnaman of Barna, and a really relevant-looking 40 something with a skateboarder haircut, Gabe Lyons of “Q Commons,” set out to close the deal on the Third Way fire sale to the Obama White House early in his second term. (Reclaiming Hope, p. 186)

(“Third Way” is a political strategy to reconcile right-wing and left-wing positions by advocating a synthesis of center-right economic and center-left social policies.)

The Evangelical leaders’ desperation liquidation was a miserable failure as discussed in the book Good Faith: Being a Good Christian When Society Thinks Your Irrelevant and Extreme (a self-assertive title no doubt) by Kinnaman and “skater” Lyons. Moving further left by the hour, Tim Keller, who enjoys unchallenged protection in the very conservative Presbyterian Church of America, followed Gabe Lyons and other Obama-friendly pitch men who wrote a letter of intent to the President. This led to a presidential invitation to discuss the terms of the sale.

Who Are the Players?

Tim Keller appears to be the senior Evangelical statesman in this visitation committee. Keller is little known outside his denomination (PCA) and the slightly broader footprint of his Gospel Coalition organization. He erupted on the Evangelical scene in 2008 with his book The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism. Keller had come from an obscure church in Virginia to head the denomination’s flagship church plant, Redeemer City Church in New York City. In 2010, Keller launched his Emergent Missions movement called “MissionSHIFT” in partnership with the likes of Brian McLaren, Alan Hirsh, Dan Kimball and the ever edgy Ed Stetzer of Lifeway Research. This brazen effort, including a not so best-selling book aimed at redirecting the Church, faded with little notice. What was noted by the global audience was his address that same year at the Lausanne Consultation’s South African Congress. Subsequently, Keller has risen to the top of the Evangelical leadership ladder and is said to have filled the shoes and received the mantle of John Stott, the framer of the Lausanne Covenant, as one of the “great Christian intellectuals” of our time.

Don’t feel bad if you have taken little notice of Tim Keller. Secular journalists in NYC love him and he does run in all the right circles. Along the way, however, Keller has become wobbly on the issue of homosexuality, significantly since his meeting(s) with Obama. In a 2015 interview at the Veritas Forum he was unable to say in plain speech that homosexuality is a sin. Prior to that, in a 2013 forum with journalists, Keller said “Christians can support gay marriage in the culture, just not in the church.” Besides lacking Biblical support, this position reveals ignorance or disregard of the impact that the legalization of gay marriage would have on religious freedom and the spiritual institution of marriage. Is Keller ignorant of the dissenting opinions of the judges on the Supreme Court who protested the Obergefell decision? Or is he feigning ignorance to bring about social change? Not only is Keller vacillating on sexuality, but also on the authority of Scripture as a speaker and author for Bio-Logos. This postmodern think tank challenges the Bible with the authority of “science,” so we silly little believers can have a place at the table with the real thinkers.

David Kinnaman is now president of Barna Group which specializes in number crunching for mega church pastors’ growth strategies. These numbers are also used to remind average Christians through compelling data that they have either missed the latest trend or have no clue how to respond to it.

Gabe Lyons is a disciple of John Maxwell, the leadership guru of the corporate and Christian worlds. In addition to Good Faith, Lyons also wrote The Next Christians: The Good News About the End of Christian America and unChristian: What a New Generation Really Thinks about Christianity…and Why It Matters. To facilitate the “end of Christian America,” Lyons founded “Q Commons” – which according to the promo “works to educate and mobilize Christians to think well and advance good in society.” “Q Commons” is more easily understood as a loosely “Christian” version of TED Talks or a quasi-Christian Dialectic. The New York Times describes “Q” as “Sophisticated and Orthodox representing a new generation of Christians.” Perhaps it is more appropriate to say “Q” is Progressive and unOrthodox, but we will pass on the word games and labeling for now.

These men, therefore, are the main players at the center of the “Good Faith Movement.”

On to the Oval Office

With hat in hand and armed with Barna statistics, these pillaging prophets made their way to the Oval Office to persuade President Obama that a new, more worthy kind of believer now populates the American pews. It is, as the book title asserts, the “Good Faith Christian.” These are those who are concerned about Social Justice and would “vigorously defend the rights of our Muslim neighbors to practice faith beyond the neighborhood mosque and of our gay and lesbian friends to publicly express pride in their identity” (page 105). The offer was placed on the table in exchange for some tokens and trinkets comparable to the $12 in beads to purchase Manhattan Island from the Native Americans. The team of “global thinkers” promised Obama that, if he would toss in a few assurances of exemptions guaranteeing religious freedom, then THEY were positioned to assure delivery of the “Good Faith” voting bloc as a “Third Way” hors d’oeuvre to the most ravenous progressivism our nation had ever seen in Washington, D.C.

The impetus of the Oval Office meeting had been President Obama’s sudden (?) change in support of gay marriage. Posturing as agents of “Principled Pluralism,” our self-styled leaders implored the Constitutional Professor / President to offer a classically defined assurance of Religious Freedoms. What he in fact offered was the most limited “in house” protections he had come to be known for, assuring only that Americans will always be free to worship in their houses of worship. The pretense of expecting the President to offer Religious Exemptions, especially on the LGBTQ/ marriage agenda, conceals the fact that the Human Rights Campaign and all “Equality advocates” fight any and all exemptions as “license to discriminate.” Or perhaps our Evangelical hirelings were messaging that Obama could low ball the asking price for the Third Way listing of the Church and acquire it for an even better deal – ZERO assurances. Either way the sale was never completed and the Principled Pluralists returned to the sheepfold hoping to keep the flock from scattering while they plotted a new strategy to make the sale.

Trumped Intentions

Meanwhile back on the farm the sheep got restless as the primary season kicked into full swing. The flock had tired of the brown and dried out hay of the stable and began to graze in greener pastures. A field of GOP Presidential hopefuls came into the corral. Could Keller and company yet prove their worth to whoever it was that commissioned and funded them? Could they make good on their promise to deliver us all up as “Good Faith Christians,” fattened for the slaughter by Third Way hirelings to be counted on to abide by the conditions of sale, even though no buyer had yet agreed to the purchase?

Suddenly out of nowhere the unthinkable happened, causing total widespread panic. Though a stable remnant of “Good Faith” types remained devoted, like Deadheads at a rainbow gathering in the local national forest, the mass of the sheep herd bolted and voted for Donald J Trump, a brash New Yorker, casino owner and billionaire with a breathtaking beauty for prospective First Lady. The cabal of Evangelical sheep shearers had a collective cardiac arrest. This could not happen, they thought, and now they had to work even harder to liquidate the assets, lower the price and fire sale conservative Evangelical voters lest they act on their traditional values and dare to make “The Donald” President of the United States of America.

Loose the Prophets of Shame on Unsuspecting Sheep

What happened next is one of the most pathetic displays in modern Christianity. Third Way leaders like Tim Keller and Southern Baptists, Albert Mohler and Russell Moore, joined a host of their trainees in progressive groups like The Gospel Coalition and the SBC’s Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission in a concerted effort to poison the waterholes of the wayward flock and take cattle prods to the sheep. A relentless “Christian” media storm contrived to beat the wayward sheep back into submission continues to this day and has also impacted other elections like the conservative Southern Baptist Roy Moore’s Senate bid in Alabama. The agents marketing the Church to the lowest bidder were pleased as punch with Roy Moore’s defeat which in turn led to the election of a far-left candidate, Doug Jones, as U.S. Senator. The predictable outcome is that Sen. Doug Jones’ ties to the LGBTQ lobby were paraded as a trophy at a recent “big donor” fundraiser for the Human Rights Campaign, at which event it was announced that Senator Jones was a co-sponsor of the radical LGTBQ “Equality Act” in the U.S. Senate.

What is Wrong with “Good Faith”?

To see what kind of fruit this Third Way-Good Faith movement has produced, let us look at some of the influence stream and contents of the book itself. Among the Acknowledgements on page 264 of those who “helped round out the rough edges and articulate why this book matters for today’s Christians” are some very left leaning and in some cases, radical leftists, posing as Christians. Examples include Preston Sprinkle who is attempting to move the conversation into the creation of safe spaces for LGBTQ in the Church which mirrors fully that of the progressive most hard core “gay faith activist” organizations. To this end, Sprinkle is pushing a Third Way dialog on the Church.

Another fruit is former Wheaton Chaplain office counselor, Julie Rodgers, who jumped the shark in her “untidy story over gay marriage” just hours after the announcement of Obergefell in June 2015. Rodgers, a once “celibate Christian Lesbian,” promptly abandoned her celibacy for full on gay affirmation in the Church while no longer advocating celibacy. She admitted that she had “quietly supported same-sex relationships for a while now,” though representing herself as committed to celibacy (all a false argument proliferating the progressive conversation like weeds in an untended garden). Rogers cited her concern for “the gaybees” (young LGBTQ “Christians”) in the pew who would be harmed by the condition of abstaining from gay sex in order to be accepted in the Church. Her untidiness is asked to be excused because Julie can find no way to make the Bible and its orthodox teachings on sexuality fit her newfound “conviction,” but she still expects full acceptance of it by the Church. Julie has clearly helped “round out the rough edges” of the Good Faith book and has maintained the approval of its authors and endorsers, including Tim Keller, throughout her untidy journey. She is presently engaged to be married to Amanda Hite who heads the organization Be The Change and according to Amada’s bio on its website, serves on Leadership Committees for the Human Rights Campaign. Julie is herself a friend, hero and mentor to many of the speakers at the upcoming Revoice Conference including founder Nate Collins.

Likely the MOST telling progressive INSIDER involvement in the Good Faith Acknowledgments is that of Michael Wear, who was Barack Obama’s Faith Outreach team leader. At age 23, the boy wonder of the Obama Faith message came into the White House to help coordinate, with the President, the greatest advancement of LGBTQ and interfaith dialog in history. This was in large part facilitated by the overhaul and funding of the Faith Based Partnerships programs which placed Christian leaders of all stripes in close communion with a flood of tax dollars to work together for the common good. Funding is the FUEL of the Third Way strategy. Wear helped coordinate the Obama Faith-Based Partnership program with public and private funding – whether taxpayer dollars used for activism or the wealth of global giants in the corporate world of foundations sphere, the Evangelical landscape was flooded with cash.

Today it is fair to say that Wear now finds a home in the Tim Keller stable, as contributor of the “Good Faith” concept and as aneditor and writer at Keller’s organization, The Gospel Coalition, which also promotes Wear’s memoir of his work with Obama, Reclaiming Hope: Lessons Learned in the Obama White House About the Future of Faith in America.

Tim Keller played no small role in the production of Good Faith or the Third Way messaging of these visitors to the Obama White House, by offering to sell out the Church at bargain basement prices. According to Gabe Lyons, Keller’s “mentorship over the years has made me (Gabe) smarter, stronger and more confident that, no matter what happens in the broader culture, our faith (the Good Faith brand of faith) will last.”

New Age guru, Dallas Willard, is cited often in Good Faith as is James Hunter Davison and his concept of “Faithful Presence” which was born out of his Frankfurt School-inspired Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture at the University of Virginia. Also frequently quoted is Kirsten Powers, a progressive journalist with Friends at FOX News and a convert of Tim Keller who turned to Catholicism. Powers was among the journalists who interviewed Keller in 2013 when he asserted that Christians could support gay marriage in the culture, again advocating an impossible exemption for the Church if gay marriage became law. It does get worse.

Good Faith authors sympathetically and inclusively interviewed Gene Robinson (page 168), who was the first openly gay Bishop to be ordained in the Episcopal Church in 2003. This ordination forced MILLIONS of faithful Christians out of their denomination and took the once strong conservative membership from over 5 million to under 1.8 million, and declining by the day. Former Bishop Robinson, who went on to work in leadership roles for the Human Rights Campaign, was invited by the authors to share his emotional “experience” and trials for inclusion for them to determine what makes a “Good Faith Christianity” fit for the auction block of the Third Way.

In Chapter 13, titled “The Gay Conversation” (page 170), Good Faith statistics other than Barna’s are presented from a very messy source to support what constitutes Good Faith Christianity. Cited are Gary Gates of the Williams Institute statistics which specialize in “Queering the Census” and tracking LGBTQ / Same-Sex demographics in the U.S. Gates himself is the protégé’ of Marxist Lesbian “urbanologist“ Jane Jacobs’ protégé’ RICHARD FLORIDA, whose ever creepy Gay Indexes and pro homosexual urban theories have found themselves at home with Tim Keller, Q Ideas, the SBCs Albert Mohler and a host of Good Faith (by their definition) Christians. The Human Rights Campaign then uses the wild assertions of Gates/ Williams and Florida to market the Municipal Equality Index to your mayors and city councils and county commissions.

Tim Keller and others in his Gospel Coalition have been long time devotees of the Richard Florida “inclusion” ideology with its Cultural Marxist roots in Jane Jacobs, which includes Keller’s Social Gospel project in Orlando with Reformed Theological Seminary that birthed an Urban movement, Seeking the Welfare of the City, around the “Polis Institute.” ‘Good Faith’ Christians must love Florida’s LGBTQ inclusion ideas because Tim Keller’s certainly does. The book’s endorsement and use of Gary Gates’ Williams Institute research is simply further indication of the inclusive approach to the ideology of Good Faith Christianity. In the quote they do admit to the low stats on LGBTQ population – 3 to 4 % – while at the same time asserting that “some Christians and churches have had a cruel homophobic streak.” This is the typical victim narrative for devaluing the Church in the conversation and applying pressure to make amends by becoming Good Faith partners with Keller and Crew.

In Chapter 14, “We Cannot Live Without Intimacy,” there is a sympathetic overview of the Bruce / Caitlyn Jenner saga. Good Faith followers are reminded that “Christians must not be hard hearted toward those who seek alternative identities. Their quest is a signpost pointing to deep desire to be truly, profoundly known.” (page 189) So the gender confused person or the cross dresser who wants non-binary access the bathroom of choice in Target or your child’s public school is a victim as well. A person whom Good Faith folk recognize as just wanting their true selves to be seen and known. Never mind their rebellion against God’s design and sovereignty (supposedly a core doctrine of Calvinist Tim Keller). To be truly Good Faith you must look beyond the emasculated Gold Medalist Bruce to see the inner Caitlyn and understand her need. That is the Good Faith Christian and those who buy into all the above make a tidy package for the sheep herd of the Evangelical farm being offered to the lowest progressive bidder and the Democratic Party.

Stellar job of hosting this OPEN HOUSE to sell off God’s HOUSEHOLD OF FAITH for the very enemies who want it removed from hindering the progressive agendas of the Left. If that is the call of God in Evangelicalism – if this is what it means to be GOOD in the Faith – then let the rest of us find the exit before the Fire falls! In no way are these Good Faith assertions of Keller, Lyons and Barna compatible with Biblical Christian faith and living in these or any other times. If Kinnaman finds mega church pastors and church retailers like Lifeway interested in statistics and polls then so be it, but neither he nor Lifeway Research nor Pew or any other change agents will change the mind and heart of Jehovah, Who we are reminded in Hebrews 12:29 is a HOLY and consuming FIRE. He does not put a holy finger out to determine the prevailing winds of culture nor is He undecided about the gender He made the victims of the latest Trans-fad. Acquiescence to the tactics of Keller and his Obama-friendly hirelings to sell the Sheep farm is NOT Good Faith. At best it is self-deception and, at worst, self-aggrandizement, arrogance and apostasy.

Thanks for Nothing – Reality Check

Though Biblically Conservative Evangelicals may have been willing to follow hirelings onto the Progressive plantation, a full-scale awakening now threatens the Cabal. The sting of the cattle prods continues by the increased amperage of the recent Revoice Conference for LGBT+ Flourishing in the Christian Church, Cultural Marxist rhetoric, Critical Race Theory, open borders Immigration advocacy, accusations of White Privilege, canonization of MLK and Malcolm X in our seminaries, Transgender bathroom rights, and even disowning the Evangelical identity, thereby changing the name of the Sheep farm. Hopes are high to finally bank their 30 pieces silver.

Wishful Thinking from a Weary Flock

In conclusion – the sale is not even pending. The value of the conservative Evangelical has proven steady, is likely appreciating and did help accomplish the impossible, preventing a Hillary Clinton regime. Sorry to disappoint Tim Keller, Albert Mohler, Russell Moore and other desperate Evangelical leaders. Your Third Way fire sale has failed and exposed massive fault lines between the Blue-Collar saints and your Elitist clique. Please, stop pointing fingers and blaming the sheep. Call off the dogs and tell the manure spreaders to cease and desist. Take YOUR “For Sale” signs off the property. It is NOT yours to sell. Don’t bother trying to act as spokesmen for us or for the Good Shepherd; just fulfill your obligations to those who bought you out and do it preferably somewhere else. Leave our institutions and our pulpits and stay out of the voter booth with us and, please, no more convening meetings to decide the future for us or our children. Stop having conferences and talking issues like Racial Reconciliation (something you, in reality, know nothing about…but only the crass language of division) and fake news MeToo feminist-driven revenge masked as the Gospel. Enough with your efforts to talk the Bride of Christ into embracing Homosexuality as “Christian.” No more Revoice Conferences or endless pro LGBT+ “celibate” victims events staged by ERLC/TGC or The Nines. Stop talking in muddled language about things the Word of God says in plain language. And no more dialoging or sleeping with the enemies of God in the name of “principled pluralism” or any other false virtue signaling labels some social sciences think tank has provided for you. Let us be done with you and leave us to follow our Lord, while you follow the destructive path you have chosen.

Leaders like Tim Keller and Russell Moore – Stop the madness of your empty rhetoric and false concerns and pseudo intellectualism. The poorly disguised progressive political agenda you serve wrapped an ever-thinning veneer of false compassion and gospel integrity just does not ring of truth. It no longer passes the smell test but resembles the sour milk of aging men growing bitter at having been exposed as change agents, deceiving the easy mark on the planet – the trusting, loving flock of God.  Stop abusing us.  Stop using minorities and race and women and gays.  Stop diverting the money and resources of the Church to your globalist views of human flourishing and a sustainable world.  Stop the fake concerns for us hurting the Gospel.

Do Your One “Good Faith” More and Just Cease and Desist Already

And finally, though many of you love the sound of your own voices and the “chief seats” in the Temple, please BE QUIET and JUST LEAVE — and let us enjoy the golden silence and be still, knowing that the Lord is God and we are His People and the Sheep of His pasture. (Psalm 100:3)


Where Is the Conservative Evangelical Voice in Today’s Cultural Tsunami?


on 22 September, 2016 at 06:50

By Rev Thomas Littleton

You may not self-identify as an evangelical or even be a fan of the Reagan Revolution revivalists, but if you are a conservative in America you are a stakeholder with those who stand against the progressive tidal wave sweeping our nation.

In the past, evangelicals have been at least a predictable part of the base. This is no longer the case. Now greatly divided and hosting a variety of scripted talking points, the former powerhouse of the “Moral Majority” style conservatism is sending forth an uncertain sound to its constituents.

Once highly visible and vocal representatives carried the torch into the mainstream media and cultural debate like warriors in the arena of Rome. These gladiators of the Faith may not have all been void of egos and self-interest, but they were outspoken with clarity. We would have a very difficult time today pointing out even one such champion as D James Kennedy of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) or Jerry Falwell of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). Perhaps many even on the conservative side will say “Good riddance” but let me sound a word caution before any celebration on the right.

First, let us consider what has replaced the once clarion call rallying the faithful to be heard in the forum and at the polls. Those voices have been replaced by echoes.

Change You Will Find Disturbing

The conservative Christian denominations are re-branding and their political rhetoric is softening in the name of Christian love and social justice. Today the mantra most often heard is, “We want to be known for what we are FOR, NOT what we are AGAINST.” Born out of the “compassionate conservatism” of the Bush era is a new evangelical tune. It may market nicely and keep the proverbial heat off the backs of evangelical leaders, but this presents a problem however given the timing of this new détente and the business with which the conservative evangelical community is now occupying itself.

Having adopted the new mantra amid the hot bed of progressive activism means that evangelicals have allowed themselves to be emotionally blackmailed into not openly opposing anything. No issue is more telling than the redefinition of marriage and the broader conservative Christian community’s virtual nonresponse or to the sweeping LGBT agenda being forced upon us all. So, if the Evangelicals are NOT engaging the war being waged against them, and they have instead crafted a unified policy of non-engagement, then the question begs: who gave the non-marching orders? What is being done instead? And, of course, the big one….WHY?

The New Talking Points

I am a very conservative SBC minister and have not been the most politically engaged, yet I could not help but notice the sudden change in our own in-house talking points in 2013. The SBC’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission announced a leadership change and with it came sweeping new disengagement. Many understood it to be the sounding of retreat, if not full surrender to a “lost culture war.” Russell Moore – long time seminary professor at the flagship SBC institution Southern Seminary – took the reins of the ERLC and declared an end to hostilities between the LGBT community and the SBC. Given the coming tsunami of gay marriage and transgender access rights, the timing of this retreat was something between a tactical error and outright sabotage of the conservative evangelical base.

Perhaps this just what you get when you send an academic into the gladiators arena? Of note should be Moore’s replacement for engagement in the political arena. Moore began to sound the Social Justice mantra of leftist Christianity known as Communitarianism. Instead of being culture warriors we are now to be bleeding hearts for helping the poor and downtrodden of society and – guess who our partners are to be in fulfilling this not so great commission? Answer – the LGBT powerhouses of the Human Rights Campaign and the ARCUS Foundation to name a couple. And whose money will these new “partners” be spending? Yours and mine. Absurd? Impossible? Never? Take a deep breath and read on.

New Partners and Their Talking Points

The Faith Based Neighborhood Partnerships (FBNP) under the Obama administration has created a host of odd bedfellows pursuing federal, local and private grant money for “the common good”. These programs began under the Bush administration, but were reformed under Obama and (unequally) yoked together in the President’s Inaugural Advisory Board was the SBC Executive Committee’s Frank Page and activist organization heads of the HRC and ARCUS (Islamist) along with the usual suspects of the left. The result is a misfit strategy for the conservative evangelical camp who are actually undergoing a revival of conservative theology while at the same time becoming more socially progressive. The end product is a sort of spiritual bipolar disorder which defies common sense. Interestingly, the FBNP reforms went beyond assembling the eclectic group of partners to actually establishing a Faith Based Department within every federal agency. Here are just a few of the things which prove problematic for conservative evangelicals in these partnerships:

  • The reforms call for OVERSIGHT by the funding agency and the recipient is viewed as a government contractor.
  • The sweeping LGBT non-discrimination order of President Obama did not include the needed Religious Exemption clause sought by Rick Warren and other SBC pastors signed on to the programs. HRC and ARCUS spend millions fighting such exemptions.
  • The Reforms actually forbid any faith based religious activity, such as Bible studies, prayer, or passing out religious materials/instruction while administering the programs. The evangelicals market these programs as ministry but “ministry” is forbidden.
  • The end game for the administration is control. The flood of tax money poured into the programs actually goes away in time leaving only the private funding from foundations and corporations, and of course the church’s resources are exploited and its mission redefined under federal government control. Also the clever coordination of dance “partners” with the evangelicals have given unprecedented leverage for the LGBT activists to force their agenda on and into the heart of the evangelical camp. This effort is complete with tool kits, like communist training manuals scripted to enlighten the poor conservative believers into changing their minds on homosexuality and helping “conflict them” if they do not. Here is the ARCUS Foundation funded tool kit. Human Rights Campaign has its own version called a Christian Conversation Guide. The unwitting target of this persuasive effort would never suspect he or she is being manipulated by the well trained LGBT activists.

The New Mission

By this time it is fair to ask where this well planned takeover came from ? The ideology is nothing new for those working toward Socialist Democracy. It is easier to co-opt the church than to try and destroy it. The compassionate conservatism mantra comes from Austrian Friedrich Julius Stahl. It was first successfully marketed to the conservative evangelical community in the mid 1800’s, destroying its influence as salt and light in the culture by reducing its public stance with Stahl’s “living conservatism.)

The modern blueprint for the new evangelical paradigm comes from another Austrian-management expert Peter Drucker. After decades of focus in the board rooms of America’s fortune 500 companies, Drucker turned his attention to non-profits and churches. His partner for this endeavor was a former corporate client and Texas cable TV millionaire Bob Buford. Buford founded Leadership Network to seek out “innovative” and (I might add) ambitious young pastors and evangelical leaders to train in the Drucker management style.

Under the banner of Welfare Reforms in 1996-97, the Clinton administration helped launch the torpedo which is all but sinking the evangelical’s “good ole Gospel ship” in a sea of social justice activism while loading it with stowaway partners like HRC, ARCUS, Muslims and Leftists. All of them busy with efforts of their own to diminish the evangelical voice. The Welfare Reforms crafted the emerging future of religious organization in the US.  This banquet table was spread at the Rockefeller Brothers Conference Center and sponsored by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.

The blueprint lays the groundwork for the government to dump all social and human services and welfare on the unsuspecting churches and faith based non-profits while gaining oversight of them, thus muting any opposition to the advance of the progressive agendas sweeping our nation. Healthcare is moving toward FBNP providing the core of community care inside church walls. This is in addition to the School Based Health Clinics that the Department of Education has planned for years.

And who is the unseen “partner” in this plan? Planned Parenthood. The Center for American Progress is loving the participation of the evangelical community in Healthcare Reforms. This is an indication of the vulnerability evangelicals have incurred while unwittingly chasing grants among questionable partners. FEMA and HUD have also made huge inroads with similar programs.

The Christians Must Be Persuaded to Embrace a New Paradigm

So, how must the evangelical leadership go about “harnessing the untapped energy” of the conservative church? Enter again the work of Buford’s Leadership Network (LN) and the Drucker ideology. Social justice is the new mantra. Saving Society is the new mission of the evangelicals. In April 2014, Buford published his tell all (or perhaps boast all) book about LN’s founding in 1984. LN’s by invitation only Drucker discipleship program began a comprehensive renovation of evangelicalism, now 30 plus years in the running. The depth of impact for this clandestine “movement” cannot be measured or overstated on the evangelical community.

The ultimate end was to bring these leaders into the Drucker model and to yoke the church in Peter Drucker’s “Three Legged Stool” of Government – Corporate- Church/Non-profit partnerships. Among the most successful of these LN disciples is the SBCs Rick Warren and another up and coming SBC influencer, Ed Stetzer. Warren’s international PEACE Plan is now global and the next stage in its development is PEACE Local which brings a host of human and social services into the church with outside funding and the all-important government oversight.

LN trainee Ed Stetzer has become a key figure in his work with the overhaul of the Southern Baptist vision by providing “research” corresponding with the goals of Drucker for non-profits and developing curriculum like Lifeway’s (Stetzer’s most recent employer) The Gospel Project. Leadership Network, through in house talking heads, is able to promote Urbanization, Healthcare Reform, and Saving Society (the original name proposed for Buford’s LN biographical boast). As a result, the evangelical community has, for over 30 years, has fallen victim to this unseen force from within. It should come as no surprise that Stetzer and others use their platforms and blogs to promote the future of evangelicalism.

Including more compassion on how homosexuality and the LGBT agenda is viewed. The Stetzer facilitated “conversation” asserts the evangelical view of LGBT (and even abortion) is like “unbaked cookies needing to be placed back in the oven for 3 -5 years and taken out to see where we are.”

This is a prime example of how the ARCUS funded tool kit “My Mind Was Changed” is engaged in the places conservative evangelicals get their news. Stetzer and other LN disciples also promote Urban church planting as the key missions strategy of both domestic and foreign missions while promoting pro-LGBT, pro-Marxist “Urbanologist” Richard Florida to the planters. Eager postmodern pastoral trainees and seminary graduates embrace Florida’s pro-LGBT , bohemian and gay indexes to ensure the success of the evangelical endeavors when promoted and facilitated by trusted SBC leadership.

Once such unthinkable discussion for conservative evangelicals have now become all too common place. The conservative Presbyterians (PCA ) are equally as submerged in the LN / Drucker philosophy of ministry, with talking heads from the LN stable like Atlanta’s Randy Pope and the ever popular Tim Keller of New York City. Keller is a huge and outspoken advocate of Richard Florida. Randy Pope and Warren are both leaders among conservative denominational pastors, pushing their churches toward full implementation of in house church based social services and welfare with faith based partnerships.

Hitting Close to Home

Independent mega churches like Willow Creek (pastored by Bill Hybels) are also LN innovation products. It is much easier for those evangelicals outside the doctrinal and mission accountability to implement the new paradigm. Our own home church fellowship of Shades Mountain Independent Church in Hoover, Alabama was once one of the most reliably conservative churches in the greater Birmingham area. To our shock and amazement the trusted congregational leadership had been taking the congregation down the avenue of Drucker partnerships since at least 2011.

SMI was endangering its conservative voice by hosting and supporting ministries which have and continue to take Government tax/ grants from HUD, and seeking passionately through staff led ministries to enter the indigent health care funding fray. In tandem with this new vision has been a willingness to soften the church’s stance on LGBT issues, as such partnerships provide both the incentive and necessity.

Is there a remedy for this sad state of affairs among conservatives? Can our once trusted evangelical partners recover themselves from these money laced traps? Time will tell – it helps knowing the evangelicals are spending your tax money while MIA.

Rev Thomas Littleton is an evangelist with four decades experience in missions and outreach globally. He and his wife have a six year old son for whose future they engage the issues of our time. He blogs at thirtypiecesofsilver.



Rev Thomas Littleton                                                                                                     7/26/2019

This article contains more of  the LONG history of efforts by the pastoral staff a major TGC church in Birmingham Alabama to oppose ministry informing its people (and the church at large) of the deep infiltration of the LGBTQ+ movement into conservative churches.


The first revelation that a major TGC church is targeting this writer’s wife can be read in the link below. The additional- long history of attacks on this writer, mostly covert /ongoing / and behind his back – continued even when confronted and made FULLY known to this TGC Pastor and  senior staff. Four years and counting of appeals to Matt 18 and to disciplinary /pastoral responses have been COMPLETELY IGNORED as the ongoing efforts continue and now have resorted to efforts to entrap Littleton’s wife

More details of the history with this church seeking to undermine this writer’s work are detailed below. Due to ongoing efforts to PRESS for a pastoral response and for the Session and the Board of the ministry involved in it’s directors coordination of attacks on Littleton and his wife – the names of the the church and the leaders of it and not being provided until those efforts are exhausted .

THESE warnings of corruption after the targeting of women in ministry service including Littleton’s wife are to prevent any  further families being successfully targeted as their prey . The Gospel Coalition is destroying churches at an alarming rate .

Take heed to yourselves and your family.

This article is not an attack on THAT CHURCH involved ,  it’s pastor WHO HAS IGNORED these concerns for almost three weeks (an previous concerns for years) nor on it’s Session of Elders. It is however a sad accounting of The Gospel Coalitions impact on a once solid church and an accounting of years of history of “behind the scenes” struggle against the current oppressive and often unethical efforts of some this TGC churches leaders to hinder informing the Body of Christ.

These  revelations have not been spoken about by this writer until now.

These efforts include:

*Expulsion (mid conference ) from Apologetics ministries for an article published in warning of Tim Keller errors and LGBTQ compromise impacting the churches.(Since this time Keller has becoming far more obvious in he and his ministries  promotion of the Living Out LGBTQ church inclusion audit and other disturbing compromises.

*The Leader of one of the Apologetics ministries who hosted Littletons meetings was summons to the TGC church offices and examined and his ministry support threatened by the TGC Pastor . The TGC pastor has NEVER met or talked to Littleton then or now.

*Littleton presented over 3 years of apologetics on LGBTQ+ in the TGC Church which were posted on the TGC Church website archives. The TGC removed all of Littleton’s presentations from it’s website after his article exposing Tim Keller compromise on LGBTQ+

*Ongoing efforts by this TGC church to prevent open doors of ministry in other churches/ministries .

*Partnering efforts continued by the TGC church and a ministry to students whose lead staffer ( this is a Board run ministry on the church campus ) AFTER he ignored warnings of corruption. The staffer continues to seek to entangle the student ministry  with another ministry and it’s leader who Littleton had exposed years before for compromise grant funding, and shady financial dealings on that churches building project. That  church (also a TGC church) had launched a now-failed “community development” effort with government funding and a massively overpriced ($430.per square foot vs $150 normal cost) building project. Current efforts to partner with this problematic ministry surfaced again just weeks before Littleton’s wife began to be targeted .

*Pastoral staff  ignoring -proven and admitted deception in curriculum materials for students of these ministries .

*Response to warnings of deception by the TGC church ministry leader was “If they (the students) do not know the deception is there then they will not be harmed by it”.

(yes you read that right and the foolish statement was repeated without shame )

*****This ministry leader at the TGC church is the same person who has been  leading the most recent attack on and targeting of this writer’s wife.

*Warnings were ignored and rebuffed concerning  “Community Development”  models which include partnerships with the County Indigent Health Care Initiative and place the mission of The church and it’s ministries AND the students who are solicited and encouraged to participate in them -at risk . These warnings also included proof that Community Development models in Healthcare are designed to force LGBTQ+ policy compliance, endanger religious freedoms and compete with private practice  in Health Care . Such models also legally prohibit Gospel ministry in these “partnership”  programs.

*Backlash  for 3 1/2 years over The TGC church ongoing efforts to introduce and maintain extremely compromised messaging to teens on LGBTQ+ through the  Biola University affiliated Apologetics Conferences in the church -and also hosted for other regional churches. Biola’s affiliated Apologetics on LGBTQ+ are  built on Mark Yarhouse “Gay Christianity ” and APA ideas of homsexual orietation and inclusion . the ROOTS are the VERY SAME as the Revoice LGBTQ+ Thriving Conference in a PCA church in 2018 . The TGC church has currently hosted  this Biola Apologetics conference  against all warnings  for three years and counting . In Spring of 2019 the TGC Pastor interviewed Biola affiliated  ministries – resident LGBTQ+ “expert” Alan Shlemon and affirmed that his theology was very problematic (  exact quote “Horrible” ) and the Conference ( a lighter version of the radical Revoice LGBTQ+ movement in the PCA and SBC) approach was not Biblical. Still the Pastor remained committed to the third year of hosting the event for his and other area churches  teens. It is not known if a fourth year is planned for 2020.

NOTE :The men who have been solicited to participate in the targeting of Littletons wife who have teenage children – have no clue that this compromise Biola Apologetics movement with the same roots at Revoice or that their own pastoral staff have allowed their children to be targeted IN their own church by this false message.This is even after the TGC church pastor identified and pronounced the problems with the Biola affiliated Apologetics.

Instead much of his and his staff’s efforts have been invested in targeting Littleton instead of protecting the teens in their own church.

*The TGC church and staff sought to prevent and detract from God’s Voice Conference , a Biblical response to Revoice and retaliated against it, Littleton and others in the conference including Radio Host Janet Mefferd.


*The latest and subject of this article is- the TGC church staff and ministry organization targeting of Littleton’s wife for his continued coverage of Revoice concerns at .The Revoice movement is a broad public concern and threatens to split several denominations. The story exposing Revoice was first reported by Littleton and its deep infiltration in the SBC/ PCA and others -is not secret yet these leaders are determined to silence further exposure of it through whatever means possible .Why?


Gods Voice Conference in February 2019 was a very successful national conference promoting the Biblical message and opposing Revoice “LGBTQ+ Thriving” in conservative churches. That success was in spite of months of effort by the TGC senior pastor and staff coordinated to discredit this writer (Thomas Littleton) and prevent any other area leaders from participation .

* The TGC church associate pastor compiled a 10 plus page “dossier” /file of writings from his uninformed searches on the internet. This dossier was passed on to the TGC senior pastor for distribution claiming they were authored by Littleton.


The cut and pasted writings  in fact were NOT from Littleton or the  website but were from links followed by the associate  pastor on one third party website to yet another  website -where he then cut and pasted  writings of another author and passed them off as (this writer ) Littleton’s . The SENIOR Pastor then distributed the “dossier” while calling associates of Littleton in God’s Voice Conference  into meetings concerning Littleton- distributing the false  dossier -and attempting to debunk -God Voice Conference. The TGC  Pastor has NEVER discussed these concerns or anything WITH Littleton – has never been willing to meet with Littleton but took the files and discussed the writings in detail to discredit Littleton .

*Again The writings were not by Littleton . But put forth to discredit him.

*Once exposed no effort was made to correct the matter – no meetings with Littleton were made- and the only attempt at Apology was by the associate pastor who compiled them which was framed as”I am sorry I was wrong about the website but it still reflects your views so I was right in what I did”.

*  Once exposed -the TGC church associate pastor refused to repent or offer any assurance that he would cease and desist from such libelous efforts . He also refused to offer a simple unqualified apology- even though his and the TGC Church staffs collusion in this effort was to discredit Littleton and negatively impact God’s Voice Conference.

*The church associate Pastor has admitted to compiling the false dossier in the church office and on church time . So he was actually being paid by the TGC church to undertake the effort to discredit Littleton .

*The current efforts to attack Littleton’s wife are being carried out by the brother of this TGC Church staffer . The brother had also assisted on the effort with the false dossier before God’s Voice Conference and has used the office time of the ministry which employs him to target Littletons wife while she is on that ministry- his employers- Board.

*The senior Pastor never made any attempt to  contact Littleton or to apologize for the false accusations or his distribution of the false dossier .


This author broke the national story of Revoice “LGBTQ + Thriving  in historic Christian Churches ” in May of 2018 . Littleton’s story was covered by dozens of programs after being first exposed on Brannon Howse Worldview Weekend and then in expanded coverage on Janet Mefferd of Dallas TX programs on Bott Radio and American Family Radio. Mefferd helped promote and participated in the God’s Voice Conference which offers the message of transformation through the Gospel and the Blood of Christ . God’s Voice Conference refutes The Gospel Coalition , Revoice and Rethink messages of  sexual orientation and Christian “gay” identity in LGBTQ+.

You can view the speakers and see/hear testimonies of people whose lives were totally transformed by the power of the Gospel and the blood of Jesus  here:



The God’s Voice Conference was held in Oklahoma City at Fairview Baptist Church on February 22nd and 23rd . It was a joyful celebration of testimonies. The word was proclaimed and Gospel hope offered to hurting people and families. Vimeo /Livestream retaliated by taking down the host church livestream channel and much of the church own sermons were lost along with the livestream of God’s Voice Conference. The videos linked above were from the videographer hired by the Conference .

But Vimeo were not the only powers that sought to censor God’s Voice Conference. This leading TGC Church in Alabama was determined to do the same.


Many SBC and ERLC ties exist to Revoice which this author has detailed in research articles at this site dating back to early May 2018 and on radio and Christian television interviews and podcast regionally, nationally and internationally . These concerns which are shared by many thousands of believers  – were not a secret and yet SBC and TGC efforts to “contain ” these issues have continued. Littleton is SBC and has twice taken these Revoice concerns to the annual SBC Convention where they have been ignored and buried . The movement is still allowed to operate in the SBC with no meaningful effort to stop it from leadership. Most- if not all -of THOSE leaders are also affiliated with the TGC. The TGC church in Alabama fighting Littleton is NOT an SBC church. Most of the SBC resistance to Littland others exposing Revoice has come from Russell Moore/ The ERLC .


Revoice  LGBTQ+ concerns first made their way into PCA circles when PCA teaching elder evangelist and church planter Al Baker heard an interview with this writer and Janet Mefferd on the TGC church radio station which carried  Mefferds AFR program Janet Mefferd Live .

PCA’s Covenant Theological Seminary students, graduates and professors promoted /participated in Revoice . Baker  investigated Revoice and wrote an article  published by Aquila Report which went viral among as yet  uninformed PCA circles .Those concerns carried through  from May 2018 to the PCA General Assembly of 2019 in June and continue as the  front page issue in the PCA ,as it threatens to split the denomination .

Baker’s Revoice concerns article :

Queer Culture in the PCA?

News spread quickly of the upcoming  LGBTQ+ Identity / Gay Christian Revoice Conference to be held in July 2018 hosted by a PCA church. Al Baker had appeared on the Mefferd program and then spoke at God’s Voice Conference.


Gods Voice Conference (GVC) was  held on the weekend of February 22nd -23 and then speakers traveled home on the Sunday the 24th 2019  .Following the  GVC on Monday four members of the TGC church contacted this author after Mefferd’s program did not air in its normal noon time slot . They had hoped to hear some follow up, reports and excerpts from the conference. Mefferd’s program was no longer aired –  In fact a pdf already posted in February linked on the TGC church radio page of  it’s website titled “March Programing Schedule ” already had Mefferd’s program aired from American Family Radio  removed and a short program of the TGC Church pastor in it’s time slot. The remaining time was filled by other programing.

The TGC church programing manager responded to inquires when the Mefferd program was not restored . Those who made inquiry were told Mefferd’s program was removed “because of a complaint “. Mefferd’s popular program has not been restored to the schedule as of this writing .

From the TGC Church Website –

“**** is affiliated with the Moody Radio Network and American Family Radio”

The March  programing update posted in mid February link is now dead



Word has come to this writer from several sources that another AFR  female Christian talk host has been told to stay away from Littleton and his  associates who are also exposing these same TGC /LGBTQ+ / Justice compromise and concerns .

Still the “word is out ” about the Revoice /LGBTQ+ infiltration and people are not stupid . Most Christians still think for themselves – but TGC affiliated Churches like this leading church in Birmingham Alabama seem to be unable to grasp this concept…  and show a willingness to resort to intimidation and backstabbing while threatening women and attempting to divide husbands and wives . It is fair to say they appear to be willing to stop at nothing to silence opposition . BUT opposition to what? God’s VOICE  vs the message of Revoice that is coming out of CTS and SBTS ?


Exactly what is the problem here if NOT that some deep complicity with Revoice LGBTQ+ movement DOES exist .As far as the origins of both Revoice and TGCs position on LGBTQ+ – they are exactly the same :Mark Yarhouse and the APA.

Littleton’s wife was targeted again this past Monday as recorded in the previous article. The pastor of this TGC church is fully aware and totally ignoring these actions and the behavior of his staff and a ministry leader on his campus . The TGC pastor has never responded to the revelations about his pastoral staffers plots against Littleton or the TGC Elder who first targeted his wife BY asking for a private meeting in which he would not agree to her husband being present . The TGC pastor has NEVER responded to that same Elders bizarre behavior  IN PUBLIC at a funeral / memorial service at The Church Brook Hills an SBC congregation . In short the TGC Leadership Council member pastor from this TGC church  in Birmingham Alabama has done NOTHING TO STOP ANY of these efforts and has in fact participated in many of them HIMSELF .


Who is he ? Very soon his opportunity to provide leadership and redemption in these situations and the long 4 year history will expire .

Excerpt on this past Monday’s meeting further targeting Littleton’s wife :

“This writer – agreed with his wife – who was up to the  task – to allow them ( the Board of the ministry whose director was targeting her at the TGC church ) to force this effort to play out AND allow her to be in the room with TEN MEN who had been informed AGAINST her husband while he was “required” to sit outside the room. This writer left the room/meeting only after expressing support for his wife and the understanding that she was NOT to be subjected to any of the kind of abusive actions of the previous week . The elder of the TGC church who had first targeted her was NOT in the meeting nor have his bizarre and inappropriate actions been confronted or addressed to date. The current TGC church elder taking charge of the Monday meeting agreed NOT to act inappropriately but allowed his own anger to manifest on multiple occasions as he demanded answers about her husband’s ministry and did not like the response . Her general response was ” He is right out there (pointing to  both the IRONY  and the door) why don’t you ask him ?He and those others responsible for targeting this writer’s wife need not expect a chance at a repeat performance with such unbiblical efforts.”


Does the Body of Christ have a right to access information outside the approved TGC loop?

Depends on who you ask.

THIS TGC Church says NO you do not!!!

The current Thirty Pieces of Silver (TPoS) article causing the latest “TGC Church retaliation” is  from June 30th 2019. It  reviews the story of the Revoice movement and the PCA annual General Assembly .

Hundreds of thousands share the concerns expressed in the TPoS piece yet The TGC Church appears to be willing to go to extreme measures to “contain” it -even though the concerns are very broad among many conservative Christians. The  sad reality of what happened next and what is yet to unfold  is still sinking in on this writer and his wife as TGC “Containment ” efforts include the SERPENTS BUSINESS  to attempt to come between a woman and her husband. This God ordained covering is central to the family and the priesthood of the home . NO Biblical authority  exist for a pastor , an elder , or a body of elders or board of ANY KIND  to  attempt to extended  their authority around a husband   to TARGET the WIFE .

This demonic activity is NOT to be tolerated by anyone .

Genesis 3 :1

“Now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made. And he said unto the woman, Yea, has God said, you shall not eat of every tree of the garden?”


Isaiah 5:

13 Therefore my people are gone into captivity, because they have no knowledge: and their honourable men are famished, and their multitude dried up with thirst.

14 Therefore hell hath enlarged herself, and opened her mouth without measure: and their glory, and their multitude, and their pomp, and he that rejoiceth, shall descend into it.

15 And the mean man shall be brought down, and the mighty man shall be humbled, and the eyes of the lofty shall be humbled:

16 But the Lord of hosts shall be exalted in judgment, and God that is holy shall be sanctified in righteousness.

17 Then shall the lambs feed after their manner, and the waste places of the fat ones shall strangers eat.

18 Woe unto them that draw iniquity with cords of vanity, and sin as it were with a cart rope:

19 That say, Let him make speed, and hasten his work, that we may see it: and let the counsel of the Holy One of Israel draw nigh and come, that we may know it!

20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

21 Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!

22 Woe unto them that are mighty to drink wine, and men of strength to mingle strong drink:

23 Which justify the wicked for reward, and take away the righteousness of the righteous from him!

24 Therefore as the fire devoureth the stubble, and the flame consumeth the chaff, so their root shall be as rottenness, and their blossom shall go up as dust: because they have cast away the law of the Lord of hosts, and despised the word of the Holy One of Israel.

25 Therefore is the anger of the Lord kindled against his people, and he hath stretched forth his hand against them, and hath smitten them: and the hills did tremble, and their carcases were torn in the midst of the streets. For all this his anger is not turned away, but his hand is stretched out still.

26 And he will lift up an ensign to the nations from far, and will hiss unto them from the end of the earth: and, behold, they shall come with speed swiftly:




By Thomas Littleton                                                                                                      7/24/2019

In the last 12 days the writer at Thirty Pieces of Silver has been engaged in defending an open assault on his family at the hands of a TGC affiliated and influential church . For four years  this group in behind the scenes efforts have targeted Littleton but on July 12th  TGC church leaders began to target his wife in retribution for his writings.

The one constant of this group has been defending and attempting to cover their own compromise and the  sin of TGC and it’s  compromised leaders  like Tim Keller , Russell Moore, Albert Mohler and the influence of TGC in general on their church .

Some have advised  “just walk away”- But this is the response tweeted out this morning . It is a sober reminder  of the kind of obsessive paranoia that drives their opposition .


“If in the heat of battle for the heart and soul of the faith remember -If you have considered surrender and walking away – think it through- The guys who will go BEHIND your back when you are facing them will go FOR your back the moment you turn to walk away.”

For years now this writer has been warning of the compromise over many issues related to TGC’s progressive politics and emergent theology . The area indicating the greatest compromise has been the LGBTQ+ movement coming against the faith and the churches.This writer is acknowledged- even by those who have opposed the work – to be  privy to insight on this movement unique to the background in ministry of over the last four plus decades. Still the fight has been against their efforts to bebuff – ignore and even discredit this messenger .That battle has been relentless and carried out locally through TGC leadership and a respected congregation whose pastor has affiliated it with TGC .

The link below provides just ONE example of the kinds of warnings this writer has tried to bring to bear on the churches and ministries of Central Alabama in the heart of the Bible Belt . These warnings  have been helpful and  received by some while they have prompted  severe reaction and “search and destroy “efforts by the local TGC loop.

On Friday the 12th of July 2019 an elder and ministry leader from this leading  local TGC church began the organized targeting of this writers wife. Because of their decade plus involvement in a local ministry to the community  and her role in that ministry leadership Board – the TGC church elder called insisting she meet him , potentially alone to discuss a matter about which he was concerned related to that ministry. This was 8:15 p.m. on a Friday evening . Insisting to know what the meeting was about -she was told it “is about your husbands article” ( from June 29th  on TPoS) . This TGC church elder refused to agree to have her husband in the meeting which he was insisting she agree to.

This inappropriate behavior by a TGC church elder is just the beginning of a 12 day (and counting ) launch sequence  into the “TGC Twilight  Zone”. IT GETS FAR WORSE AND BIZARRE .More details and specifics are forthcoming as this set of events and coordinated attacks by a TGC church- on a woman- in retribution for her husband’s speaking the truth -play out. Prayers appreciated. Its far from over. All efforts to address this issue with the TGC pastor were and are ignored and the targeting continues as  ever more bizarre behavior and events unfold.

These churches under TGC influence are quickly becoming unsafe for you and your family – proven by the very fact that anyone in church leadership  assumes they have any Biblical basis or authority to attempt to- plot and scheme to not only target Women but to come between husbands and their wives . Itn this case it is even admitted to be in retribution for the husbands ministry.


This  new style  “Evangelical Brown Shirt  Brigade” insist that they agree with the warnings against such dangers as this ministry engages -but their  determined and paranoid actions betray something else entirely. Fear of their own compromise being exposed or of fragile egos being criticised or something in between – must be at the root of the obsessive effort to search and destroy perceived opposition .

The one constant  complaint from people in this TGC leadership locally is “It’s your tone – your tone ‘ that is the “problem” . In most cases – as is true in this past Monday nights continuation to target this writer’s- wife – the leaders driving the effort have NEVER spoken to the “accused “and would not “allow” him in the room as they drilled her about his writings for two hours .  Yet they judge his TONE  to be the problem .


This writer – agreed with his wife – who was up to the  task – to allow them to force this effort to play out AND allow her to be in the room with ten men who had been informed against her husband while he was “required” to sit outside the room. This writer left the room/meeting only after expressing support for his wife and the understanding that she was NOT to be subjected to any of the kind of abusive actions of the previous week . The elder of the TGC church who had first targeted her was NOT in the meeting nor have his bizarre and inappropriate actions been confronted or addressed to date. The current TGC church elder taking charge of the Monday meeting agreed but allowed his own anger to manifest on multiple occasions as he demanded answers about her husband’s ministry and did not like the response . Her general response was ” He is right out there (pointing to  both the IRONY  and the door) why don’t you ask him ?He and those others responsible for targeting this writers wife need not expect a chance at a repeat performance with such unbiblical efforts.

So with TGC inspired leadership and compromise this is the kind of new reality of what some of our best churches have become- paranoid centers of inquisition willing to divide couples and target women -and in  the greater reality of the dangers they ignore and allow in – even target your children.

Below is a link to one of this writers presentations in the 2019 God’s Voice Conference.

NOTE :A significant effort to undermine God’s Voice Conference was carried on for months leading up to the February event by THIS VERY CHURCH .

Who coordinated that effort? THESE very same TGC church leaders!!!

Judge the tone for yourself if you care to invest some time to understand what is really going on.And consider that the “TGC Tone Police ” actually NEVER talk to the accused whose “tone is so bad ”  that they must “reject the message” . No they just go behind your back and will even go after your wife.

If the tables were turned it is highly unlikely the “Paranoid Brothers of TGC Frat House ” would maintain the “tone” they assert is needful for a hearing . More on this and the “Serpents Business” that a TGC church would engage in attempting to come between a husband and wife and the covering God calls all husbands to provide for their beloved.

“To my wife- you are amazing – and it is a joy to watch Christ in You as you allow this to play out for the sake of the Kingdom.

As you watch the “Tone “- listen to the Gospel HOPE –  humor – honesty – and REALITY – that:

“The church in our generation has only one chance to get issues like LGBTQ+ and the church RIGHT and ( because of influences like TGC on even our best churches) we are getting it WRONG”.

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How the LGBT Movement is Infiltrating the Church

Thomas Littleton

Video from April 2017 shows how far movement has  advanced in just 2 1/2 years. The sad reality is some are still asleep or thinking this movement can be contained or appeased . The church has one chance in our generation to get this issue right and we are getting it wrong. Revoice /Rethink/ LGBTQ+  inclusion church audits – and deeply infiltrated seminaries and campus ministries have all surfaced since this video was recorded . If you don’t know the background or how we arrived in this sad state listen and research for yourself -Watch and Pray and stand up if your church /pastor are compromising .